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WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Hunter Pre-Raid Gear Build Guides

Greetings, Azerothian hunters, and welcome to the World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery Phase 2 pre-raid gear guide. It is important to be well-equipped for the journey ahead as we enter into this new phase. When it comes to Phase 2 in particular then this guide will help you know about it better so that you can better gear yourself up for every scenario as we are going deep into its ins and outs.


WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Hunter Pre-Raid Gear Build Guides



For hunters of the Alliance helm slot, Artemis Cow from Phase 1 should be considered a good option. It's a struggle of a quest reward, but the stats make it worth every moment it takes to obtain. Alternatively Horde Hunters could choose Warden's Wizard Hat or craft a Nightscape Headband which is easy accessible.



The Scouts and Sentinels Medallion is still one of the best choices a hunter can make after reaching revered status with Warsong Gulch. It would have been advisable to get this in phase 1 but anything remains as solid piece for phase 2.



Nightscape Shoulders are usually on such lists because they are easy to construct. For those looking for something different yet effective, Fledgling Flying Experiment mixes agility with strength. This item is acquired by going through a difficult quest process hence why it is highly regarded for melee hunters.



Start by doing the Bloodsail Buccaneers questline to obtain Darktide Cape. If you are more interested in PvP, our first recommendation would be Tiger Strike Mantle. Other honourable mentions are Imperial Cloak or Parachute Cloak which an engineering craft that provides some agility along with practical utility.



Twilight Slayer Tunic from Phase 1 still has a chance because of its set bonuses. Players of the Alliance can go for the Blaze Wind Breastplate by completing quests in the Badlands. Horde hunters have an easy time getting a Nightscape Tunic from leatherworkers.



Exalted with Warsong Gulch is required for Forest Stalker Bracers which are considered to be best pre-raid gear. These outperform many level 60 items and are classified as epic-level items for this phase.



Phase 1's Void Touched Leather Gloves still hold their ground. However, great quest rewards are available to both factions like Pratt's Handcrafted Gloves for Alliance or Jangdor Handcrafted Gloves for Horde.



The Scorpid Scale Sash is currently the best pre-raid belt with Aean Sash as a close second. Keep tabs on Arathi Basin reputation rewards as they may include more options for this slot in future.



Trip Runner Dungarees will be back in Phase 2 and so they should be a priority. Otherwise, Basilisk Hide Pants or Dragonflight Leggings can serve as alternatives till you get your dungarees.



Swampwalker Boots remain the top choice but Imperial Leather Boots are also a solid option. For an easier acquisition, Pratt's and Jangdor Handcrafted boots can also work or alternatively just settle with Dusky Boots from any leatherworker.



If there happens to be one at Mason's Fraternity Ring then it will make up for an exceptional item. When there isn't one, you can search through the auction house to find either Falcon's Hook or Ring of the Underworld. Warsong Gulch reputation rings provide good value too.



Nifty Stopwatch along with Tidal Charm are two trinkets that give significant advantages in PvE and PvP respectively settings. Engineering trinkets such as Mechanical Dragonling and Goblin Mortar are equally important.



Guardians Trident still stands tall as a good option for melee weapons from Phase 1. If you can find it, Manslayer is an excellent two-handed weapon. The Vanquisher Sword, a top one-handed sword that can be earned through quests in Razorfen Downs. For ranged weapons, the Arbalest from Phase 1 or Mithril Blunderbuss and Outrunner's Bow which you should craft.



You can optimize your gear with agility enchants on cloak, chest, bracers, gloves and boots. Use the impact enchants for your weapons if you are going to melee combat.


This guide aims at preparing you with the best possible gear before stepping into raids as we approach phase 2. While much of this information remains speculative until the phase is fully launched, this guide offers a solid basis upon which we presently know what's happening. 

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