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SWTOR Galactic Season: Earn Rewards, Acquire New Companion, Unlock Epic Items

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, Galactic Seasons allows you to complete daily and weekly objectives to earn rewards over the course of five months. Galactic Seasons is available to both free-to-play players and subscribers at no additional cost, with subscribers having an additional reward track to gain cosmetic rewards. In this guide, we will be discussing Galactic Season Season 4, which will be running until August 14, 2023. We will start with an explanation of how Galactic Seasons works for new players and then dive into the specifics of how Season 4 is different from previous seasons and the interesting rewards you can earn this season.



SWTOR Galactic Season: Earn Rewards, Acquire New Companion, Unlock Epic Items


How Galactic Seasons Works?

To open the Galactic Seasons menu, hover over the icon of a person in the main menu and choose "Login and Season Rewards" from the dropdown menu. In the Galactic Seasons panel, you can see your current level near the top left. To gain a level in Galactic Seasons, you need to earn 8 Galactic Seasons points, which you can obtain by completing objectives. Clicking the daily and weekly buttons on the top right will show you the available objectives. Some objectives are worth more points than others, and their values can be seen by clicking on them in the objectives list.


As a subscriber, you can complete one daily objective per day and up to seven of the ten weeklies per week. Daily objectives always require earning 25,000 Conquest points through any content and granting two points. Weekly objectives grant 8 to 12 points for subscribers and 6 to 10 points for free-to-play and preferred players. Subscribers can earn 14 points per week by completing the daily objective and a maximum of seven weeklies. This can result in earning 64 to 80 points per week, depending on the chosen objectives.


Additionally, if you log in four times within a week before the reset, you'll receive bonus points just for logging in. Subscribers receive eight points, while free-to-play and preferred players receive four points. To reach level 100 and earn all the rewards on the track, which requires 800 points in total, it would take around 10 weeks or even less if you also get the login rewards over the available 20 weeks in the five-month-long season.


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New Companion - Amity

Let's begin by talking about Season 4 and how you can take advantage of it as a new or long-time player. In this season, we introduce a new companion named Amity. Amity is a masked human who was raised by Salonians, which explains their unique way of speaking. To acquire Amity, all you have to do is complete level one of Galactic Seasons and click the claim button above the level one reward. It's important to note that when you work on Seasons, all your points are Legacy-wide. This means you can earn points on any of your characters, and they all contribute towards the same track on your server.


Once you claim Amity, you'll receive a special humble lockbox in your inventory. Opening this box will grant you two different items: the Cold Boon's Tidings unlock and the Cold Moon's Guidance. The Cold Boon's Tidings unlock allows you to embark on a quest to earn Amity and experience their story. On the other hand, the Cold Moon's Guidance immediately grants you the new Amity companion without the need to complete the story quest. There's no penalty for choosing either option, and you can always go back and complete the story quest later. If you wish to acquire a second copy of Amity for another character after claiming them on one character, you can do so by paying 60 cartel coins in the Collections tab. This will unlock Amity for all characters on your account.


Amity, like other companions, gains influence which makes them stronger in battle and better at crafting. You can increase Amity's influence by giving them gifts, which are earned through the Galactic Seasons track. Additionally, you can send Amity on crafting missions to gather materials or craft items for you, which also earns them influence. It's worth noting that Amity has influence levels of 15 and 50, and there are two new story quests that unlock through Amity, which can be found on your ship. For more information on raising Amity's influence, gifting, or completing their quests, refer to the full guide linked in the video description.


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Notes of Reflection and Messengers of the Cold Moon Reputation

Every Galactic Season recently has had a reputation track attached to it. A reputation track allows you to progress and earn rewards independently. In Galactic Seasons, you can earn items called "Notes of Reflection," which are located in the currency tab of your inventory. You can obtain these notes by defeating enemies or completing objectives. To turn in the notes, visit Amity on your ship. Right-click on Amity and follow the steps to turn in your Notes of Reflection. Note that you can only hold up to 200 notes at a time, so it's advisable to turn them into Amity regularly. However, you can only earn 5,000 reputation points per week, which is equivalent to turning in 200 notes to your companion.


