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How to Create 1K+ Energy Shield Shields in Path of Exile

Welcome to the world of Path of Exile, where the path to power is paved with craftsmanship and cunning. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricate art of crafting energy shield shields with over 1000 energy shields, transforming them into formidable assets for both defense and offense. Uncover the secrets of Emperor's Vigilance, Crucible mods, and the elusive Shield Crush and Spectral Shield Throw mod. Follow the step-by-step journey from creating a steel kite shield with 40 energy shields to mastering the craft at the bench. 


How to Create 1K+ Energy Shield Shields in Path of Exile


The Power Behind These Shields

Before diving into the crafting process, it's essential to understand what makes these shields so effective. Four critical components come together to elevate their power:


  • Emperor's Vigilance: This unique item provides a staggering 1000% increased armor and energy shield, even on a base with minimal armor and energy shield stats. This item synergizes with Crucible mods that offer flat energy shield bonuses.
  • Crucible Mod: The Crucible mod "15% increased magnitude of defense modifiers" further augments the shield's potency. It elevates the 1000 increased armor and energy shield to 1150, stacking additively with quality enhancements on the item.
  • Offensive Mod - Shield Crush and Spectral Shield Throw: This mod bestows the shield with a substantial offensive boost, granting 30-50 added lightning damage for every 15 energy shields on the shield. Moreover, it converts all physical damage from the skill to lightning, making it a versatile offensive and defensive juggernaut.
  • Scour Chance: This unique mechanic enables you to create the Vigilance unique item in the final stages of crafting.


Crafting the Shield


Create a Steel Kite Shield with 40 Energy Shield

To initiate the crafting process, you'll need to start with a steel kite shield that has 40 energy shield in the first column. You can either trade for one or craft it yourself by obtaining a shield with a 40 flat energy shield mod in the first column. Then, acquire another shield of the same type, a steel kite shield.

  • Allocate the 40 energy shield mod on the first shield.
  • Perform a seemingly counter-intuitive step on the second shield: take it to a Crucible forge and run a Crucible encounter with it. Afterward, unallocate the first node.


RNG: Both shields should enter the forge, with the 40 ES on top and SKS on the bottom. There's a 70% chance to retain the 40 ES mod. On a successful outcome, unallocate all nodes past the first one.


Use a Orb of Scouring on the Second Shield

Now, utilize a Orb of Scouring on the second shield to transform it into a rare item with an empty prefix and suffix. Subsequently, apply an Orb of Alchemy to the rare item to convert it into a magic item with one or two prefixes and one or two suffixes. Ensure that one of the prefixes is the coveted "15% increased magnitude of defense modifiers" Crucible mod.

  • Source a shield with the "15% Defense mod" (the base doesn't matter).
  • Allocate that mod and any/all mods leading up to it (mods beyond this point are irrelevant).
  • Wait until Forge level 80 before proceeding. Place the shield with the "15% Defense mod" on top, and the 40 ES SKS on the bottom.


RNG Step: The odds aren't absolutely certain, but research by Poe Noob suggests a probability between 25% and 50%.


Craft the Shield Using the Crafting Bench

The final stretch involves careful crafting to maximize the shield's potential. Follow these steps:

  • If your rare item only has one prefix, add another prefix using a Blessed Orb.
  • Next, introduce a flat energy shield mod using either a Dense Fossil or Pristine Fossil. Alternatively, you can use an Awakener's Orb on a different shield with the desired mod to transfer it over.
  • Once the flat energy shield mod is in place, enhance the shield's quality using a Perfect Fossil.
  • The crowning touch is applying a Crusader Exalted Orb on the shield to imbue it with the Shield Crush and Spectral Shield Throw mod.


This process can be repeated until you succeed in creating a shield with over 1000 energy shields. Bear in mind that the final step, using the Crusader Exalted Orb, is rare and may necessitate thousands of attempts. If you desire, you can duplicate the shield using a Fractured Fossil or a Phenomenal Plague, effectively doubling your rewards for the effort invested.



Creating a 1000+ energy shield shield in Path of Exile requires a combination of effort and luck, but the resulting asset is a formidable defensive and offensive tool that's well worth the investment. Armed with this guide, you now possess the knowledge to craft your own powerful shield, ready to face even the most challenging adversaries. Best of luck, and happy crafting!

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