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The Ultimate Beginners Guide For Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) | 2024

Hi there, newbie! You have embarked on an awesome adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) and this guide will be your ultimate guide. This is the one-stop shop for all things ESO, including leveling up, crafting, and understanding complex mechanics. By the end of this guide, you'll be a pro at ESO navigation.


Character Creation Choosing an Alliance Character Customization Choose Class
Choose Where To Start Types of Quests Death & Consequences Recharge Weapon Enchants
User Interface Overview Skill Points and Skyshards QuickSlot Wheel Crown Crates
Crown Gems Craft Bag Currency Tab User Interface
Skills & Passives Choosing a Race Magicka DPS Options Healer and Tank Roles
General Race Tips Deep Dive into Racial Passives Attribute Points Champion Points
Type of Buffs Roles: Tank, Healer, DPS Mundus Stones World Scaling
How to Respec? Cleansing Curses Skyshards Player Guilds
NPC Guilds Scrying & Excavation Front and Back Bar Gear and Sets
Mythic Items Mounts Banking Guild Store
Cosmetic Customization Skins Fast Travel Group Content / Dungeon Finder
Trials and Arenas Infinite Archive / Endless Archive Gear Cap Perfected Gear
PVP (Player Vs Player) Cyrodiil / Emperor Imperial City Telvar Stones
Combat Basics Synergies Consumables Transmute Station
Reconstruct Gear Transmutes Crafting Stations Refining
Crafting Deconstructing Improving / Upgrading Gear Researching Traits
Leveling Daily Activities ESO Builds Utilizing the Armory
Parsing / Ultimate Regeneration Light Attack Weaving Dark Anchors / Dolmen Dolmen Grind / Power Leveling
Justice System / Thieving Outlaw Refuge / Fence / Launder Treasure and Thieving Champion Points Force Pick Locks / Lock Picking
Housing Addons Companions Seals of Endeavor
Curated Loot Tales of Tribute How to Buy ESO? ESO Plus
Crown Store Final Thoughts    


The Ultimate Beginners Guide For Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) | 2024


Character Creation

Creating an ESO character is just the first step into a vast world. You will have several character slots to try out different classes and races. Remember that different characters can lead to different playing experience.

  • Make sure to experiment because every character may offer unique game play options.
  • Character Slots: Starting with eight, they can be expanded up to 20 through cash shop.
  • Alts (Alternate Characters): After level 50, they share Champion Points, making it easier to level multiple characters.


Choosing an Alliance

ESO has three alliances each with its own races:

  • Daggerfall Covenant: Breton, Orc, Redguard.
  • Aldmeri Dominion: High Elf, Wood Elf, Khajiit.
  • Ebonheart Pact: Argonian, Dark Elf, Nord.

Alliances matter mostly in PvP situations. If you are planning on playing with friends make sure you are in the same alliance so that you have a seamless experience. There is also a “Any Race Any Alliance” DLC that allows for mixing races and alliances.


Character Customization

ESO's character creator goes deep. Physical attributes can be adjusted as well as skin color,body markings even voice. Use Randomize if overwhelmed and then tweak as desired.

  • Body Customization: Edit build,height,some colors etc.
  • Facial Features: Hairstyles,various face shapes,and faces with age marks can be selected from this list


Choose Class

Every class in ESO has unique gameplay styles:

  • Base Game Classes: Dragon Knight, Sorcerer, Nightblade, Templar.
  • Expansion Classes: Warden, Necromancer, Arcanist.

Classes may be somewhat flexible in roles (DPS, tank, healer) so pick one that you feel comfortable with.


Choose Where To Start

  • There are two options when you enter ESO: go through the tutorial or just skip it. In any case you can go to any expansion area from the very beginning. Skipping takes you to the newest expansion that you own but you can go to any zone of your choice anyway.
  • Tutorial or Not: Tutorial guides you gently; skipping throws you into the latest content.
  • Zones and Stories: Each zone has its unique story. Feel free to choose your starting point based on your interest or expansion ownership.


