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New World BiS Gear Guide: Forgotten Protector Sets & Nightveil Shields

Currently, New World offers two distinct types of time-limited gear: Armor Sets and Shields. Each serves unique purposes and is exceptionally powerful in different situations. Here we will take a closer look at these two sources of time-sensitive Best in Slot gear that you can farm right now to boost your character's power.



New World BiS Gear Guide: Forgotten Protector Sets & Nightveil Shields


The Forgotten Protector Sets

The Forgotten Protector sets are a game-changer for many players in New World. These armor sets can be obtained from Lazarus mutations, offering valuable attributes and perks that can help you tailor your character to your specific playstyle.


New World Forgotten Protector Sets


Gear Attributes and Perks:

The Forgotten Protector sets come with unique attributes and perks, but they are loot-biased. This means that the gear you obtain from Lazarus mutations is more likely to match the gear you're already using. The main attributes include health and elemental aversion.


Perk Pools:

The perk pools for these gear sets are what make them truly exceptional. They frequently include perks like New World Refreshing Perk Icon Refreshing and New World Freedom Perk IconFreedom, making them valuable additions to your character's gear.


Scaling with Mutation Level:

These gear sets scale with the mutation level, allowing you to obtain higher gear score items, making them even more powerful.


Drop Locations:

You can farm these sets by running Lazarus Expeditions at Mutation Level 1 and above. All the mobs in the dungeon drop these items.


Recommended Difficulty:

Running Lazarus at Mutation Level 3 (M3) is highly recommended, as it provides the highest chances of dropping gear with gear scores of 695 and above.


Role-Specific Sets:

Depending on your preferred role, you can obtain light, medium, or heavy sets, allowing for versatile gameplay styles.


Nightveil Shields

The Nightveil Shield offer a unique crafting opportunity, allowing you to create powerful shields with specific locked perks. These shields are especially useful for tanking and damage builds.


New World Nightveil Shields


Available Patterns:

The Nightveil Shield is designed for crafting round, K, and tower shields. Each pattern includes specific locked perks and a random third perk.


Lock Perks:

The Nightveil Shield come with New World Flame Conditioning Perk IconFlame Conditioning and New World Refreshing Move Perk IconRefreshing Move as locked perks. The third perk is random, offering versatility in crafting.


Crafting Process:

You can craft these shields with relatively inexpensive materials, such as New World Glittering Eony Icon Asmo Glittering Eony and New World Runic Leather IconRunic Leather. The legendary round shield, in particular, is an affordable choice.


Versatile Shield Crafting:

Depending on the type of shield you craft, you can get desirable combinations like Vicious and Flame Conditioning or Sturdy and Refreshing Move, which are valuable for tanking and damage-oriented playstyles.


Flail Compatibility:

Crafting a sturdy tower shield with refreshing move and flame conditioning can significantly enhance your tanking abilities, especially when using a flail.


Market Opportunities:

If you're not into crafting, you can also check the trading post for Nightveil Shield, as they may be in demand. Selling these patterns can be a lucrative venture.


Trading and Market Opportunities

With the scarcity of these patterns, savvy players can seize the opportunity to farm and trade these items, potentially yielding significant profits. Stay vigilant and monitor the market trends to capitalize on this time-limited opportunity.



Staying ahead in New World requires constant adaptation and acquiring the best gear. The Forgotten Protector sets and Nightveil Shield are excellent opportunities to strengthen your character. Keep in mind that these gear sources are time-sensitive, and it's crucial to farm them while they're available. These gear pieces can significantly impact your character's effectiveness in combat and make you a formidable force in Aeternum. 

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