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Throne and Liberty Butcher's Canyon Level 50 Dungeon Guide

Welcome to our in-depth guide for tackling the formidable level 50 dungeon in Throne and Liberty, Butcher's Canyon. This guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge necessary to navigate the challenges within and secure victory with your team. Let's dive into the mechanics and strategies you need to know.


Throne and Liberty Butcher


Initial Block Mechanic

Upon entering the fray, your first priority is to block the boss's initial attack. This sweeping move inflicts significant damage across the board and can catch the entire party off guard. To mitigate this threat, either block immediately or maintain a safe distance—approximately 26 meters from the boss.


Fireball/Meteor Mechanic

Watch for the boss's axe to glow red, a clear signal to cease DPS and dodge the incoming fireballs or meteors. While a single hit may not be fatal, the subsequent burn effect can prove lethal if your health is low. Prioritize evasion to stay in the fight.


Fire Stomp Mechanic

Another critical moment is the fire stomp, which will knock you down if not avoided. Perfect timing is crucial here, especially for players with high ping. Jump as soon as you see the red indicator—jumping early is safer as you'll remain airborne long enough to evade.


Pull-in and Flame Root Mechanic

The boss will occasionally pull players in, indicated by a red aura. Five players can escape by leaping over the red flames, but one will be rooted. Those rooted must rely on teammates to deactivate the flames at two red towers. Failing to do so swiftly may result in the rooted player's death, particularly if they are not a tank.


Tower Deactivation Strategy

Two players must quickly interact with the red towers to extinguish the flames and free their rooted ally. Speed is of the essence; morph into a faster form if necessary to reach the towers in time.


Orc Shapeshifter and Sheep Mechanic

As you progress, two blue towers will indicate a shift in focus away from the previous red towers. Here, you'll face orc shapeshifters preparing for the Sheep mechanic. If transformed into a sheep, players must pass along this status by reaching the edge of the red ring—jumping is not an option in sheep form. It requires coordination among three players due to a debuff timer that prevents immediate retransformation.


While managing this mechanic, other party members must eliminate a mob to reveal a cleanse zone. The last sheep must reach this zone promptly to revert to human form before time runs out.


Flame Ring Navigation

As you near the dungeon's conclusion, be mindful of changing flame ring patterns, which cover more areas with fire. Choosing the correct path to escape is vital to avoid being trapped and succumbing to burn damage.


In conclusion, Butcher's Canyon requires fast reaction times, critical thinking skills and team work. Remember these hints and you will be able to increase your success rate. If you found this guide useful, leave a comment below thanking me for it. We love short tips that are useful and we hope you do too. Good luck with your Butcher’s Canyon thing!

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