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Join GGhey Vip System enjoy 1% - 5% Discount

When you are a VIP member of our store, there are many benefits which include exclusive discounts and privileges meant to enhance your shopping experience. Our VIP system is set up in order to give out discounts and other offers that are not available for the public.


Vip Discount:
Login Member Account When you are bought, You can earn points on purchases, 1 point per $1 spent

Level Points Discount
Bronze Register 1% OFF
Silver 30 2% OFF
Gold 800 3% OFF
Platinum 1500 4% OFF
Diamond 3000 5% OFF


Our VIP system works as explained below:

Sign up for our VIP program: All you need do to become a VIP member is sign up for our VIP program. It is simple, free and takes only a few minutes.


Start shopping: Once you are a VIP member, you can start shopping with us and enjoy all the benefits our VIP system has to offer. You will see the total price of your order when ready to check out including any applicable discounts. If you have a discount for being a VIP then it will be applied automatically towards your order.


Enjoy exclusive discounts: There are exclusive discounts that can only be accessed by members of the Very Important Persons. These may be used alongside other discount mechanisms such as website discount codes. For example if there is a 5% website discount code and one is also a VIP member; on that order, they get 10% off.


Access to special offers: The general public does not have access to some special offers which only go out to the members of the Very Important Persons. This might involve free shipping, early access to new products or other exclusive deals.


Earn rewards points: VIP members earn reward points every time they purchase something from our store. These can be redeemed for discounts, freebies or other special offers.


Stay updated: Regular updates about new products, upcoming sales or any other limited offers are given to those who are very important persons (VIPs). This way, you keep abreast with trends in fashion and save more money.


To sum up our VIP program was designed in order to give loyal customers special offers such as exclusive discounts, etc., which makes shopping enjoyable. Becoming one is easy and it costs nothing, so why don't you sign up for it today and start enjoying a variety of benefits included in VIP system?

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