Types of Quests

ESO offers different types of quests:

  • Zone Story Quests: Major quests are marked with a special diamond shape indicating they tell the storyline of that specific zone.
  • Daily Quests: Can be repeated every day and are denoted by blue marks.
  • Side Quests: These are single adventures marked with either black or white arrows.

You may play through the game's story in order of release or start at any zone that catches your attention. Otherwise follow these links in the description which will guide you through each story segment leading to this point of time where many books were published about everything related to ESO and MMORPG as a whole if this path is preferred by gamer himself .


Death & Consequences

In ESO dying means nothing. When you die either resurrect immediately using a soul gem or at the nearest wayshrine. Always have some Soul Gems for resurrections in dungeons and trials and for weapon enchants recharge as well.

  • Resurrection Options: Use a Soul Gem or respawn at a wayshrine.
  • Soul Gems: Vial for self and teammate resurrection, and weapon enchants recharge.


Recharge Weapon Enchants

Always maintain the charge of your weapon's enchantments by using Soul Gems. Replenish its power by right-clicking your weapon and choosing 'Charge'.


User Interface Overview

  • Chat Box: You can move it around and resize it. To interact, use the cursor (hit the period key).
  • Compass: On top directing you towards objectives, shrines, and places of note.
  • Skill Bars: Shown at the bottom. Two bars (front and back) correspond to two equipped weapons. Each bar holds five abilities and one ultimate.
  • Mini Map: Can be obtained through add-ons, it is a useful navigation tool.


Skill Points and Skyshards

  • Earning Skill Points: You'll either finish Zone story quests or find skyshards that are scattered all over Tamriel.
  • Skyshards: Gather three of these and you'll get an extra skill point for unlocking or enhancing abilities.


QuickSlot Wheel

Your QuickSlot Wheel is your handy tool for accessing consumables like potions and food in ESO. Here's how to switch your active consumable:

  • Press down on the 'Q' key.
  • Choose your desired item from the QuickSlot Wheel.
  • To make it even easier for yourself, drag any item from your inventory to the QuickSlot; this includes consumables, tools, and even fun momentos!


Crown Crates

  • Access: The Crown Store will have them.
  • Rewards: They range from potions to rare mounts.
  • Opening: You will receive four cards with a chance at getting one of the most sought after items on the fifth card.


Crown Gems

  • Gem Extraction: Transform unwanted Crown Crate items into Crown Gems – a kind of "pity" currency system.
  • Redemption: Gather up gems for things you really want, such as exclusive mounts.
  • Cost Awareness: Most high gem cost stuff has bad drop rates, so decide carefully before buying.


Craft Bag

The craft bag is an exclusive inventory space for all crafting materials that only ESO Plus members can access. Every crafter and long-time player's dream.


Currency Tab

Find out about your ESO wealth in detail:

  • Types of Currency: ESO Gold, Alliance Points, Crown Gems, Event Tickets, Telvar Stones, Transmute Crystals etc.
  • Spending Tips: Prioritize bag and bank upgrades, mount training and keep tabs on event-specific currencies for unique purchases.


User Interface

  • Chat Box: Make it bigger or change its place.
  • Compass: It directs you where to go and from where to pick up quests.
  • Skill Bars: Manage your abilities between different combat scenarios.
  • Add-ons: Get mini-maps or other useful utilities for your UIs.


Skills & Passives

  • Class Lines: Select various class-related skills to perform with.
  • Morphing Skills: Customize skills with two morph options.
  • Passives: These are very essential for making a strong character.
  • Build Diversity: Developing creative and powerful builds is possible in ESO, but always choose with combat effectiveness in mind.
  • Respec Options: Do not worry much about early choices; there are respecs available that will help you fine-tune your build later.


Choosing a Race

Stamina DPS Choices:

  • Top Picks: The Dark Elf, Khajiit (both almost equal in terms of the amount of damage they can cause)
  • Sustain Races: Reverting to Redguard and Wood Elf (good for managing stamina)
  • Notable Mentions: Orcs (decent with damage) and High Elves (surprisingly good)


Magicka DPS Options

  • Best-in-Slot: High Elves (best for magicka and damage)
  • Close Contenders: Dunmer, Khajiit
  • Versatile Pick: Orcs (can also work as Magicka DPS due to its spell damage line)
  • Sustain Race: Bretons are good for longer spells.


