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How does GGhey ensure transaction security?

GGhey TradeAssurance is a platform that facilitates safe and secure trades of game items and currency between buyers and sellers. To explain how it works, when a buyer places an order, they have to choose between gold or a game item, and provide their character details to GGhey. Once the order is placed and confirmed, the seller has to deliver their products within the time set by them, after which GGhey discloses the buyer’s particulars to him/her. Afterwards in the game, the trade is organized by both parties. The communication can be done through either GGhey’s on-site messenger or via using chat feature inside their game during trading. The confirmation button will enable the seller to receive payment from goods received by the buyer without any problem.


One of the main benefits of using GGhey TradeAssurance is its ability to hold on to your money securely and disburse it at the right moment when favorable conditions are met in a transaction. For instance, you can expect consistency and quality when you make an order as a buyer; if for any reason however, within this period no delivery has been made by the seller then you have exclusive rights for a full refund. Such mechanisms guaranteeing timely receipt of items or currency improve users’ experiences.


In addition to this, GGhey TradeAssurance also creates commitment among our sellers. The company that sells various products does not always keep up with its commitment in terms of delivering within a certain time frame despite all its efforts. This time limit applies only if it has not been done for more than three times after failing on one occasion in completing the delivery before this day. This approach helps us use our gaming and trading experience as mediators whenever there are hiccups in transactions so as we may get into what went wrong and lay forth possible solutions.


In case of any disputes arising out of this rare occurrence, GGhey TradeAssurance offers mediation services too. If there was a discrepancy in the exchange, buyers can claim a refund when they have evidence that the seller has not given the goods to the right character. The same way, if it was noticed that a buyer tried to scam a seller, GGhey team could as well intervene at these stages of mediation and determine if this actually happened during that transaction. In case of confirmed deliberate attempts to scam sellers during the mediation processes, the decision will be in favor of the seller.


In conclusion, GGhey TradeAssurance is a platform that facilitates safe and secure trades of game items and currency between buyers and sellers. We have made sure that GGhey TradeAssurance has a delivery guarantee system, provides mediations services and builds trust among users who are players and traders. Therefore, anyone wishing to purchase or sell game items and currency should turn to GGhey TradeAssurance for answers.

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