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Top 14 Daily/Weekly Events Worth Your Time and Effort in FFXIV 2024!

In Final Fantasy XIV, what you do on a daily and weekly basis can have a significant impact on your progress in the game. Yet, with so many options, it is difficult to know which ones are worth spending time and effort on. This guide aims to clarify the most profitable activities.



Top 14 Daily/Weekly Events Worth Your Time and Effort in FFXIV 2024!


1. Treasure Maps

A must-do for gatherers! Level 40+ resource nodes will contain Time-Worn Maps leading to buried treasures. These will give you rare loot and lots of FF14 Gil especially from 8-player maps. It ensures a steady income by allowing every player to gather one map every 18 hours.


2. Ocean Fishing

Not just for leveling Fishers! Ocean fishing trips leave every two hours and can be very profitable for gatherers' white scripts. These items are worth a lot of money like Select Bait Balls that are needed for fishing relics. Keep an eye on the market boards prices and script exchange rates to maximize your profit during ocean fishing trips.


3. Retainer Optimization

Maximize your Gil earnings while sending your retainers on specific ventures. Use sites such as gghey to find out what items are currently selling at high prices so that you can target them for sale ensuring you always have some cash coming in at regular intervals. And if luck is on your side, Quick Explorations may be worth doing because they offer venture coffers that may contain uncommon rewards.


4. Supply Missions

A good way to raise up crafters and gatherers through Grand Company daily turn-ins at your Headquarters that provide significant XP boosts; especially those with star (★) marks as maximum quality crafted items get bonus XP. But remember, after hitting max level their value goes down.


5. Hunt Dailies and Weeklies

Find hunt boards in major cities offering daily and weekly monster slaying goals. And there is another advantage: weekly hunts which give you Gil or Allied Seals that can be exchanged for things like Aetheryte tickets to save you a lot of Gil.


6. Masked Carnivale

Blue Mages only get these weekly trials which drop Allied Seals, Poetics and Gil. The more efficiently you clear them, the faster you can make money or seals that can in turn be spent on Aetheryte tickets to save spending.


7. Squadron Missions

Use your squadron for the weekly priority missions especially Gold Saucer VIP Cards. These cards offer a 15% MGP boost, perfect for maximizing rewards during Gold Saucer activities. This will increase your MGP income substantially particularly on busy weekends.


8. Frontline Roulette

Underrated gem; it's an easy way to level up quick and comes with significant experience gains as well as job swapping while inside duty, thereby making it versatile. It also helps with PvP series progression that unlocks unique rewards such as mounts and emotes.


9. Fashion Report

One of those weekly Gold Saucer events which aren't much work but can earn you a bunch of MGP fast. Check out Fashion report Twitter for required items and earn up to 60,000MGP in one week .This is an effortless way to farm MGP without having to do much else.


10. Wondrous Tails

Wondrous Tails is located in Idyllshire and it is a weekly journal activity where you complete certain tasks that leads to great returns on investments. Some of these include super rare mounts as well as items that are sellable on the market board at prices potentially worth millions of Gil.


11. Custom Deliveries

One way to get consistent Scrips as well as experience. This can be done at the beginning of an expansion when a lot of materials are needed for high level crafting, by handing in crafted or gathered collectibles for White and Purple Scrips.


12. Doman Enclave Donations

Demi materials among others can earn you up to 40,000 Gil weekly by donating them to the Doman Enclave where they have clear vendor values.


13. Leve Allowances

Culinarian leve "The Mountain Steeped" is the best weekly allowance for you to use your allowances on. If you turn in high-quality items instead it will reward you with 10,000 Gil per turn-in and this will quickly add in your wallet after several turn-ins.


14. Island Sanctuary

Even after reaching your level limit keep farming CES. These may become valuable during new patches with crafted gear demands; hence they are great for crafter and gatherer materials.


FF14 includes a large number of daily and weekly activities that have a direct impact on players' game wealth or progress. Players who follow these activities in an orderly manner can increase their incomes and overall gaming experience by doing so wisely. So what is important to know about these everyday and weekly activities if one wants to play FFXIV effectively?

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