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SWTOR Galactic Seasons 4 Rewards: Details & Interesting Rewards

SWTOR offers players the opportunity to embark on a five-month journey filled with daily and weekly objectives to earn rewarding loot and items. Galactic Seasons is an engaging event available to both free-to-play and subscriber players, and it's all for no additional cost. Subscribers, however, get the added benefit of an exclusive reward track with cosmetic goodies. In this guide, we will dive into the details of Galactic Season 4, which will be active until August 14, 2023. Let's begin with a breakdown of how Galactic Seasons works, especially for newcomers, and then we'll explore the specific offerings.



SWTOR Galactic Seasons 4 Rewards: Details & Interesting Rewards


How Galactic Seasons Works?

To start your Galactic Seasons adventure, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Galactic Seasons menu by hovering over the person icon in the main menu.
  2. Select Login and then Season Rewards from the dropdown menu.
  3. In the Galactic Seasons panel, you'll find your current level displayed at the top left corner.


To progress through the Galactic Seasons, you need to earn Galactic Season Points by completing objectives. Here's how you can do it:

  • Click on the daily and weekly buttons on the top right to see the available objectives.
  • Each objective has a point value, and some are worth more than others.
  • Completing one daily objective per day and up to seven of the ten weekly objectives per week will help you earn points.
  • Subscribers receive 8 to 12 points for each weekly objective, while free-to-play and preferred players receive 6 to 10 points.
  • Bonus points are granted for logging in four times within a week before the reset. Subscribers get eight bonus points, while free-to-play and preferred players get four.

To reach level 100 and unlock all rewards (a total of 800 points), it would take approximately 10 weeks or less if you also claim the login rewards. Given the 20-week duration of the season, there's ample time to obtain all the rewards.


New Companion, Amity

Season 4 introduces a brand new companion, Amity, a masked human raised by Selonians. To obtain Amity, complete level one of Galactic Seasons and click the claim button above the reward for level one. It's important to note that all points earned during Galactic Seasons are legacy-wide, meaning they contribute to the same track on your server across all characters. However, once you claim a reward, it becomes bound to a single character.


SWTOR Galactic Seasons 4 Reward Screenshot 01


After claiming Amity, you'll receive a box in your inventory. Open it, and you'll find two items: the Cold-Boons Tidings Unlock and the Cold-Moon Guidance. If you've already claimed Amity on one character, you can unlock Amity for all characters on your account by paying 60 Cartel Coins in the Collections interface.


Amity gains influence, making them stronger in battle and better crafters. You can increase Amity's influence by giving them special gifts obtained from the Galactic Seasons track. Additionally, you can send Amity on crafting missions to gather materials or craft items for you, further boosting their influence. At influence levels 15 and 50, two new story quests unlock through Amity.


Notes of Reflection and Messengers of the Cold Moon Reputation

Now, let's delve into the Notes of Reflection and the Messengers of the Cold Moon reputation track. Each Galactic Season features a reputation track that allows you to progress and earn rewards. You'll earn Notes of Reflection as you play, which can be found in the currency tab of your inventory. You can obtain these notes by defeating enemies, completing objectives, or finding them in the open world.


SWTOR Galactic Seasons 4 Reward Screenshot 02


To turn in your Notes of Reflection, visit Amity, who can be found on your ship or another free ship location. Right-click on Amity and follow the dialogue steps to turn in your Notes of Reflection. Keep in mind that you can only hold up to 200 Notes of Reflection at a time, so it's advisable to turn them in whenever possible. You can earn a maximum of 5,000 reputation points per week by turning in 200 Notes of Reflection to your companion.


Earning reputation with Messengers of the Cold Moon has its perks:

  • You'll receive cool free titles as you progress up the Messengers of the Cold Moon reputation track.
  • Many objectives on the Galactic Seasons track are related to earning reputation with Messengers of the Cold Moon, requiring you to earn or turn in Notes of Reflection.


When interacting with Amity, make sure not to be in a group, as it may cause bugs. Additionally, avoid pressing the Escape key to exit the conversation after turning in the Notes of Reflection; make sure to go through the dialogue tree and indicate that you're done.


Here are some ways to earn Notes of Reflection:

  • Daily objectives grant two Notes of Reflection.
  • Season objectives grant 10 to 15 Notes of Reflection.
  • Certain reward track levels provide Notes of Reflection as a reward.
  • Flashpoints grant two to four Notes of Reflection.
  • Uprisings grant three to five Notes of Reflection.
  • Operations grant 12 to 18 Notes of Reflection.


Engaging in combat with Amity as your companion has a chance to yield higher amounts of Notes of Reflection.



