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Path of Exile (PoE) Currency Items: A Starter's Guide for Novices

Hello, outcasts! Do you feel like in a dark forest of Wraeclast's economy? Relax, as this guide will clarify the fuzziness of Path of Exile currency system. Delve into PoE with our Ultimate Currency Guide for Beginners. Learn about basic and encounter currencies, their uses, and tips to navigate the complex economy of Wraeclast. 



Path of Exile (PoE) Currency Items: A Starter


Introduction & Classification 

Forget gold coins or any other conventional currency in Path of Exile; we use orbs, scrolls and all sorts of other cryptic stuff. These can be classified into two groups: Basic Currency and Encounter Currency

  • Basic Currency: This is what keeps you alive in PoE. They are dropped by monsters that have been killed, from chests as well as through vendor transactions. They are used for everything from identifying items to modifying gear and even trading with other players. 
  • Encounter Currency: These are special currencies obtained through specific encounters or activities within the game. They serve more niche purposes but are crucial for crafting and accessing endgame content. 


Basic Currency

Here is the breakdown: 

  • Scrolls: Scroll of Wisdom PoE Scroll of Wisdom Iconcomes in handy when it comes to identifying magic, rare or unique items. Portal Scroll PoE Portal Scroll Iconlets you get back to town or your hideoutᅳgreat for quick escapes or restocking. 
  • Changing Affixes: Orbs of Transmutation PoE Orbs of Transmutation Icon(OoT) and Orbs Of Alteration PoE Orbs Of Alteration Icon(OOA) make plain normal items magical or reroll their magical properties respectively. 
  • Modifying Sockets: For adding a new socket, linking sockets together or changing their color, use Jeweller's Orb PoE Jeweller's Orb Icon(JO), Orb Of Fusing PoE Orb of Fusing Icon(OoF) and Chromatic OrbPoE Chromatic Orb Icon (CO). 
  • Mirror of Kalandra PoE Mirror of Kalandra Icon: It is one item that can duplicate any other item but they are very rare indeed. 
  • Alteration: By taking a normal item and turning it into something completely random, the Orb of Chance PoE Orb of Chance Icon(OC) can deliver unto you anything by giving you nothing. 
  • Quality Improvement: Blacksmith's Whetstone PoE Blacksmith's Whetstone Icon (BSW), Armourer's Scraps PoE Armourer's Scrap Icon (AS), Glassblower's Baubles PoE Glassblower's Bauble Icon (GBB) and Gemcutter's Prism PoE Gemcutter's Prism Icon (GCP) all raise the quality of items in their respective categories. 
  • Map Modification: Cartographer's Chisel improves map quality, while Orbs Of Horizons PoE Orbs Of Horizons Icon change one map to another within the same tier. 
  • Flask Modification: Improve your potions with Glassblower's Bauble PoE Glassblower's Bauble Icon
  • Refunding Passive Skill Points: Do you wish to undo decisions made concerning skill points? This is done by using Orb Of Regret PoE Orb of Regret Icon (OoR). 
  • Atlas Modification: Sextants will add new modifiers to your Atlas mapsᅳthink strategically for better loot! 


Encounter Currency

Now let us consider exotic flavors: 

  • Lifeforce: Acquired from Sacred Grove, this currency ensures precise crafting at Horticrafting Bench
  • Tainted Currency: Corrupted items also need some love! There are tainted orbs like Tainted Chromatic Orbs PoE Tainted Chromatic Orbs Icon and Tainted Orbs of Fusing PoE Tainted Orbs of Fusing Icon which work only on corrupted items. 
  • Essence: Crafters' dream, these essences always have guaranteed properties when used in crafting items. 
  • Fossils & Resonators: These materials allow for creating rare traits oriented towards particular ones as part of the Delve gameplay. 
  • Oil: This will grant passive powers upon getting applied on an equipment by Cassia. 
  • Catalyst: These come with shiny baubles that enhance the qualities and affixes associated with jewelry items alone. 



Finally, fragments: 

  • Scarab: Map modifiers that guarantee specific encounters or bonuses can be acquired through this item attachment system. 
  • Divine Vessel: Obtain soul of map bosses and empower your Pantheon using this item. 
  • Offering to the Goddess: It grants access to the Labyrinth to get great rewards. 
  • Boss Pieces: To face stronger foes, gather pieces from strong foes. 
  • Ritual Vessel PoE Ritual Vessel Icon, Breachstones, Timeless Emblems: These fragments give you different gaming experiences and challenges. 



Remember, Exiles, knowledge is powerᅳparticularly when it comes to path of exile currency. Consider this guide your guide in Path of Exile's vast economy. Trade smartly, craft wisely and let your loot overflow. 

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