Healer and Tank Roles

  • Healer Best-in-Slot – Breton closely followed by Argonian and High Elf
  • Top Tank Choices – Nords (best-in-slot), Imperials, Argonians even Redguards.


General Race Tips

  • Meta vs Preference: Though some races are better suited for particular roles, any race can complete all the content in ESO. Choose what you enjoy!
  • Endgame Content: At higher levels of play, racial choices may matter more in terms of maximizing your potential.


Deep Dive into Racial Passives

  • Argonian - Known for being resourceful, Healing passives. Their potion passive is a big deal when it comes to managing resources.
  • Breton - King of sustain for magicka users, solid for solo play because of the increase in resistances.
  • Dark Elf - Does well with both stamina and magicka builds, jack of all trades.
  • High Elf - The very best choice when it comes to magicka DPS. Balanced between damage and resources.
  • Imperial – Great option for tanks and PvP with significant ability cost reductions.
  • Khajiit - The most balanced race that fits any role; augmented by recovery bonuses and critical damages.
  • Nord - A tank's dream race with great resistances and ultimate generation.
  • Orc - Good for Stamina DPS, also passable for Magicka DPS. Extra sprinting perks earn them points.
  • Redguard - Specializes in stamina sustain, new players or tanking.
  • Wood Elf - Provides excellent penetration and mobility making it one of the best choices for stamina dps.


Attribute Points

Every time you level up in ESO you would receive attribute points to distribute, giving you a total of 64 points on reaching level 50. Here's how to spend them wisely:

  • Magicka DPS & Healers: All 64 points should be placed into Magicka to increase your resource pool and make your spells stronger.
  • Stamina DPS: Pour all 64 points into Stamina for more powerful stamina-based skills.
  • Tanks:  Focus on Health primarily, adding some points into Stamina or Magicka as you deem fit, with Stamina being prioritized due to utility reasons.

Remember, your damage output is impacted by the size of your resource pools so choose wisely!


Champion Points

Upon reaching level 50 in ESO, players begin gaining Champion Points (CP). Here's the breakdown:

  • Total CP: There are exactly 3,600 Champion Points although only 1,400 are active at any given time.
  • Distribution: Your points will be spread across three constellations- Green, Blue and Red each affecting different aspects of gameplay.
  • Allocation: Look out for slottable nodes; passive always-on stars; and sub-constellation skills here. Guides will help you wade through the myriad options available here.

Champion Points allow you to specialize your character as well as cover their weak areas.


Type of Buffs

ESO contains major and minor buffs that can significantly affect gameplay:

  • Stacking Rules: Major buffs can stack with minor ones but same-name buffs such as Minor Force don't stack with themselves.
  • Buff Management: Make sure to have a range of major and minor buffs from your skills and gear for maximum efficiency.


Roles: Tank, Healer, DPS

Every role in ESO has its own specific duties:

  • Tank – taunts enemies, controls the battlefield and absorbs damage.
  • Healer – keeps the team alive, provides buffs and manages resources.
  • DPS (Damage Per Second) – focus on inflicting damage on opponents during combat as well as reviving fallen comrades.

Quick Tip: DPS roles offer a more dynamic questing experience, but tanks and healers are in higher demand and have shorter queue times.


Mundus Stones

Mundus stones are scattered throughout ESO's world and they offer various buffs like increased weapon damage or run speed.

  • Finding Them: You will find these stones in the open world or in player houses (at a price). Each stone gives unique boon, so choose carefully depending on your role.
  • How to Use: Interacting with a stone gives its buff which replaces any previous Mundus Boon.
  • Tip: If you're just starting out, it doesn't matter if it's not optimized for your build; having any Mundus Stone buff is better than none at all.


World Scaling

All enemies within ESO are CP 160 due to world scaling.

