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What is New World?

New World is an open-world MMORPG developed by Amazon Games Studios that was released in late 2021. Despite its initial popularity, the game has declined in player numbers. 

New World is set in the fantastical land of Azov, where a mysterious blue item is said to give its user eternal life. Players set out to explore this land, only to be stranded after a storm passes through. They soon find themselves on an adventure to find a mysterious box and battle against the corruption that has taken over the land. The game offers a variety of quests and side stories while players battle the corrupted forces led by an evil bird.


New World Features:

  • Combat Evolved: Master the perks and abilities of the intricate combat system by switching between different weapons and magic types to create unique builds.
  • Crafting and Loot: Choose from a variety of professions, such as weapon smith, armour smith, and jewel crafting, and gather materials to level up your skills and create powerful items.
  • Endgame: Engage in complex systems of levelling up weapons, crafting items, finding legendary loot, participating in dungeons, and decking out your own houses to master the endgame.
  • Killer Feature: Enjoy a huge world and intricate endgame without spending a dime with New World's free-to-play model. However, a small monthly fee could fund updates and content.
  • Season Pass: Purchase the Season Pass for $20 to unlock rewards by completing tasks and quests, and judge the fruits of the system in 12 months to see if it leads to an increase in larger content pushes.
  • Poor Loot: Criticisms of the game's loot system include a lack of exciting rewards for grinding and little variation in loot. Cosmetic items can be purchased with real money, but they feel like an unnecessary expense.
  • Graphics: Experience an immersive world with stunning graphics that range from lush forests to scorching deserts, paying attention to little details that elevate the experience.
  • Sound: Enjoy a standout feature of the game with evocative music, ambience, and environment brought to life by birds chirping, rivers flowing, and character footsteps echoing through the environment.
  • New & Returning Players: New World is suitable for both newcomers and returning players, with quality-of-life improvements and plenty of new content and features to explore.
  • Final Thoughts: Despite its flaws, New World is an ambitious MMORPG with potential for improvement, worth checking out for both new and returning players. Master combat, crafting, and loot systems engage in endgame content and enjoy stunning graphics and sound design.


New World Gameplay:

New World features an expansive world with various quests, missions, and activities to complete. The game's unique combat system is one of its strongest features, with players able to choose from a variety of weapons and skills to suit their playstyle. Players can also join factions, which offer various benefits and bonuses. The game also has a crafting system, which allows players to create a variety of items, including weapons, armour, and consumables. New World's loot system is deep, with various tiers of gear and weapons available to collect.

What is New World Coins?

New World Coins, also known as NW Coins (Gold), are the primary currency used in Amazon's New MMO - New World game. They are used to purchase a wide range of items, including weapons, armour, consumables, and more. New World Coins are earned by completing quests, defeating monsters, and selling items to other players. They are important resources that players need to progress through the game.


Why do you need farm gold in New World?

In New World, Gold is the primary currency that can be obtained through various activities such as completing main missions, side missions, faction missions, expeditions, or trading

The more gold a player has, the more power their character possesses, which is necessary for character progression. As a player progresses through the game, they will constantly need to upgrade their gear, which can be quite expensive. Whether a player chooses to craft their gear or purchase it from other players, it will require a significant amount of gold. 

Therefore, farming gold is an essential activity for any New World player who wants to keep their character up-to-date and prepared for any end-game activities. In short, gold farming is necessary for a player's success in New World.


Top 5 Best Wasy To Farm New World Gold

  • Complete Main, Side and Faction Missions: This is a great way to earn coins as it rewards you with gold and items that can be sold. Main quests will give you more significant rewards, so prioritize completing them first.
  • Farming Tier 1 Raw Materials: Gathering raw materials such as iron ore, greenwood, rawhide, and another tier 1 materials can help you earn coins. These materials are always in high demand and can be sold on the trading post or used for crafting.
  • Crafting Bags & Tools: As a crafter, you can create bags and tools that new players need. These items are easy to sell and always in demand.
  • Using Trade Skills to Craft Items: As you level up your trade skills, you can craft more complex items that can be sold on the trading post for higher prices. For example, you can craft weapons, armour, potions, and food.
  • Sell Items on Trading Posts: The trading post is a great place to sell your items. Make sure to keep an eye on the market and sell your items at a competitive price.

New World News & Guides

New World Season 4 Unannounced New Artifacts: Perks & Gameplay Impact
New World Season 4 Unannounced New Artifacts: Perks & Gameplay Impact

New World PTR has surprised players with the introduction of new artifacts, along with significant changes to existing ones. These artifacts bring a fresh perspective to gameplay and have the potential to reshape the meta. In this guide, we'll delve into these artifacts, their perks, and potential game-changing impacts on various playstyles.

New World Season 3 Flail and Sword Assassin PVP Build Guide
New World Season 3 Flail and Sword Assassin PVP Build Guide

In New World Season 3, we tried a lot of different weapon combo builds. Flail and Sword Assassin Build performed amazingly well in PVP. So how to maximise the potential of the Flail and Sword combo, offering exceptional DPS for your PvP endeavours. The core of the build is the devastating Flare combo, which includes precise steps and timing to unleash a powerful onslaught on your opponents.

Is Featherweight the Best Choice for Damage Mitigation in New World?
Is Featherweight the Best Choice for Damage Mitigation in New World?

This guide delves into the effectiveness of Featherweight in optimizing damage mitigation in New World, comparing it with light and medium armor setups. We examine Tumble Feetwraps and pit them against Void Darkplate for medium armor users. The analysis considers base armor class differences and highlights the benefits of Featherweight in light armor. We also touch on the use of Nimble Coat, mitigation perks, and their impact on character builds.

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