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FFXIV Beginner Guide For 2024: From Zero to Eorzean Hero

If you are entering the magical world of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) in 2024, be prepared for an unmatched journey. Let us accompany you through the early phases of this epic MMORPG. This simple and straightforward tutorial will take you through ABCs starting from free trials and character creation to combat, gearing up.



FFXIV Beginner Guide For 2024: From Zero to Eorzean Hero


Free Trial and Purchasing

In FFXIV, there is a free trial that goes up to the second expansion "Stormblood", with hundreds of hours of content. After that you will need to buy the new expansion and pay subscription fee every month. By the way, they have an in-game store that sells cosmetic items but mounts and glamor are all there is about it.


Character Creation

  • Races: Hey we have got races like Hyur, Elezen, Lalafell, Miqo'te, Roegadyn, Au Ra, Viera and Hrothgar too by Hrothgar has less hats.
  • Clans: They do not affect gameplay significantly but each race has clans.
  • Classes/Jobs: Start off with Gladiator or Pugilist or Marauder etc., which change into jobs at level 30.It means every class/job has a different playstyle. (New Job Pictomancer)


Servers & Setting & Quests

For best performance select a server within your region. There are some preferred worlds with XP bonuses to consider joining as well. Finally as per Free Companies; you can visit other worlds in your data center but can't join them.


During the beginning stage stick with default settings. Customize hotbars for ease of access to abilities. In case you want advanced changes check out settings guides first.


Main Story Quests (MSQ) should be your focus for leveling up. These unlock additional features and provide more skills necessary to become a job.


Items & Gear

  • Armory receives the gear automatically.
  • Pushing "Recommended Gear" button selects the optimal gear.
  • You can't put regular items into the Armory.
  • Monitor gear condition and repair it when needed.


Aetherytes & World Travel

  • Attune to Aetherytes for fast travel throughout the world.
  • Major cities' Big Aetherytes offer different travel options which include some to other worlds in your data center.
  • Set preferred locations to save on teleportation costs.


Marketboard & Retainer

  • The Marketboard is where you can sell stuff to other players.
  • They are employed in storage and selling of items. They also level up through Ventures too.
  • Their job level is connected to yours.


Crafting & Gathering

  • Crafters and gatherers are called Disciples of the Land and Hand respectively.
  • Keep their levels separate from those of combat jobs.
  • Start crafting and gathering after Heavensward until you get better returns.


Grand Companies & Free Companie

  • Missions by grand companies give seals as rewards.
  • Free companies have advantages like buffs as well as a sense of community like guilds do.
  • Join a Free Company early for more immersive play experience.


Combat Basics & Roles

Whenever possible, keep using weapon skills/spells so that downtime is minimized . As per role (tank, healer, dps) these actions might vary . Look out for procs (lighting up abilities) in your rotation.


Tanks take care of getting hit by enemies so that others would not . Healers balance between pure healing or curing barriers.  DPS has three categories (melee, physical ranged, magical ranged) with special styles and utilities each.


Buffs & Debuffs

Optimal gameplay involves monitoring your buffs and debuffs. Esuna allows healers to remove some debuffs.


Player vs Player (PvP)

Have access to PvP fighting upon reaching level 30 after a specific quest. PvP comes with a separate set of abilities and rewards which are mainly cosmetic or non-combat in nature. 


Gearing & Glamour

MSQs, dungeons, and Tomestones of Poetics are the way to go for gear upgrades.You could find better gear by exploring various sources like raids and Savage raids.


Change your gear to look differently through the Glamour system. Unlock and use the Glamour Dresser to store and apply appearances. Link glamour sets to gear sets for seamless style changes.


General Advice

  • FFXIV starts slow;give it time and enjoy the story.
  • Classes/jobs evolve as you level up.
  • Engage with the community through Free Companies and social features.


Remember, FFXIV is a journey filled with adventures, stories, and friendships. Dive in, explore at your own pace, and have fun in the world of Eorzea!

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