  • ESO used the concept of world scaling that makes every enemy CP 160 level.
  • New Players' Buff: Low-level players secretly get boost to match CP 160 and compete properly.
  • Losing the Buff: This buff decreases as you gain levels, requiring updated gear to remain effective.
  • Post-Level 160: Once you get over CP 160, there is only growth from there on and your character will start being too powerful for easier challenges. 


How to Respec?

A small fee of gold will allow you change skills or attributes at Shrine of Stendarr or Shrine of Auriel. 

  • Full vs. Partial Respecs: You can choose to reset all skill points or only morphs. Although full respecs cost more, they offer the most flexibility possible.
  • Accessibility: It should be noted that respecs in ESO are user-friendly and cheap making players try different builds easily. 


Cleansing Curses

  • In case one has vamprism or lycanthropy curse, visit a nearby priest by the respec shrines and cleanse yourself for a small fee.
  • Trade-offs: While these curses come with unique benefits, they also have noticeable downsides like that of increased damage from certain sources.
  • Easy Removal: You can easily change your mind about being a vampire or werewolf in ESO thus becoming cheap. 



Skill points are granted by skyshards scattered around the map. Every three shards collected earns you one skill point.

  • Finding Them: Take note of the skyshard symbol on your map. When close to a shard, it will be added to your map.
  • Add-on Assistance: Map Pins is an add-on that makes locating these valuable resources much easier.


Player Guilds

  • Diverse Guilds: Choose from trading, PVE, PVP, crafting, role-playing, and more.
  • Five Guild Limit: You can be a member of up to five guilds simultaneously.
  • Choosing Wisely: New players should look for casual or beginner-friendly guilds. Avoid high-pressure trading guilds with sales quotas.
  • Guild Finder: Use the in-game guild finder (press 'G' on PC) to locate a guild that suits your playstyle.


NPC Guilds

  • Fighters, Mages, and More: Join Fighters, Mages, Thieves, Dark Brotherhood, Psijic, and Undaunted guilds for unique skills and passives.
  • Leveling Up: Each guild has specific activities to level up - from destroying dark anchors (Fighters Guild) to completing story quests (Thieves Guild).
  • Role-Specific Benefits: Choose guilds that enhance your preferred role. E.g., Fighters Guild for combat passives or Thieves Guild for stealthy activities.


Scrying & Excavation

  • Unlocking the Skill: Acquire scrying and excavation skills from the Greymoor chapter.
  • The Process: Use scrying to locate potential dig sites then excavate to uncover items ranging from furnishings to powerful Mythic items.
  • Depth and Strategy: The system involves a mix of strategy and luck. Watch our detailed guide for a comprehensive understanding.


Front and Back Bar

  • Unlock at Level 15: Gain access to a back bar at level 15, allowing for a second set of weapons and skills.
  • Strategic Usage: Front bar for main attacks and buffs; back bar for DOTs/buffs/utility skills.
  • Bar Swapping: Initially challenging but essential for effective combat; practice makes perfect!
  • Skill Synergy: Don't forget that weapon passives as well as slotted skill bonuses only apply when on the respective bar.


Gear and Sets

  • Over 500 Sets: ESO offers a vast array of sets to customize your gameplay.
  • Set Mechanics: Gain bonuses for equipping 2, 3, 4 or 5 pieces of a set.
  • Two Set Strategy: Most builds use two different 5-piece sets (body and jewelry/weapons).
  • Monster Sets: These are 2-piece sets obtained from dungeon bosses that enhance head and shoulder slots.


Mythic Items

  • Unique Power: Every Mythic item has a powerful, unique bonus.
  • Flexible Use: Can be equipped as jewelry or armor.
  • Meta Changes: Note that "best" Mythic items may change with game updates.
  • Example - Ring of the Pale Order: This ring is excellent for solo play as it provides significant life leeching.
  • Move Speed Cap: Remember that movement speed bonuses cap at +100%.



  • Level 10 Reward: You get your first mount at level ten.
  • Upgrade Daily: Speed, carry capacity, and stamina increase by 1% per day; this will take sixty days each.
  • Character Specific: Mount upgrades are character based not account wide!
  • Stables Master Visits: You can find the Stable Master (horse icon on maps) who will upgrade your mount's abilities.
  • All About Looks: Different mounts work the same, only their appearances differ. 



