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Cheap and Useful RuneScape Items Guides

Are you eager to elevate your RuneScape gameplay without straining your in-game budget? Look no further! In this guide, we'll unveil a selection of budget-friendly yet highly valuable items that will help you conquer challenges, optimize your character, and enhance your overall gaming experience. From potent healing with the Green Blubber Jellyfish to the game-changing Perk Plant Feet and versatile Skill Capes, we'll dive deep into each item, providing detailed insights and tips on acquisition. 



Cheap and Useful RuneScape Items Guides


Green Blubber Jellyfish

Description: This food item provides 500 health per bite, with three bites in total, granting you a substantial 1500 health restoration.


  • Cost-effective alternative to Blue Jellyfish for healing during battles.
  • Ideal for sustaining yourself in combat or activities that require healing.

How to Obtain: Green Blubber Jellyfish can be obtained by training in Fishing and Cooking, or purchased from the Grand Exchange.


Zamarack Staff

Description: An essential staff that reduces the target's magic level and the damage it deals when wielded.


  • Great for boss fights with high enemy damage.
  • Affordable, priced at only 80,000 coins.

How to Obtain: Purchase the Zamarack Staff from the Grand Exchange.


Grasping Rune Pouch

Description: An upgraded version of the regular rune pouch, featuring four rune slots and a 25% chance to save runes when using combat spells.


  • Saves money on rune costs for magic combat.
  • Provides extra storage for runes.

How to Obtain: You can purchase the Grasping Rune Pouch from the Bounty Hunter Reward Shop.


Skill Capes

Description: These capes offer teleportation to various locations in the RuneScape world.


  • Cost-effective teleports that save time and effort.
  • Notable capes include Dungeoneering and Slayer capes.

How to Obtain: Skill Capes can be purchased for 99,000 coins each from specific in-game vendors.


Perk Plant Feet

Description: The best perk in the game, with a 100% chance to obtain. It significantly enhances character abilities and stats.


  • Optimizes your character's combat effectiveness and gameplay experience.
  • Worth the investment for serious players.

How to Obtain: Roll for this perk for 12 million coins. The guaranteed chance makes it a valuable investment.


Sirenic Armor

Description: Tier 90 armor specifically designed for rangers.


  • Affordable compared to other tier 90 armor sets.
  • Provides excellent defensive stats and boosts ranged attacks.

How to Obtain: Purchase the Sirenic Armor set, chaps, and mask from the Grand Exchange. The low upkeep cost makes it an attractive choice for rangers.



In total, RuneScape offers a plethora of cost-effective items that can elevate your gameplay experience without emptying your wallet. Whether you're looking to enhance your combat abilities, improve your healing capabilities, or streamline your in-game navigation, these items have you covered. Make wise investments in these cheap and useful RuneScape items to maximize your gaming enjoyment.

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