Galactic Seasons Tokens

Now, let's talk about Galactic Seasons tokens. In addition to the rewards you earn outright on the track, you will also receive Galactic Seasons tokens by completing the track. These tokens are exclusive to Galactic Seasons and cannot be obtained elsewhere. Subscribers can earn a total of 15 tokens per season, while free-to-play players can earn five tokens per season.

SWTOR Galactic Seasons 4 Reward Screenshot 03

Galactic Seasons tokens are legacy-wide, meaning you can use them across multiple characters on your account. These tokens can be spent at the Jolot Nel Baffle and Kia Davao vendors. The Jolot Nel Baffle vendor offers a vast selection of retired rewards, including mounts, pets, companions, and other items from past promotions. These items were previously unavailable if you missed the specific promotional period, but now you can obtain them using Galactic Seasons tokens. Some notable retired companions available for purchase include Shea Vizsla Maserano, Swoop Justicar Blue Jedi, Nico Okarr, and the pirate companion Paxton Rall.


Please note that not all retired items are available simultaneously from the vendor. The vendor's stock rotates every week, so it's advisable to check in every Tuesday or so to see the updated selection. The retired companions mentioned earlier may not have the same names as the vendor, so pay close attention to the item descriptions.


Apart from retired rewards, you can also use Galactic Seasons tokens to unlock three player housing strongholds: Carrick Station, Republic Fleet Penthouse Stronghold (8 tokens), Vaiken Space Dock, Imperial Fleet Stronghold (8 tokens), and Mechshaw Stronghold Deed on Mechshaw planet (14 tokens).


The other vendor, Kia Davao, accepts Galactic Seasons tokens as well but has a different selection of rewards. It primarily caters to free-to-play players who can only access some of the rewards on the subscriber track. However, be aware that the vendor's stock may include items that you will earn on the track later, so it's recommended to double-check before making a purchase.


Kia Davao also offers some decorations that you can buy if you want additional items beyond what you receive from the track. Additionally, Kia Davao has two unique items that are exclusively available for purchase with Galactic Seasons tokens: the Resplendent Odxus and Snow Blind Odxus mount, each costing two tokens. Make sure to acquire these items before the end of the season.


Track Rewards

Now, let's explore some of the exciting rewards available on the Galactic Seasons track. If you're overwhelmed by the vast array of items, don't worry! By reaching just one level, you will unlock the Humble Lockbox, a companion named Amity, even if you're a free-to-play player. Subscribers will also receive the Muddied Odxus mount as an additional reward at Level 1.

SWTOR Galactic Seasons 4 Reward Screenshot 04

Throughout the track, you can earn various rewards, including:

  • Animal mounts: Coralis mount and the Purple and Red Gradient Giant Car mount (at track rank 100).
  • Currency and packs: 2,000 free Cartel Coins, five Ultimate Single Cartel Packs, and 24 Single Item Cartel Packs containing decorations, mounts, or weapons.
  • Galactic Seasons tokens: 15 tokens.
  • Tech fragments: Over 4,000 tech fragments.
  • New companion: Obtain a new companion unique to the season.
  • Armour sets: Two unique armour sets.
  • Mounts: Four unique mounts.
  • Weapons: Twelve unique weapons.
  • Decorations: Five unique decorations.


Unlock Track with Credits/Cartel Coins

If you're joining the season late or want to catch up quickly, you have the option to unlock levels on the track using credits or Cartel Coins. However, it's recommended to earn as many levels as you can naturally by completing objectives. For Cartel Coins, each level you want to unlock costs a flat fee of 100 Cartel Coins. If you wish to jump from Level 0 to Level 100, it will cost you 10,000 Cartel Coins. It's important to note that unlocking levels with Cartel Coins becomes less expensive as you progress through the track. Consider using Cartel Coins towards the end of the season when you may have accumulated a significant number for free.

SWTOR Galactic Seasons 4 Reward Screenshot 05

For SWTOR credits, the cost increases based on the number of levels you want to unlock. Unlocking a single level costs 250,000 credits while unlocking the entire track from Level 1 to Rank 100 would amount to 20 billion credits. However, the final five levels must be earned manually and cannot be unlocked with credits. Only wait until the last week to unlock levels with credits.



If you want to earn Galactic Seasons points naturally without spending credits or Cartel Coins, you can complete objectives throughout the season. These objectives are updated weekly and can be found on the website, which provides comprehensive information about Galactic Seasons. The objective section of the website is regularly updated with tips and guides on how to efficiently complete objectives related to various activities such as Galactic Starfighter, space missions, and secret droids.


Remember to check the website for weekly updates and recommendations to maximize your progress in the Galactic Seasons track. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, Galactic Seasons offers exciting challenges and rewards to enhance your Star Wars: The Old Republic experience. May the Force be with you!

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