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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Karazhan Crypts Access Guides

Salutations daring navigators of Azeroth! For those of you looking for the adventure of going into the unknown Karazhan Crypts in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery, this is it. This guide will give you a brief step-by-step process on how you can gain access to this secret area making your experience easier.



At the end of the WoW Classic Season of Discovery Developer Panel, Blizzard also ended the presentation with a few teasers for potential content to be added in later. A small robot that may have been a reference to Gnomeregan, a screenshot showing Scarlet Monastery and Karazhan Crypts. Even though some players were not happy about Blackfathom Deeps being called Classic Plus but instead being a different instance; what about an entirely new raid for Karazhan Crypts?


Step by Step Entry to Karazhan Crypts

Karazhan Crypts can be accessed without using exploits such as fly hacking, avoiding potential account penalties. Players are required to die and resurrect as ghosts in order to enter into these crypts.



For Horde Players

1. Start at Orgrimmar and make way towards Stranglethorn Vale. Proceed to Grom'gol Base Camp.

2. One can either:

 - Swim for a long while towards Westfall then Duskwood.

 - Or move directly through Stranglethorn Vale into Duskwood; take caution due to hidden panthers and high-level mobs along this route.

3. Head northwards from Duskwood through Deadwind Pass aiming at entering into water as soon as possible in order to avoid high-level mobs found within this territory.



For Alliance Players

This is advantageous because they are already situated near the zone. Just keep moving from wherever you are closest to get into Duskwood then head further northward till you are in Deadwind Pass.


Entering the Crypts

When you have found your way safely to Deadwind pass, search out for the Karazhan Crypt gates. These doors may have placeholders which is a recent addition that separates them from the older versions of the game.


To Enter

1. Allow one of the high-level mobs around defeat you. To ensure low gear damage and repair costs, you should consider removing your gear before dying.

2. Once dead, release your spirit and make use of ghostly form to get past the crypt gateway.


Exploring the Crypts

Within these crypts are different zones for exploration. It offers an interesting possibility to go into a part of the game that is not normally seen during play.


Maps and Additional Tips

For a better understanding of your travel routes, consult the maps that appear at end of this guide. Just be patient while passing through higher level areas. Death is inevitable along this route but it's also an entrance ticket to reach crypts.


In conclusion, accessing the Karazhan Crypts in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery is a simple process that offers its own unique exploration experience and wow classic sod gold. Follow this guide, embrace adventure and find out what lies in wait inside those dark confines of Karazhan.

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