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FFXIV Patch 6.5 Power and Meta Ranking: Tier List

Welcome to our FFXIV Endwalker 6.5 Tier List. While tier lists might not always hold the utmost importance in a game as balanced as Final Fantasy XIV, we're here to discuss which jobs are currently shining across various endgame activities.  In this Endwalker 6.5 Tier List, we break down the power and meta rankings for different jobs, helping you choose the best fit for your playstyle. 



FFXIV Patch 6.5 Power and Meta Ranking: Tier List



  • Warrior (S-Tier): The Warrior reigns supreme as the ultimate tank. It boasts high tank DPS, exceptional mitigation, and even excels in soloing old raids. Whether you're doing daily expert runs or tackling savage content, the Warrior is a top pick.
  • Gunbreaker (A-Tier): While not as versatile as the Warrior, the Gunbreaker offers a satisfying combat rotation. It's a strong choice, especially if you enjoy its unique playstyle.
  • Dark Knight and Paladin (B-Tier): These tanks offer a different set of advantages. Dark Knight provides excellent dungeon runs, while Paladin offers substantial party shielding. Their distinctions are relatively negligible, so choose based on your preferences.


Melee DPS

  • Samurai (A+-Tier): If you crave big numbers, Samurai is your go-to choice. It excels in damage output and is a top contender for melee DPS.
  • Reaper and Ninja (A-Tier): Reaper and Ninja offer close competition to Samurai, both bringing unique mechanics and engaging rotations.
  • Dragoon and Monk (B-Tier): Dragoon and Monk still perform well but fall slightly behind in terms of overall appeal and versatility.


Ranged Physical DPS

  • Machinist (A-Tier): Machinist shines as an excellent choice for ranged physical DPS. It delivers strong damage and is relatively easy to play.
  • Dancer (A-Tier): Dancer offers remarkable support, making it an ideal pick for parties. It excels, especially in challenging content where its abilities come in handy.
  • Bard (B-Tier): Bard is a strong choice for those who appreciate its unique playstyle. However, it may not be as popular as Machinist and Dancer due to certain party compositions.



  • Black Mage (A+-Tier): Black Mage focuses on raw damage output and remains consistent in its design. It's an appealing choice for those who enjoy selfish DPS.
  • Summoner (A-Tier): Summoner boasts high burst opportunities and offers a new shield and self-healing. It's a strong caster, although it leans toward a traditional casting style.
  • Red Mage (A-Tier): Red Mage can feel slightly underpowered, but it excels in dungeons and open-world content. It's a flexible choice with a unique balance between casting and melee.



  • Scholar and Sage (A+-Tier): Scholars provide excellent utility, while Sages are versatile healers. Both are solid choices, with Scholars excelling in Expedient ability and Sages delivering all-around performance.
  • White Mage (A-Tier): White Mage's simplicity and raw power make it a reliable choice. The Holy skill is particularly noteworthy for dungeons.
  • Astrologian (A-Minus-Tier): Astrologian falls behind in popularity, as shield healers currently dominate. However, personal enjoyment should be your primary focus when selecting a healer.


FFXIV Endwalker 6.5 Power and Meta Ranking



Remember that this tier list should be taken with a grain of salt. The differences in performance between jobs are minimal, and personal enjoyment plays a significant role. Choose the job that resonates with you and enhances your overall gaming experience. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the current meta in the comments section. Stay safe, stay healthy, and continue enjoying your adventures in Final Fantasy XIV!

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