  • Bank Access – Look for the chest icon on the map.
  • Account Wide – Store things in the bank and get them with any character.
  • ESO Plus Benefits – Double the storage slots.
  • Guild Bank and Store – Share everything you want with other guild members.
  • Account vs. Character Bound – Most items are account bound, offering flexibility across characters.


Guild Store

  • Mini Auction Houses - Instead of one central auction house, ESO features multiple Guild Traders.
  • Location & Symbols - Look for scales with banners on the map. Scales without banners represent NPC traders.
  • Using the Store – Type keywords into the search box to find specific items.
  • Selling Items – These must be sold by members of a trading guild and have prices listed in a guild store.


Cosmetic Customization: Outfit Station / Motifs / Dyes

  • Change armor styles and apply dyes through the outfit station.
  • You can unlock this by collecting dye achievements. Customize each piece with up to three color channels.
  • Mix and match for unique looks, you have to collect motifs to unlock armor styles.
  • This means that your character's skin can be changed completely for a new look.
  • Personalities and More: Alter mannerisms and adornments for further personalization.



  • Variety: Skins range from heroic to fantastical with a variety of options to consider.
  • Earn or Purchase: Buy skins from the cash shop or unlock them through gameplay.
  • Complete Transformation: The look of your character can be completely changed by skins.


Fast Travel

  • Free at Shrines: Use wayshrines for free travel between zones in the world.
  • Cost for Convenience: Direct travel costs money, but it goes down over time
  • Free Travel to Friends: You can use your social menu to go to any friend or guild member on your list at no cost
  • Useful Tips:  Visit a shrine and it will reset the cost of traveling directly there


Group Content / Dungeon Finder

  • Types of Content - ESO has dungeons, arenas, and raids called trials.
  • Difficulty Levels - These include normal, veteran, and sometimes hard mode
  • Dungeon Finder Tool – Press 'P' on PC or use the console menu. Select your role (Tank, Healer, DPS) and join the queue.
  • Roles and Queues – Waiting times for DPS roles are longer while Tanks and Healers are needed most times
  • Dungeon Rewards – Skill points are among rewards; great XP is offered in addition to that while first dungeon runs are more rewarding than others


Trials and Arenas

  • Joining Trials – Available groups can be found via Group Finder. They are separated into Normal (n) and Veteran (v) difficulties.
  • Trial Composition – Most of them consist of 2 Tanks, 2 Healers, and 8 DPS.
  • Guild Involvement – Scheduled runs and structured groups are offered in a PvE guild
  • Arenas – There are solo and group content, which include waves of enemies and bosses


Infinite Archive / Endless Archive

  • Roguelike Mechanics - Cycles of stages ending in boss fights, with increasing difficulty and rewards.
  • Verses and Visions - Temporary buffs (Verses) for the next stages, permanent buffs (Visions) throughout the run.
  • Archival Fortunes - Earned currency that can be used to enhance future runs or buy items.


Gear Cap

  • CP 160 Gear Cap – The maximum gear level in this game is CP 160. It's advisable to reach this level before investing in high-quality gear.
  • Effective Gear Farming – For efficiency, farm gear from normal difficulty dungeons.
  • Deconstruction - Break down lower level gear for crafting materials.


Perfected Gear

  • Trials and Arenas – Veteran trials and arenas drop 'Perfected' versions of gear with an additional stat line.
  • Monster Sets - Two piece sets that would depend on the helm that drops from dungeon bosses while shoulders come from undaunted pledges
  • Perfected vs. Regular Gear: Perfected gears gained a slight power increase, but regular gear remained highly effective.


PVP (Player Vs Player)

  • Battlegrounds: There is a possibility of playing with four players in each team. You can go solo or with friends.
  • Cyrodiil / Emperor: It is the war between factions. Crown an Emperor by capturing keeps.
  • Imperial City: Players can earn Telvar stones through its PvPvE zone. Its battles can be participated in.
  • Telvar Stones: Can be banked for safety or risked for higher rewards, earned in Imperial City.


