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ESO Infinite Archive Specific Arcanist Venom Build Guide

Welcome back, ESO enthusiasts! Today, we will take a dip into the poisonous depths of the Arcanist archetype called Venom Build that is tailored for the enigmatic Infinite Archive. It is a carefully crafted Arcanist build which serves to ensure survival, sustainability alongside immense damage output. 



ESO Infinite Archive Specific Arcanist Venom Build Guide


Venom Stats

Venom transforms your character into an unstoppable force. Below are some stats that make Venom truly lethal:

  • Max Magicka: 13.8K
  • Max Health: 27.5K
  • Max Stamina: 31.7K
  • Stamina Recovery: Almost 1.3K
  • Weapon & Spell Damage: 4.3K (escalates with glyphs and buffs in the archive)
  • Critical Chance: 42.7%


Remarkably, Venom has a whopping total of 26.4K in resistances which makes it amazingly tough in face of danger. With high penetration numbers also, Venom will be ready to tackle challenges thrown by the Infinite Archive.


ESO Venom Build Stats


Venom Skills Explained

Venom has a well-crafted skill set which ensures maximum damage output while at the same time not losing on survivability Here's what you need to know about these skills:

  • Inspired Scholarship (Arcanist Skill): Gives Major Brutality and Sorcery for better damage output generates Crux for powerful beam attacks.
  • Pragmatic Fate Carver (Arcanist Skill): A key beam ability dealing damage and providing large damage shield when Cruxed up.
  • Barb Trap/Rune of Displacement (Flex Skill): Depending on situation go either for buff-centered Barb Trap or crowd-controlling Rune of Displacement.
  • Camouflage Hunter (Fighters Guild Skill): It helps to increase critical chance without the use of potions meaning that you can use Tri-Stat potions for better recovery.


Ultimate Abilities

  • Front Bar: Flawless Dawnbreaker/Reconstructive Domain (Arcanist Skill) - Can be a quick damage burst or a defensive bubble increasing damage and healing.
  • Back Bar: Protective Shell (Arcanist Skill) - Gives a damage shield and reflects some damage back to attackers, which allows Venom to survive.


Venom Passives Explained

Knowing what these passives do will help you achieve your maximum potential as Venom. Here is what they do:

  • Crit Bonus from Cruxes: With each Crux, your critical hit chance increases, making you become a crit machine.
  • Weapon and Spell Damage Increase: The repletion of one of your resource bars leads to an increase in weapon and spell damage hence increasing the strength of your attacks.
  • Enhanced Status Effects: It boosts both the amount of damage that inflict due to status effects as well as their frequency, which is perfect when building for DPS.
  • Increased Penetration Values: Every Arcanist skill on your bar adds extra penetration stats to it thus allowing you destroy enemies’ resistances easily.
  • Soldier of Apocrypha's Armor Bonus: When you use a Soldier of Apoc ability, it gives you bonus armor that bolster up defenses.
  • Resource Recovery: For every Arcanist ability that is on your bar improves resource recovery thereby helping your engine run smoothly.
  • Minor Evasion for You and Your Group: Casting Arcanist abilities grants minor evasion, reducing damage taken from area attacks
  • Ulti Generation with Crux Consumption: A consumed Crux earns Ultimate points that enable more frequent usage of strong Ultimate abilities whenever possible.
  • Increased Healing with Active Cruxes: Healing becomes stronger with more Cruxes at hand.
  • Resource Return on Crux Generation: By generating Cruxes, you always have Magicka or Stamina to prepare you for the next attack.
  • Strengthened Damage Shields: The stronger the status of Illuminatus, the greater your damage shields become, making you more difficult to kill.

ESO Venom Build Passives


Venom Gear Setup

Gear is everything in the Infinite Archive. For Venom, this is how you should gear:

  • Vengeance Leech Set: It has an important role in making sure that you get resources back and restored immediately after each kill.
  • Azurblight Set: This amplifies your dot damage so much as to make your beam and other dots massive.
  • Ring of the Pale Order: It changes aggressive gameplay into self-healing while converting part of your damage into health.
  • Monster Set Choice: Lamia's for pure damage output or Iceheart for extra protection with a shield and more crit chance?
  • Maelstrom Weapon: Makes the wall of elements stronger, increasing area control and dealing more damage.


Venom Champion Points

Venom's strength lies in his Champion Points. Start with yellow passives to permanently increase stats, then consider these slottable essentials:

  • Wrathful Strikes - Increase this to maximize your own DPS.
  • Thaumaturge - Raises your dot damage which includes beam as well as dots.
  • Biting Aura - Increases how big area effects are which applies on both beam and dots.
  • Ironclad - 6% less direct attack damages which are very precious in Infinite Archive


These are just the basic ones but feel free to adjust them according to what you like doing most when playing the Infinite Archives.


Infinite Archive Tips While Using Venom

Every move matters in the Infinite Archive. We have some pro tips for maximizing your Venom build:

  • Focus Efforts: Gather as many stacks as you can to improve performance.
  • Buff and Debuff Duration: Select those that expand time on minor/major buffs/debuffs, affecting resistance bonuses as well as penetration debuffs.
  • Critical Bonuses: The physical crit chance/damage bonuses matter, do not miss Scorching Support either.
  • Glyph Enhancement: Absolutely necessary for dramatic increases in weapon and spell damage.


How do I play as Venom?

Playing as Venom is a balancing act between offense and defense. Here's what you need to do:

  • Maintain Buffs: Make sure that your Inspired Scholarship is always active, as well as your resistance bonuses.
  • DOT and Beam: Basically,"DOT, DOT, Beam. Repeat". Keep those ground based dots up at all times.
  • Resource Management: Your potions should be used wisely while managing stamina along with magicka.
  • Survival Tactics: Use your Protective Shell Ultimate when in a pinch, also don't forget to cast your destructive Eye Ultimate when you are out of danger.


Venom Cosplay

Not just power but even look; one has to embody Venom. Here's how to get the Venom look:

  • Head: Clan Dream Carver's Hat – theface of Venom.
  • Chest: Crimson O Jerkin – for that Venomy look.
  • Accessories: Mix matching Dro-m;athra, Ebonheart or Militant Ordinator pieces gives you the smooth dark looks you want.
  • Weapons: Combine Clan Dream Carver and Daedric styles painted with Palatine White mixed with the darkest black color.


Remember that it's not just about stats and gear; it's an attitude. Through treacherous Infinite Archives let the spirit of venom guide thee and may their path be lined by victories spoils.

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