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A New Player's Journey in The Elder Scrolls Online, 2024

Welcome to the world of Tamriel, fellow adventurers! If you are reading this, then you might be considering becoming one of players of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), or maybe you have just started your journey. I am a new player in 2024 for an epic adventure involving ZeniMax Studios latest action combat MMORPG published by Bethesda. With ESO's eighth expansion Gold Road coming soon though, let us explore how it feels like to be a newbie in this enormous world.


A New Player


Character Creation

Creating your character on ESO is like dressing up for the biggest party ever – you need to stand out! With seven playable classes and ten different races there're numerous possibilities here. I went with a Breton sorcerer but here's a hint: Research race/class before making any decision.


This will affect your gaming experience profoundly as racial passives and class skills come into play. However, don't feel compelled to restrict yourself to any particular direction because ESO is very flexible, allowing you mix and match skills as well as equipment.


First Impressions

The combat mechanics used in ESO may not please everyone. It has got your typical light/heavy attacks, dodge roll-dodge roll blocking thing going on. Sometimes it feels a bit clunky but accomplishes its purpose anyway.


Nevertheless, where ESO truly excels is exploration aspect. Every single corner of Tamriel teems with treasures and secrets alike; interactive bookshelves that level up skills or the freedom of choosing your own story path – for all those who seek to complete each and every quest.


Leveling Up

However, reaching level cap 50 is only the beginning in ESO. The real game kicks off with what's called Champion Points system; an account-based progression, which affects all your characters. Whereas you can boost a new character up in some hours, going through quests and exploring is much more fulfilling.


Crafting and Inventory Management

Crafting is a significant part of ESO however, beware! Your bags will rapidly get full like when a Khajiit chases a laser pointer. What should be done? An ESO Plus subscription. Yes, it almost feels obligatory due to the unlimited crafting bag offered by it. Otherwise you are going to end up spending more time managing inventory than actually playing.


Guilds and Trading

ESO has its own way of doing guilds. You can join 5 of them at most with trading guilds being essential for selling items to other players. This trading system is decentralized with guilds renting NPC traders across the map which may sound intriguing or frustrating at times.


PvP and Dungeons

The amount of group content in ESO is overwhelming. For instance, fast-paced PvP battlegrounds as well as challenging dungeons, both normal and veteran modes provide different ways to engage with other people non-stop every day. At the same time there are heaps of experience points handed out for running daily dungeons.


Champion Points

After you reach level 50, everything revolves around Champion Points (CP). These points unlock powerful passives and abilities across three trees: Fitness, Warfare, and Crafting. The trick? Make sure you get to a minimum of 160 CPs before you start getting the best drops.


Final Verdict

Absolutely! Despite some strange things about it and occasionally aggressive monetization strategies, ESO has a large world with lots of stories and activities. There is something for everyone, whether you enjoy adventuring alone or are passionate about group content. A new "Gold Road" lies ahead of us – take your chance!



All those aspiring Tamriel heroes out there should give The Elder Scrolls Online a try. It's an MMORPG that lets you live your fantasy life as you choose. And if ever see a Breton sorcerer fishing his way to the Master Angler title – that’s likely me. See you in Tamriel!

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