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How to improve NHL 24 Gameplay on PlayStation Like A Pro?

Welcome to the ultimate guide on mastering NHL 24 for PlayStation. In this here, we'll delve into a range of strategies and techniques to elevate your gameplay and maximize your chances of victory. Keep in mind that NHL 24 may undergo updates and patches that could influence the gameplay dynamics, so staying informed is crucial. This guide is dedicated to enhancing your scoring, defense, goalie skills, and optimizing your team setup.


How to improve NHL 24 Gameplay on PlayStation Like A Pro?


Scoring Strategies

Scoring in NHL 24 requires precision and creativity. Here are some tips to help you become a scoring machine:

Strategy Description
Close-Range Shots Opt for backhand shots over forehand shots when near the net on a breakaway for speed and effectiveness.
Deceptive Moves Experiment with two or three moves before shooting to keep the goalie guessing, e.g., backhand-forehand-backhand.
Five Hole Use the five-hole shot when the goalie is moving laterally. Wait for the goalie to commit and shoot through the five-hole.
One-Timers Pass close to the goalie and attempt one-timers for a surprise factor.
Long-Range Shots Try slap shots or long-range shots from different angles to catch the goalie off guard.
Goalie Movement Keep the goalie moving with dekes, passes, or stickhandling before shooting to create opportunities.
Point Shots Utilize point shots, especially if the goalie is screened or players are near the net for tips, rebounds, and deflections.
Wraparound Goals Take advantage of wraparound goals, especially when the backside is open. Use Total controls for powerful wraparounds.
Secret Goals Try "weird backhand shots" with R2 and a toe-drag motion. Experiment with side-net shots and back skates for unique scoring opportunities.
Pressure System Utilize attribute boosts and opponent penalties during active pressure meters for more scoring opportunities.


Creating Space

Scoring opportunities rely on creating space. To do this effectively, consider the following:

Skill Area Key Points
Learn Dekes - Master simple dekes (e.g., one-touch dekes and between-the-legs dekes) to create space and outmaneuver defenders.
Smart Passing - Pass the puck to players in better scoring positions to increase the chances of scoring.
Puck Movement - Keep the puck moving in scoring areas. - Understand when to pass, deke, or hold onto the puck to create offensive opportunities.
Reading the Play - Recognize specific opportunities provided by the opponent. - Exploit the weaknesses of your opponents to gain an advantage.


Defense Strategies

Defense is equally crucial in NHL 24. Here are some defensive strategies to help you become a formidable opponent:

  • Poke Checks: Use poke checks (R1) effectively. Time them right, and don't spam them, as excessive use can slow down your player.
  • Body Checks: Execute power hits (Circle and R stick) carefully, as missing can put you out of position.
  • Stick Lifts: Use stick lifts (Up on the right stick) to create disruptions without losing momentum.
  • Pass Intercepts: Position yourself in the passing lanes to intercept passes, and don't hesitate to use poke checks or dives if needed.
  • Play the Percentages: Focus on defending against the most effective scoring methods and let your opponent take low-quality shots from bad angles.
  • Player Control: Be mindful of which player you're controlling and adjust your defensive strategy accordingly. Opponent skill levels and player attributes can influence your approach.


Playing as Goalie

While playing as a goalie may not be the primary role for most players, knowing how to perform effectively in critical situations can save games. Here's how to approach goaltending in NHL 24:

  • Manual Control: To control your goalie during a game situation, hold L1 and press X. Use this to make unexpected saves and surprise your opponent.
  • Flying Poke Check: Use the flying poke check (Up on the left stick and Square) in breakaways, shootouts, and penalty shots to disrupt your opponent's attack.
  • Commit Early: In penalty shots, pick a side to commit to before your opponent takes the shot. This can help you anticipate their move better.
  • Goalie Control: When controlling your goalie, use the left stick to move and R2 to make saves. Avoid putting the goalie down manually, as it leaves the top of the net vulnerable.
  • Manual Goalie: For advanced players, try manual goalie control to intercept specific shots or exploit your opponent's tendencies. Be cautious, as this is risky.


Setting Up Team

Effectively setting up your team can make a significant difference in your gameplay. Here are some tips:

  • Hand Preference: Place right-handed players on the left side of the ice for better shooting and scoring opportunities. This setup allows for quick shots and one-timers.
  • Faceoff Specialists: Assign your best faceoff takers to the center position to increase your chances of winning crucial draws.
  • Goalie Selection: Consider using the tallest goalie available, as height is often more important than overall ratings in NHL games.



Becoming skilled at NHL 24 on PlayStation requires practice, strategy, and an understanding of the game's mechanics. Whether you're looking to score more goals, improve your defense, or even play as a goalie, this guide provides you with a comprehensive set of strategies and techniques to help you succeed on the ice. Remember, NHL games can change with patches and updates, so staying adaptable is key to maintaining your competitive edge.

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