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PoE Beginner 2024 Guide: Mastering the Basics & Navigating the Endgame

Welcome to you, Exile! If you are starting out in Path of Exile (PoE) and feel overwhelmed, don't be! Enjoy the epic world of Path of Exile through our beginner's guide. Learn how to select a class properly, loot management, game mechanics etc. It is perfect for new players or people returning to this intricate ARPG.


PoE Beginner 2024 Guide: Mastering the Basics & Navigating the Endgame


Find A Guide

  • Why a Guide is Essential: The depth of PoE can be confusing. A guide will help you through it.
  • Where to Find Guides: There are some great guides on max roll and other content creators.
  • Recommended Builds: Lightning Arrow Deadeye, Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder, Summon Raging Spirit Guardian. Eac has its strengths and weaknesses so choose based on your playstyle.


Loot Filters

  • Importance of Loot Filters: They will help deal with the huge number of items in PoE.
  • Setting Up: Go to the PoE website, click 'Game' then 'Item Filters'. Neversink's filter is popular choice.


Awakened PoE Trade

A Must-Have Tool: It simplifies trade and item pricing; essential for PC players (sorry console gamers!).


Picking Class & Ascendancy

  • Understanding Classes: Your base class then moves into a more specialized one after that.
  • Making the Right Choice: Remember your desired gameplay style and end-game goals.


Config Your Options

Optimize Your Settings: Optimize your loot filter; change transparency for maps in the options menu among others and also customize controls for better gaming experience.


Gems & Passive Tree

  • Gem Mechanics: Socket gems together to buff attacks or abilities or whatever else they may do.
  • Navigating the Passive Tree: Use this guide to build right.



  • Variety and Usage: Understand different flask types and when to use them strategically.
  • Managing Flask Charges: One has to kill monsters so as to refill the flask charges. This is most important in boss fights.


Campaign Tips

  • Playthrough Approach: Take your time going through the entire first experience, exploring and completing quests at your own pace.
  • Quest Management: Use /passives command to keep track on the progress of completion of a quest.


Get More Scrolls Of Wisdom

  • The Struggle Is Real: Early on in PoE you will have more items than Scrolls to identify them with. It is annoying, but there is a fix!
  • Vendor Trick for Scrolls: Trade an Orb of Alteration with a vendor for four Scroll of Wisdom. Boom, problem solved! Importantly, when unsure sell everything. The game rewards you by killing and questing, so keep doing it!


Free Port To Town

No Scroll? No Problem!: Wonder what happens if you are stuck in the wilderness without a Portal Scroll? It is simple – sign out to character selection screen then log back again. Voilà, free transport to town!



  • Your Home Away from Home: After Act 2 opens up Hideout. It may start simple but it's somewhere to grow. You can find layouts online at or get creative.
  • First Step – Crafting Bench: This one changes everything. Focus on it!


Crafting Bench Basics

  • Life and Resistances Are Key: When leveling up, focus should be given on boosting life and resistances on gear.
  • Simple Crafting Strategy: Use your crafting bench to add life (prefix) and resistances (suffix) to your gear. Remember however that those little crafting recipes you find along your journey are critical; unlock them!


Labs & Ascendancy

  • Trials of Ascendancy: They are very important for character growth. Attempt them as soon as possible. If you are daring enough, you can YOLO through them (most of the time).
  • Reach to the Pinnacle: Upon ending the Labyrinth, you can select your Ascendancy and earn points that make your character more powerful. More power is acquired with each Lab completion.
  • Butter Boy: For SRS Guardian gamers, the first Lab gives you your MVP – Butter Boy who makes leveling a breeze.
  • Be Wise in Planning Your Labs: Finish the third Lab before tackling the final boss of the campaign to prevent getting resistance penalty.


Essential Premium Stash Tabs

Why Invest: Remember PoE is free and buying tabs supports GGG.



  • Currency Tab: Helps you sort out many poe currencies.
  • Map Tab: Essential for sorting many maps.
  • Premium Quad Tab: Enables trading which is at the core of PoE's economy.


Mapping & Atlas Passive Tree

  • Mapping Basics: Think Pokemon—gotta catch 'em all (115 maps)! Start with lower-tier maps and work your way up to higher ones.
  • Atlas Passive Tree: Choose your favorite league mechanics and concentrate on them, shaping your end-game experience just like skill tree does this time round.


Farming Strats

  • Simple Yet Effective: Begin with a "ALK and go" approach. Use an Alchemy Orb on maps and simply run them.
  • Exploring Mechanics: Try out different league mechanics. It's okay to be confused at first; it's part of learning!


Item Value & Trading

  • Awakened PoE Trade Tool: To estimate values of items use this tool (Ctrl + D), it makes trading easier than ever before possible.
  • Trading Basics: Price items by listing them in your premium quad tab while trading smoothly over specific prices for every item listed there on.



  • Essentials Recap: Get a guide, a loot filter, and Awakened PoE Trade Tool.
  • Character Creation & League Mechanics: Select class , league mechanic, note that league mechanic adds complexity and rewards
  • Skill Gems and Passive Tree: Connect your gems, follow guide suggestions for passive tree.
  • Hideout, Crafting, and Labs: Do not forget these elements enhance your gameplay.
  • Endgame Mapping: Use color coding for map tiers and use orbs as needed.
  • Stash Tabs and Trading: Invest in necessary tabs and trade efficiently using tools.
  • Have Fun!: PoE is complicated but it's a lot of fun for me.


Path of Exile might be complex, but do not let this dissuade you. Soon enough, you will conquer its trials with ease, provided that you have the right tools at your disposal. It is important to remember that every great player in PoE started somewhere – your iconic journey starts here!

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