Why should you turn in these notes? Firstly, you can obtain cool free titles through the Messengers of the Cold Moon reputation track. Secondly, many objectives on the Galactic Season's track are related to earning a reputation with Messengers of the Cold Moon. These objectives may require you to earn or turn in Notes of Reflection. Just keep in mind that when talking to Amity, avoid being in a group, as it may cause bugs. Also, refrain from pressing escape to exit the conversation after turning in the notes. Instead, go through the dialogue tree and confirm that you're done.


To earn Notes of Reflection, daily objectives grant two notes, while Season objectives grant 10 to 15. Some reward track levels also give you Notes of Reflection as a direct reward. Flashpoints provide two to four notes, uprisings give three to five, operations grant 12 to 18, and 16-player operations offer 14 to 24. Additionally, defeating layer bosses provides a few notes, and combat with Amity as your companion can yield higher yields of notes of reflection. 


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Galactic Seasons Tokens

In addition to the rewards you earn outright on the track, Galactic Seasons also awards "Galactic Seasons Tokens". These tokens can only be earned through Galactic Seasons by completing the track. Subscribers can earn a total of 15 tokens per season, while free-to-play players can earn five tokens. These tokens are Legacy-wide and can be spent at the Jolot Now vendors.


Galactic Seasons Tokens allow you to purchase various rewards, including retired items such as mounts, pets, companions, and other similar items from past promotions. These retired items are available through the Jolot Now vendor and can be purchased for five to six tokens each. However, not all retired items are available at the same time from the vendor. The vendor's stock rotates every week, so be sure to check in regularly to see the available items.


Apart from retired items, you can also use Galactic Seasons Tokens to access three-player housing strongholds for decoration purposes. These include the Carrick Station, the Republic Fleet Penthouse stronghold (eight tokens), the Viking Space Dock, the Imperial Fleet stronghold (eight tokens), and the Mech Shaw stronghold deed (14 tokens) on the planet of Mech Shaw. Additionally, the Kia Davao vendor accepts Galactic Seasons Tokens and offers unique items that cannot be earned on the track, such as the Resplendent Odux and Snow Blind Odex Mounts (two Galactic Seasons Tokens each).


SWTOR Screenshot 04


Track Rewards

Now, let's explore some of the exciting rewards available on the track. At level one, you will earn the Humble Lockbox, which contains an Amity companion. This reward is available to both free-to-play players and subscribers. Subscribers will also receive the Mudlin Odux mount at level one.


Throughout the track, you'll earn 2,000 free Cartel Coins, five ultimate single Cartel Packs, 24 single-item Cartel Packs, 15 Galactic Seasons Tokens, over 4,000 Tech Fragments, a new companion, two unique armour sets, four unique mounts, 12 unique weapons, and five unique decorations. At track rank 100, you'll be rewarded with a purple and red gradient giant car mount, which is a visually appealing reward.


Unlock Track with Credits/Cartel Coins

If you join the season late or wish to progress faster, you have the option to unlock levels using either credits or Cartel Coins. The cost for unlocking levels depends on your current rank. For Cartel Coins, it's a flat 100 Cartel Coins per level. For example, if you want to jump from level zero to level 100, it will cost you 10,000 Cartel Coins.


However, unlocking levels with SWTOR credits can be more costly, especially for unlocking multiple levels. Unlocking a single level costs 250,000 credits while unlocking all levels from level one to rank 100 will cost a staggering 20 billion credits. Additionally, the final five levels cannot be unlocked with credits and must be earned manually. It's recommended to use credits or Cartel Coins towards the end of the season to optimize your progress.



To earn Galactic Seasons points naturally, make sure to complete objectives regularly. For tips on completing objectives efficiently and quickly, you can visit the SWTOR website and refer to the Galactic Seasons Guide provided in the description of this video. The guide is regularly updated with weekly objective lists, tips, and related guides for various objectives, including Galactic Starfighter, space missions, and secret droids.


Whether you're a free-to-play player or a subscriber, you have plenty of time to enjoy Galactic Season Season 4 until August 14, 2023, in Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you found this guide helpful and wish to support us, visit To receive more videos like this on your YouTube homepage, remember to subscribe to our channel. May the Force be with you always!

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