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Guild Wars 2 All Mounts: How to Unlock and Prioritize?

Ah, Guild Wars 2, where the mounts are more sought after than a hidden treasure chest full of legendary loot guarded by a dragon with a bad case of indigestion! In this wild world of Tyria, your choice of mount isn't just about style; it's about survival, speed, and teleporting doggos. So, saddle up, fellow adventurer, because we're about to embark on a quest to unlock these fabulous beasts that'll make you question why you ever walked anywhere before. Grab your Raptor, Springer, and Skimmer, because we're diving into the wacky world of Guild Wars 2 mounts!



Guild Wars 2 All Mounts: How to Unlock and Prioritize?


In this guide, we'll cover all nine mounts available in Guild Wars 2, how to unlock them, and the best order to prioritize them for your adventures. Let's get started!


1. Raptor

Guild Wars 2 Raptor Mount Screenshot

Raptor is your first mount and boasts an impressive leaping ability, allowing you to cover vast distances quickly. If you're a new player without any expansions, the game will provide you with a Raptor during a 10-hour tutorial once you reach Level 10. If you own an expansion, you'll receive the Raptor permanently after hitting Level 10. There are three additional ways to unlock the Raptor:

  • Complete the first quest in the Path of Fire expansion story, Sparking the Flame, and then purchase the Raptor saddle from the renowned heart NPC in the Crystal Oasis.
  • If you have the End of Dragons expansion, complete the renowned heart located in New Kaineng City and purchase the Raptor saddle.
  • Obtain the Raptor by having the Secrets of the Obscure expansion.


For more details on unlocking the Raptor, check out the linked guide in the description.


2. Springer

Guild Wars 2 Springer Mount Screenshot

Springer is a high-jumping mount, although it moves a bit slower than others. To unlock the Springer, complete the renowned heart in the Desert Highlands and purchase the mount from the merchant. Alternatively, you can complete a heart in New Kaineng City and obtain the Springer as a reward from Lieutenant Zhao.


3. Skimmer

Guild Wars 2 Skimmer Mount Screenshot

Skimmer, a manta ray-like mount, excels in fast travel over water and quicksand. Unlock it by visiting Trainer Ardra in Elon Riverlands, completing the heart there, and purchasing the Skimmer. Once you complete the Founding Sibaha collection, your Skimmer can also swim underwater.


4. Jackal

Guild Wars 2 Jackal Mount Screenshot

For those who love dogs, the Jackal is a teleporting mount that can use its blink ability to navigate designated portals. Unlock the Jackal in the Desolation by speaking with Djinn Enclave and following the given questline.


5. Griffin

Guild Wars 2 Griffin Mount Screenshot

Griffin is the first flying mount in Guild Wars 2. It offers incredible speed and the ability to dive and ascend mid-flight. Acquiring the Griffin is a significant investment, both in terms of gw2 gold and time. To unlock it:

  • You'll need the Springer with the High Volt Mastery and 250 gold.
  • Head to the Domain of Kourna and interact with the remains of the Spirit Marshall.
  • Complete a series of collections, which we've detailed in a separate guide linked in the description.


6. Roller Beetle

Guild Wars 2 Roller Beetle Mount Screenshot

Roller Beetle is the fastest land mount in the game. It can roll and boost for rapid traversal. To unlock it, complete the second mission from Living World Season 4 Episode 3, Long Live the Lich, and finish four collections: High Roller, Beetle Juice, Beetle Saddle, and Beetle Feed. Check out the linked guide in the description for more information.


7. Warclaw

Guild Wars 2 Warclaw Mount Screenshot

Warclaw is exclusively available in World vs. World. To unlock it, spend one World vs. World ability point if you have the Path of Fire expansion. Complete the Warclaw Companion collection and purchase the mount from LV the Warclawtender. This mount shines in World vs. World, with abilities tailored to excel in The Mists.


8. Skyscale

Guild Wars 2 Skyscale Mounts Screenshot

Skyscale is a flying mount with impressive altitude control and the ability to shoot fireballs. You can obtain it through two methods:

  • Complete Living World Season 4 Episode 6 and the associated collections.
  • Unlock the collection "Code: A New Friend" in the Secrets of the Obscure expansion.

This mount enables you to explore Ley lines and updrafts, enhancing your exploration.


9. Siege Turtle

Guild Wars 2 Siege Turtle Mount Screenshot

Introduced in the End of Dragons expansion, the Siege Turtle is a unique mount capable of accommodating two players and swimming underwater like the Skimmer. To unlock it, complete three collections: Starting Small, Getting Stronger, and Shooting Up. Begin by acquiring the Turtle Egg, which can be obtained through the "End of Dragons" meta event or purchasing it from Peddler in Dragon's End.


Prioritizing Your Mounts

Now that you have an overview of all 9 mounts, it's essential to prioritize which ones to unlock first based on your preferences and gameplay style. Here's a suggested order:

  • Raptor, Springer, and Skimmer for general exploration.
  • Skyscale for flying and vertical mobility.
  • Roller Beetle for rapid land travel.
  • Griffin for versatile flying and diving.
  • Siege Turtle for unique underwater and dual-player capabilities.
  • Warclaw for World vs. World enthusiasts.
  • Jackal, if you prefer its teleporting abilities.


Remember, this order can vary depending on your specific playstyle and the content you enjoy most.



Guild Wars 2 offers a diverse range of mounts, each with its own strengths and abilities. Take the time to unlock and master these mounts, and they'll greatly enhance your adventures in the ever-expansive world of Tyria. For more in-depth guides on each mount, refer to the links provided in the description. Happy riding, and may your journeys be filled with excitement and discovery!

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