Cyrodiil / Emperor

  • Faction Warfare: Factions fighting for control of Empire.
  • Objectives: The focus is keeping six central ones to maintain emperor status
  • Becoming Emperor: Whoever has the most Alliance points when their faction's top member becomes emperor wins that title.
  • Power of the Emperor: Huge boost to stats and presence in Cyrodiil.


Imperial City

  • Dual Nature: Combines PVP and PVE elements.
  • Activity: Quiet except during events.
  • Gameplay: This involves killing NPCs, players and earning Telvar Stones from it.


Telvar Stones

  • Earning: Killing NPC's or other players who are found in the Imperial City.
  • Risk: Every time an enemy kills you, 50% of your Telvar stones are taken away from you
  • Banking: To prevent loss, make sure you secure your Telvar at the base bank


Combat Basics

Core Mechanics include Dodge Roll, Blocking and Resource Management.

  • Dodge Roll – Avoids damage but consumes more stamina.
  • Blocking – Lessens damage but uses stamina.
  • Heavy Attacks help one recover stamina (melee) or magicka (staff).
  • Resource Management is critical for effective combat especially among tanks



Source of Synergy creation skills

  • Activation – When a certain key appears press it.
  • Effects – Differ based on health recovery to damage output.
  • Importance in Group Content – DPS Sustain and Tank Survivability
  • Example is the 'Grave Robber' synergy from a particular skill.



  • Essential for Sustain: Consuming these things is not optional; they greatly enhance your character's performance.
  • Foods & Potions: Food like Lava Foot Soup, and potions for magicka recovery.
  • In Combat: Use potions every 45 seconds in combat to keep your resources topped up at all times.
  • Tip: Assign your consumables to the Quick Slot Wheel for easy usage during the game play.


Transmute Station

  • Retrait Items: Transmute crystals are useful for changing gear traits as well as researched traits.
  • Requirements: Trait needs to be researched and need materials to go with it
  • Cost: Usually 50 transmute crystals per retrait but it depends 


Reconstruct Gear

  • Sticker Book System – The system allows players to reconstruct their previously collected bound items. 
  • Cost Efficiency – Requires lesser amount of transmutes if more pieces of set are gathered. 
  • Transmutes – It is vital currency for reconstruction that is earned through dungeons and PvP.



  • Dungeon Finder Rewards – Up to ten transmutes can be earned by each character per day.
  • PvP Campaigns – Earn fifty (50) trasmute if you reach rank one in a campaign
  • Home Campaign Importance – Ensure that you are in your designated home campaign in order to get points through pvp


Crafting Stations

  • Blacksmithing (Forge metal gear and melee weapons)
  • Woodworking(Craft bows, staves, shields (made of wood in ESO!))
  • Clothier(Create light and medium armor from cloth and leather)
  • Jewelry Crafting(String together rings and necklaces)
  • Cooking Fire Prepare meals and drinks for buffs.
  • Enchanting Table Create glyphs for gear enhancement.
  • Alchemy Station Make potions and poisons for various effects.



  • Wait to Refine: Before refining, do not forget to max out those passives that are related like Metal Extraction.
  • Choose a Crafter Wisely: Ideally, the main character is recommended to be the crafter in order to save time and resources.
  • Avoid Early Refining: It causes huge gold losses when done too early.



  • Crafting CP 160 Gear: Make sure gear is crafted at CP 160 for maximum efficiency
  • Select styles and traits wisely: Styles are cosmetic, but traits like Neroned are crucial
  • Resource Management: Utilize resources properly when crafting so as to get more benefits from them.



  • Level Up Through Deconstructing: Gain experience for crafting skills primarily by breaking down gear.
  • Spot Intricate Items: Look for the intricate items that will improve your crafting experience.
  • Resource Reclamation: The basis of everything is deconstruction to save materials for later use.


Improving / Upgrading Gear

  • Upgrade Steps: Turn green, then blue, then purple and finally gold as you progress through gear.
  • Resource Efficiency: Maximize the effectiveness of Crafted Passives such as Temper Expertise before upgrading.
  • Prioritize Upgrading: First are weapons, montser set next, armor then jewelry.


