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Madden 24 New Significant Updates: Gameplay, Roster Update, Player Movement and More

EA Sports has recently released a new update for Madden 24, and it's packed with gameplay enhancements, franchise mode updates, Superstar mode improvements, new face scans, player likeness adjustments, presentation changes, and more. In this guide, we will delve into the key aspects of this update to help you get the most out of your Madden 24 gaming experience.



Madden 24  New Significant Updates: Gameplay, Roster Update, Player Movement and More


Gameplay Updates

Madden 24 Gameplay Updates


Catching Improvements: 

The update addresses the issue of dropped interceptions on competitive game style by lowering the ratings threshold for catching interceptions on competitive game style. An issue causing undesired catch drops when the QB got hit during or shortly after throwing the ball has been fixed. This ensures a better balance between dropped passes and defenders making interceptions. Note that this fix applies to the simulation game style as well.


Defensive Line Picks: 

While the update may temporarily reintroduce situations where pass rushers can sometimes catch the ball when the QB throws out of a hit, it's aimed at reducing the frequency of dropped passes on offense.


Play Now Live:

Unfortunately, there are no updates for the Play Now Live feature. EA Sports has changed its approach, moving from weekly updates to sporadic ones, making it uncertain when the next update will be.


Franchise Mode Updates

  • NFL Game Location in Germany: Games scheduled to be played in Germany will now take place at the Deutsche Bank Park, adding an extra layer of authenticity to franchise mode.
  • Weekly Strategy Selection: An issue where the weekly strategy selection would reset to default after completing a miname with a focus player has been resolved.
  • Draft Class Fixes: A rare crash occurring in-game when a player from a downloaded draft class had incomplete player data has been fixed.
  • Halftime Report: An issue where the halftime report would sometimes display the wrong teams' scores has been addressed.
  • Other Fixes: Various new story text bugs have been fixed.


Superstar Mode Updates

EA has made several fixes and improvements to Superstar mode, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for players in this game mode. Some of the key updates include:

  • UI improvements.
  • Overall and abilities adjustments after an Avatar reset.
  • Eliminating errors and enhancing stability.
  • Fixes to the Avatar creation Hub.
  • Eliminating repeated button hints during the ready-up screen.


NFL Authenticity & Presentation Updates

EA Sports has focused on improving the authenticity and presentation of NFL games in Madden 24. Some notable updates include:

  • Added Randy Moss's signature touchdown celebration.
  • Updated DJ Chark's signature TD celebration.
  • Updated Oakley visor tabs to match the style used on the field this season.
  • Fixed issues related to player's gear.
  • Fixed the seam pattern on Lions' jerseys.
  • Added multiple player portraits to reflect their current appearance.


New Face Scans

EA Sports has introduced new player face scans to improve player likeness. Some of the notable additions include:

  • Quarterback Sam Howell (Commanders)
  • Running back Devonta Freeman (Dolphins)
  • Cornerback Cam Smith (Dolphins)
  • Linebacker Trenton Simpson (Ravens)
  • Running back Isaiah Pacheko (Chiefs)
  • Defensive tackle Chris Jones (Chiefs)
  • Linebacker Shaquille Lenard (Colts)
  • Wide receiver AJ Brown (Titans)


Players with New Teams

One of the most exciting aspects of Madden 24 is the dynamic nature of player movement. Let's start by highlighting some key players who have officially switched teams in this roster update:

Player From Team To Team Comments
Chase Young Commanders 49ers A headline move with high potential despite injuries, strengthening the 49ers' defense.
Montez Sweat Commanders Bears A valuable addition to the Bears' roster, playing a significant role in their future.
Leonard Williams Giants Seahawks The Seahawks strengthened their defense, reflecting their commitment to competing in the NFC.
Rasul Douglas Panthers Bills The Bills bolstered their defense, enhancing their championship aspirations.
Joshua Dobbs Cardinals Vikings A temporary measure for the Vikings due to Kirk Cousins' injury, waiting for Kyler Murray's return.
Donovan Peoples-Jones Browns Lions Added depth and versatility to the Lions' receiving corps, a good move for a team seeking weapons.


The Dynamic Roster Updates

Now, let's take a look at the roster updates in Madden 24, where some players have improved their ratings while others have seen a decrease. These updates reflect their performances in the NFL.

Madden 24 Dynamic Roster Updates


Players Going Up:

And many more players who have been performing exceptionally well, resulting in ratings increases.

Player Team Rating Change New Overall Rating
AJ Brown Eagles +1 96
Patrick Surtain Broncos +1 96
Dexter Lawrence Giants +1 94
S. Gardner Jets +1 94
Jamar Chase Bengals +1 93
CD Lamb Cowboys +1 92
Joe Burrow Bengals +1 92
Danielle Hunter Vikings +3 91
DeAndre Hopkins Cardinals +1 90
Travis Etienne Jaguars +1 90
Brandon Aiyuk 49ers +1 89
Ryan Ramczyk Saints +1 89


Players Going Down:

Player Team Rating Change New Overall Rating
Cooper Kupp Rams -1 95
Jesse Bates Bengals -1 94
Justin Tucker Ravens -1 91
Marshon Lattimore Saints -1 91
Von Miller Bills -2 91
David Bakhtiari Packers -1 90
Aaron Jones Packers -1 89
Denzel Ward Browns -1 89
Joey Bosa Chargers -2 88
Austin Ekeler Chargers -1 87
Chris Olave Browns -1 85
James Bradberry Giants -1 85


And several more players whose performances have resulted in rating decreases.



EA's latest Madden 24 update brings a range of improvements and fixes that enhance gameplay, franchise mode, Superstar mode, player likeness, presentation, and more. Stay tuned for future updates and enjoy your Madden 24 experience with these enhancements. Keep an eye out for further updates, and make the most of your gaming experience.

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