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28 May
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Fantastic NWCoinsplay and immersive graphics. Highly recommended.

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A good Coins with room for improvement. Hope they consider feedback for the next version.

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Exceptional! Bought New World Coins at GGHEY and I'm thrilled with the quality.

What is New World?

An open world MMORPG game developed by Amazon Games Studios, New World was launched in late 2021.As popular as it was initially, the game has experienced a decrease in the number of players.


New World is based in the mythical land of Azov, where there is a blue mystical thing that grants immortality. Nonetheless, players are caught up by a storm and they are left stranded. Consequently, these individuals go on a quest to find an enigmatic chest while they fight against corruption that has swept throughout the land. The title offers various quests and side stories as players engage in combat with corrupted forces commanded by an evil bird.

What is New World Coins?

Also referred to as NW Coins (Gold), New World Coins are the main currency in Amazon's New MMO - New World game. These are used to buy different items like weapons, armor, consumables, and much more. Players get New World Coins by completing quests or killing monsters or selling things to other players. As such, they are valuable resources that enable players to proceed in the game.


Would you like to learn how to make gold in New World?

In order to get Gold, which is the primary currency of New World, you can complete main missions, side missions, faction missions, expeditions or trade.


The longer a player has gold for his/her character's progress, the more power his character will have. Throughout the gameplay a player will need to constantly upgrade their gear which may be costly. Regardless of whether users choose crafting or buying from other users, they will have to pay a significant sum of gold for their gear.


Thusly it can be seen that farming gold is important if one wants their character up-to-date and ready for end-game activities. In essence, without gold farming it is impossible for a player to succeed in New World.


Top 5 Best Wasy To Farm New World Gold

Finish Main Missions | Side Missions | Faction Missions: It is possible to get coins this way since it gives out the yellow thingies and the golden color stuff. First priority should be given on finishing main quests since they offer higher amounts of rewards.


Farm Tier 1 Raw Materials: One can gather greenwood logs; iron ores; rawhides among other tier one materials which can also be sold for coins. They are highly sought after materials that could be sold at trading posts or utilized in crafting items.


Make Bags & Tools: You could also make bags and tools that newbies require since you are a crafter. These goods can be easily sold later and people always need them.


Making Use Of Trade Skills To Craft Items: Once your trade skills have been stepped up, you can create more intricate products that could be sold at higher prices on the trading post. For example, weapons could be crafted, armors, potions and food.


Sell Items On Trading Posts: Selling your items at the trading post is a good idea. You must keep an eye on what is going on in the market and sell at a competitive price.

New World News & Guides

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Season 4 PVP Weapons Tier List for New World: Dominance and Duds

Get into the PVP tier list for New World’s Season 4, as we highlight the strongest weapons and those that fail to do so. Know what’s trending and not on this ongoing meta.

New World Incoming Big Update: Server Merges and May Surprises?
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Greetings Aeternum adventurers! Read on to discover the latest scoop on upcoming New World server merges in 2024 and the rumors circulating of a major update that could be released in May. Furthermore, learn about game enhancements, bug fixes and more!

Top 3 Best Methods to Make Gold with Logging Skill Line in New World
Top 3 Best Methods to Make Gold with Logging Skill Line in New World

Today, we are going to look at the top three best ways to earn gold through the logging skill line in New World. Where your chopping trees is not just called logging. It is a turnpike to a gold mine! Here are three carefully selected ways that combine efficiency, money-making and a little bit of thrill.

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