Researching Traits

  • Understanding Research: Unlock crafting capabilities by researching traits from gear.
  • Trait Collection: Gather various traits from gear and research them for future crafting purposes.
  • Special Tips for Neroned: For your own convenience consider buying Neroned gear from Guild Traders with available research slots.



  • Enjoyable vs. Efficient Leveling: Fun versus efficiency, slower questing or grinding XP at certain places.
  • Power Leveling: Check out linked power leveling guides that are going to ensure you reach the next level at a faster rate than normal.
  • Recommendation: Enjoy the game naturally, but focus on activities you enjoy doing.


Daily Activities

  • Random Dungeons: Approximately 100000 XP is gained after completing one per day.
  • Random Battlegrounds: It's possible to receive similar XP rewards by being first or second.
  • Consistent Progress: In case you prefer questing as a main means of leveling up these activities also provide significant boosts in exp gain.


ESO Builds

  • Solo, Group, and PVP Content: Different content types require specific builds.
  • Build Resources: Go to linked website for solo group and pvp builds.
  • Customization Is Key: There isn't build that is good for all kind of content; each build type should be tailored per activity done in game by user.


Utilizing the Armory

  • Armory Stations: Save several builds (for PVE and PVP) and switch quickly.
  • Build Slots: There are two free slots for loadouts plus you can buy more.
  • Efficiency Tip: For PC users, Wizards Wardrobe addon does something similar without cost.


Parsing / Ultimate Regeneration

  • Parsing Explained: Make sure your DPS can stand up to any kind of content by testing it in dummies.
  • Maintaining Dots: Keep all damage-over-time effects active at all times.
  • Light Attacks:  They are important as they trigger gear effects and build ultimate charge.


Light Attack Weaving

  • Simple Yet Effective: By including light attacks in between skills, more damage is inflicted and the procs are enchanted while your ultimate bar fills.
  • Muscle Memory Mastery: Light attack weaving may be complicated at first but it consists of two components: light attack and ability.
  • Animation Cancelling: One thing you need to know about light attack weaving is how to cancel the animation with an ability for a more efficient combat.


Dark Anchors / Dolmen

  • Zone-Specific Events: A hurricane-like symbol on the map indicates which zone's Dark Anchors are currently happening.
  • Participation Rewards: Finishing them will give players experience points and some other prizes.
  • Soloable but Better in Groups: While these events can be done alone, they are more fun when played together as a group.


Dolmen Grind / Power Leveling

  • Alakir Desert Dolmens: These are popular for Dark Anchor event loops that provide a straightforward leveling path.
  • Crowd Dynamics: Join the ever-present crowd moving from one Dolmen to the next for consistent XP gain.
  • Caution Against Burnout: Though efficient, too much Dolmen grinding may result in game fatigue. Balance is key.


Justice System / Thieving

  • Theft and Consequences: Stealing from NPCs comes along with a risk of being detected leading to a bounty being placed on him or her.
  • Bounty Mechanics: If you have an active bounty, guards will approach you demanding payment or escape.
  • Outlaw Refuges: Places where players with bounties could hide will buy or launder stolen goods; these are called Fence services.


Outlaw Refuge / Fence / Launder

  • Fencing Items  Sell stolen goods to the Fence for gold but lose the item permanently.  
  • Laundering for Keeps Pay to legitimize stolen items allowing you keep them without legal repercussions.   
  • Inventory caution Be mindful when selling to the Fence as there's no buy back option for accidentally sold items.


Treasure and Thieving Champion Points

  • Treasure Items: Only meant for NPCs to purchase. For instance, a 100 gold treasure item is directly sold at that price.
  • Thieving CP Passives: These significantly boost your thieving earnings. Slot the 'Cutpurse' for higher quality items and Infamous passives with 25% increase in fence values.
  • Doubling Your Income: With both passives slotted, you can effectively double your thieving profits.


