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Essential Guild Wars 2 Movement Tips and Tricks

Welcome to a comprehensive guide designed to help both newer players and experienced veterans of Guild Wars 2 enhance their movement and navigation skills within the game world. Covering various aspects of movement, including mount mechanics, advanced techniques, and synergies between different mobility tools. This guide will empower you to traverse the open world, conquer jumping puzzles, and excel in various game modes. We will share insights into GW 2 movement mechanics that will help you become a more adept and efficient adventurer.



Essential Guild Wars 2 Movement Tips and Tricks


The Springer's Dismount Elevation Trick

Unveil the potential of the springer mount dismount ability combined with a well-timed jump to gain additional height. By pressing the dismount key simultaneously as you jump, you'll reach the springer's peak height and can transition seamlessly into gliding or mount-switching. This technique allows for strategic positioning, quicker access to certain areas, and an efficient start to gliding or using mounts like the Griffon and Skyscale.


Master Dodge Jumping

Dodge jumping is a powerful maneuver achieved by simultaneously pressing the dodge and jump keys. This enables you to merge the forward momentum of a dodge with the vertical lift of a jump. It's especially useful in jumping puzzles, like the Winter Wonderland or Super Adventure Box, to bypass obstacles and improve your traversal speed. Unlike regular jumping, dodge jumping locks you into forward momentum, but it's an accessible skill that can be practised anywhere.

Leverage Bond of Faith Momentum

Unlock the Bond of Faith mastery in the Crystal Champion track of Living World Season 4 to enhance your mount's mobility. When using the Bond of Faith skill while in motion, the momentum from your movement increases the distance you leap. This powerful ability can be used to skip sections of jumping puzzles and cover greater distances. Timing is key to maximize its effectiveness without overshooting your target.


Combine Skyscale and Griffon Mastery

Integrate the Skyscale and Griffon mounts for efficient map navigation. Ascend on your Skyscale to gain altitude and then swiftly switch to your Griffon, capitalizing on your elevated position to access locations more easily. This synergy significantly reduces the time spent searching for high vantage points to initiate griffon flights.


Endurance Management with Mounts

Manage your mount's shared endurance bar strategically. Use mounts like the springer or skimmer to replenish endurance, enabling you to quickly recover the endurance needed for other mounts, particularly those with slower recharge rates like the Roller Beetle. Swiftly switching mounts helps maintain mobility without waiting for endurance to regenerate.


Tonic Rush Techniques

Explore the potential of tonic abilities to traverse the world rapidly. Certain tonics and toys, such as the Executioner Axe Toy or the Endless Choya Piñata Tonic, grant unique movement abilities. Although mounts have largely surpassed these mechanics, tonics can still be handy where mounts are restricted, such as in jumping puzzles or specific achievements.


Utilize Mount Dismount for Vertical Movement

Leverage the dismount action of your mount for a boosted jump, granting you greater height than a standard jump. This can prove invaluable when aiming for certain elevated areas. The increased elevation from dismounting makes it easier to access specific spots, providing a rapid and effective means of scaling terrain.


Customize Movement Controls

Experiment with keybindings to optimize your movement controls. While you can move using both left and right mouse buttons, consider modifying your controls for more versatile movement. You could bind turn keys to different functions, such as skills while using strafe keys exclusively for movement. Finding the right balance between comfort and functionality is essential.


Raptor vs. Jackal Uphill Performance

Understand the uphill movement dynamics of the Raptor and Jackal mounts. The Jackal's Blink ability provides faster uphill traversal compared to the Raptor's Leap ability. However, spamming the jump key while running with either mount can be an efficient strategy for tackling steep inclines, ensuring that you maintain momentum even while ascending.


Mastering the Full Movement Arsenal

Unlock the full potential of Guild Wars 2's movement mechanics by combining gliding, mount abilities, masteries, and advanced techniques. From soaring through the skies on your Skyscale to chaining mount abilities for seamless movement transitions, mastering these tools empowers you to explore every nook and cranny of the vast game world. By embracing the game's core philosophy of "freedom of movement," you can uncover hidden areas, conquer challenges, and elevate your gameplay experience.


Other Essential Skills


Strafing and Keybinds
  • Change your A and D keys to strafe instead of turning your character. This allows for more precise movement.
  • Utilize your W and S keys to move your character forward and backwards, respectively.
  • Consider rebinding keys for more comfortable access, such as setting auto run to a convenient key (e.g., 'R') to free up fingers for other actions.
Camera Control
  • Use your right mouse button to control your camera. This makes it function similar to a first-person shooter.
  • Holding the right mouse button lets you direct your character's movement while facing the camera's direction, giving you more control over positioning.
  • Enable the free camera setting to use the left mouse button to change the camera direction independently of your character's face.
Efficient Movement
  • Move your character forward most of the time, as moving sideways or backward is slower.
  • Switch between pressing W and S keys when moving backward to maintain control while casting skills that require you to face your target.
Character-Camera Alignment
  • Holding both left and right mouse buttons simultaneously moves your character forward without touching the keyboard.
  • Use this technique to free up your fingers for skill activation, improving your efficiency in combat.
  • Experiment with keybindings to find what works best for you, such as the auto-run keybind.
Face Technique
  • Bind the "About Face" key to a convenient key (e.g., 'X').
  • This skill instantly turns your character 180 degrees. Unlocking your camera allows you to turn your character without turning the camera.
  • Combine "About Face" with camera manipulation to quickly change direction while maintaining a forward-facing camera view.




In Guild Wars 2, the art of movement is an essential skill that can greatly enhance your gaming experience. By incorporating these 10 tips and tricks into your gameplay, you'll gain mastery over the various mobility tools available to you. Whether you're embarking on grand adventures, conquering jumping puzzles, or engaging in combat, a deeper understanding of movement mechanics will make you a more versatile and capable player. As you continue your journey in Tyria, remember that the world is your playground, waiting to be explored with finesse and skill.

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