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Guild Wars 2 Classes and Roles Guide for PvE Group | 2023

Are you a new player in Guild Wars 2 or looking to switch up your playstyle? This guide covers every class or profession in Guild Wars 2 along with their Elite Specializations, including the ones introduced in the End of Dragons Expansion. Elite Specializations enhance your chosen profession with new mechanics, weapons, and abilities, making them a vital part of your gameplay experience. This comprehensive guide will help you find the right fit for your playstyle.


Guild Wars 2 Classes and Roles Guide for PvE Group | 2023


Getting Started

  • Elite Specializations: You can unlock Elite Specializations upon reaching level 80 and having one of the expansions. These enhancements add depth to your profession by introducing new mechanics, weapons, and abilities.
  • Choosing a Playstyle: Each profession has its unique strengths and playstyle. Don't worry about Elite Specializations at the beginning; focus on finding a profession that aligns with your preferences.
  • Profession Difficulty: Professions are classified into three difficulty tiers: easier, intermediate, and harder. Difficulty is subjective, so don't be discouraged by higher ratings. It's essential to find a profession that suits your preferences rather than solely considering the difficulty.


Easier Professions

  • Warrior: A Heavy Armored melee-focused profession with a high health pool and defensive capabilities. Adrenaline builds up as you attack, enabling powerful burst attacks. Elite Specializations like Berserker, Spellbreaker, and BladeSworn offer enhanced combat styles.
  • Ranger: A Medium Armored profession that combines nature's power with ranged attacks. Rangers have pets that fight alongside them and offer both offense and defense. Elite Specializations like Druid, Soulbeast, and Untamed further refine their playstyle.
  • Guardian: A Heavy Armored Paladin-like profession that uses Holy and Light skills for damage and healing. Virtues provide passive bonuses and instant effects. Elite Specializations like Dragonhunter, Firebrand, and Willbender add unique mechanics and roles.


Intermediate Professions

  • Revenant: Requires expansions (Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, or End of Dragons). This Heavy Armored profession channels legends to deal damage or support allies. Energy is used to channel legend abilities. Elite Specializations like Herald, Renegade, and Vindicator enhance their versatility and roles.
  • Mesmer: A Medium Armored profession that manipulates illusions and uses deception to control enemies and support allies. Mesmers can create clones and phantasms to confuse foes. Elite Specializations like Chronomancer, Mirage, and Entropy enhance their illusions and tricks.


Harder Professions

  • Engineer: A Medium Armored professional that uses technology and gadgets to deal damage. Engineers have access to kits that provide unique skills. Elite Specializations like Scrapper and Holosmith refine their abilities and mechanics.
  • Thief: A Medium Armored profession focused on stealth, mobility, and burst damage. Thieves can steal from foes and use Initiative instead of Cooldowns. Elite Specializations like Daredevil, Deadeye, and Specter further augment their sneaky playstyle.
  • Elementalist: A Light Armored spellcaster that attunes to different elements for various effects. Elementalists can deal high damage but are squishy. Elite Specializations like Tempest and Weaver expand their attunement mechanics and versatility.


Elite Specializations Overview

Elite Specialization Profession Main Weapon Unique Mechanic Playstyle
Berserker Warrior Torch Berserk High-damage combat with damage-over-time effects.
Dragonhunter Guardian Longbow Virtues Stationary combat with offensive and supportive abilities.
Herald Revenant Shield Facets Defensive and supportive abilities with Glint legend's Facets.
Soulbeast Ranger Dagger Beastmode Merge with pets, gain new skills, and deal damage over time.
Scrapper Engineer Gyros Photon Forge Damage and support using Gyros and the unique Photon Forge.
Daredevil Thief Staff Dodge mechanic Enhanced mobility and rapid melee attacks.
Deadeye Thief Rifle Malice Long-range damage with increased stealth attack damage.
Dragon Trigger Warrior Pistol Flow Strong burst attacks with an off-hand pistol and Flow generation.
Firebrand Guardian Tomes Mantras Support and damage through Tomes and mantras.
Willbender Guardian Sword Legendary Alliance Stance Enhanced mobility and self-centered playstyle with new skills.
Renegade Revenant Shortbow Legendary Charr Damage dealing and boon providing with Kalla Scorchrazor.
Vindicator Revenant Greatsword Shadow Force High close-range damage with abilities from Saint Viktor and Archemorus.
Specter Thief Scepter Shadow Force Damage dealing and supporting allies using Siphon and Shadow Shroud.



Guild Wars 2 offers a diverse range of professions and Elite Specializations, each with its unique playstyle and mechanics. Choose the profession that resonates with your preferences and style, and don't be afraid to experiment with different Elite Specializations to enhance your gameplay experience. Remember that this guide provides an overview, and delving deeper into each profession's mechanics will reveal even more strategies and nuances. Enjoy your journey in the vibrant world of Tyria! If you have any questions, drop a comment, and I'll be glad to help.

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