Force Pick Locks / Lock Picking

  • Force Pick Locks: To bypass lockpicking minigame, use 85% success rate thanks to Ledgerdomain passive
  • Leveling Up Ledger Domain: Sell stolen goods to level up ledger domain which increases force pick lock chance.
  • Minigame Alternative: Although the minigame may be more entertaining, sometimes force picking is just too convenient particularly when running with groups.



  • Unlimited Customization: The housing system in ESO has limitless possibilities ranging from a simple room to an entire island.
  • Purchasing Houses : Gold or crowns can be used to buy houses; some have specific achievement requirements.
  • Decorating Made Easy: Use the F5 key (or console equivalent) to browse and place items in your house.



  • PC Exclusive: Addons provides significant quality of life improvements but they are not available on console games.
  • Minion for Addons: One should use Minion as it is recommended tool for easily installing and updating addons.
  • Popular Addons: There are addons which could enhance ESO experience like inventory management, dungeon mechanics warnings etc.



  • Blackwood Companions: Bastian and Ember
  • High Isle Companions: Ember who is cheerful and optimistic
  • Necrom Companions: Argonian Sharp-as-Night and Redguard Aenar
  • Customizing Companions: You can equip your companions with gear, mount selections and skill customizations.
  • Companion Efficiency: Even though companion's DPS is not a lot, they add spice and usefulness to your adventure.


Seals of Endeavor

  • Unlocking Premium Mounts: Earn exclusive mounts such as the 'Territorial Inspirational Mount' by participating in daily Seals quests.
  • Time Commitment: It may require up to an entire year of daily dedication in order to accumulate enough seals for upper-tier rewards.
  • How to Participate: Access three daily Endeavors and one weekly via the group menu (keyboard 'P' or console equivalent). Choose from PvE, PvP, or crafting tasks.


Curated Loot

  • Targeted Drops: Bosses will not drop items you already have thus helping you get your gear sets faster.
  • Boss-Specific Loot: Early bosses drop armor; final bosses drop weapons and jewelry. Chests however are wildcards, dropping any dungeon item.
  • The Importance of Binding: Bind the gear you get as you collect it so that subsequent boss drops will provide new items.


Tales of Tribute

  • Strategic Gameplay: This card game lasts 15-20 minutes and offers a rewarding change of pace.
  • Getting Started: Start your journey into 'Tales of Tribute' at High Isle after finishing a tutorial quest.
  • Rewards and Achievements: Play for fun, rewards, and special achievements.


How to Buy ESO?

  • Available Platforms: PC, Xbox, Playstation
  • Where to Buy: Purchase through Steam or the ESO site.
  • Chapter vs. DLC: Buying the newest chapter gives all previous expansions. For DLCs on the other hand they are separate things that need purchasing individually.


ESO Plus

  • Crafting Bag – unlimited storage for crafting materials – this is a great quality of life improvement
  • Crowns and Bank Space – monthly crowns for store purchases and doubled bank space
  • Access to All DLCs – ESO Plus unlocks all DLCs, offering a full ESO experience
  • Additional Perks – Experience and gold boosts, exclusive deals and more
  • ESO Without Plus: Still enjoy ESO's rich content even without a subscription though Plus has significant advantages.


Crown Store

  • Not Pay to Win: ESO's Crown Store doesn't sell gear so there is no direct power purchase.
  • Cosmetic Focus: Mainly provides outfits, mounts, and holiday-themed items for character customization.
  • Crown Crates & Gambling Caution: Contains ESO's gambling mechanic. But be cautious because these crates have very low drop rates for sought after items like Radiant Apex Mounts. Mind the hefty investment (potentially $400+) for these rare items.


Final Thoughts

This guide wants to be everything you need about the game Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) whether it is levelling up, crafting or understanding complex mechanics. Use timestamps to quickly find specific topics like refining materials or trading gear or understanding skyshards. 


As we conclude this comprehensive guide of ESO, remember Tamriel is as rich as it is expansive. The Crown Store offers cosmetic enhancements without impacting gameplay balance, preserving the integrity of the ESO experience. Thank you for your commitment in doing justice to this guide and may your journey into ESO be enlightening as well as enjoyable!

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