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Looking to buy SWTOR credits for Star Wars: The Old Republic adventure? Look no further than GGhey, where you'll find the best prices and secure transactions for all your gold needs. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, we've got you covered with our reliable and fast delivery.

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What is SWTOR?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) set in the Star Wars universe. Players can choose between two factions: the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire, and they can create characters from eight different classes. This game involves a lot of things such as: questing, crafting, Player vs. Player (PVP) combat, space combat missions, and much more. A player can play it for free or become a VIP account holder by paying a subscription fee which will make them benefit more. VIP accounts have no credit limit and have access to extra content like section X plus third crew skill slot automatically. The Cartel Store also offers numerous cosmetic items that are bought using Cartel Points. Players are also allowed to construct their own personal Strongholds or be part of Guild Strongholds with a possibility of customizing these places with particular decorations. With more than one decade worth of content in it, Star Wars: The Old Republic has got something for everyone.

What is SWTOR Credits?

For players who are just beginning, they will encounter different species, opponents, and obstacles. For navigating through this world and moving forward, there is a need for players to have currency that can be used to purchase items and services within the game. The SWTOR Galactic Credit is such currency that can be accepted anywhere throughout the galaxy. With this type of money, players can buy items from vendors, sell them on the Galactic Trade Network or earn them for participating in various activities such as quests and PVP battles. SWTOR Credits are an important component of the game; therefore, players must know how to obtain, use, and manage it.


There are many ways you can make money in SWTOR. Completing missions is one of them as well as flashpoints, crafting or trading with other players and using GTN for your advantage which I would say is one of the best way to do it since these methods will make you accumulate credits that will support you in the game.


Completing Missions

Conquest objectives can also help you earn some credits, heroics or any other game missions. You may pick up gear if you're already at 306 item rating (known as endgame). After completing hard mode flashpoints that give legendary gold gear or gear with 300+ item rating you might end up making quite a lot of CREDITS.



Heroics are great too but Flashpoints are better in case you prefer speed on your grind plus they usually provide gold level gear. However single pieces like enhancements/mods/implants don't sell for a lot of credits but whole piece such as chestpiece/boots/gloves could sell very high to vendors.


Galactic Trade Network

The GTN can be a source of income by selling off items that are not desirable to you at their current prices. Therefore, through GTN (Galactic Trade Network), one can put items up for a reasonable price and wait for other players to buy them.



There are different crafting materials that some players may want to buy. Some players craft Augments and gear for different levels that can be sold at a good price. Materials needed for crafting can be purchased from GTN, and items that are in demand can then be crafted.


Trading with Other Players

You can also make money by exchanging goods with other players on the server. There is often someone willing to pay credits rather than grind for an item themselves, which could include crafting materials or even gear or mounts.

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SWTOR Huge News: What are the huge impacts of Bioware's departure on the game and players?

It has been reported that Electronic Arts (EA) plans to transfer the development and ongoing operations of SWTOR to a third-party studio named Broadsword Games. While the deal has not been finalized yet, it has been confirmed by Keith Kanneg, the Bioware game director. In this article, we will explore what this means for the future of SWTOR and the potential implications for players.

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