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08 Dec
3 / 5

Decent Gold from GGHEY. Not exceptional, but it's worth trying out.

04 Dec
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Fantastic GW2 Gold. Couldn't be happier!

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It's a good Guild Wars 2 Gold, no doubt. It's not perfect, but for the price, I'm satisfied with what I got.

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What is Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 offers outstanding value with its vast, immersive world and interactive, fluid combat. The base game is free, with optional paid expansions that add extensive content including three expansions and Living World Seasons. Players enjoy non-linear progression, rewarding exploration, and dynamic events that offer extra experience and rewards. At level 80, a plethora of endgame activities become available, ranging from exploration and group content to various PvP modes, speed runs, and achievement hunting.

What is GW2 Gold?

Guild Wars 2 has a variety of currencies, including Gems, Coins, Tokens, Influence, Karma, Skill Points, Supply and Glory.  Coins or Gold is the main GW2 Currency, the main ones include buying items from vendors, trading with other players, helping players teleport to a certain waypoint, exchange for gems in trading posts, and some kits.


Earning Guild Wars 2 Gold

In Guild Wars 2, there are diverse ways to earn gold. Players can engage in Trading Post activities, flipping items for profits, complete daily checklists and gathering tasks, craft and sell valuable items, convert excess currency, and join map-specific farming events. World bosses, RIBA squads, fractals, dungeons, competitive modes (sPvP and WvW), and even a "gems to gold" approach are all viable strategies for accumulating in-game wealth. Utilizing external resources and community-driven data can enhance one's gold-earning efficiency, making it easier to achieve financial goals in the game.

About GGhey GW2 Gold

Are there risks associated with buying Guild Wars 2 gold online?

Yes, buying Guild Wars 2 gold online carries significant risks, including potential account bans, scams, fraudulent currency, phishing threats, inflated prices, and Terms of Service violations. To protect your account and gaming experience, it is advisable to avoid purchasing gold from unverified sources and instead earn in-game rewards through legitimate means provided by ArenaNet.


Why choose GGHEY.COM to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold?

  • We have received numerous positive reviews and have a long history of reliable service delivery.
  • Our robust security measures protect user transactions and personal information, ensuring safe GW2 gold purchases without risking your game account.
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  • We provide a variety of secure and confidential payment options to accommodate diverse customer needs.
  • We have an immediate and complete refund service system. After the review, the refund process will be completed within 1 hour.


How to buy GW 2 Gold from GGHEY?

The specific steps to purchase GW2 Gold from GGHEY.COM are as follows:

  • Enter in the browser to open the website;
  • Click on the "Games" menu next to the logo, click "Guild Wars 2";
  • Select "EU or US Server", and "Amount", click Buy
  • Enter the Cart page and complete steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 (Note: Get the discount code to enjoy 10% Off)


How is delivery completed and how long does it take?

  • You need to enter Guild Wars 2 and stay online. (If you are not online, you can contact our customer service staff through Live Chat)
  • You will receive a friend request message within the game.
  • Click "Agree" to add and Complete the delivery.
  • Normally, we will complete delivery between 5-30 Mins.


How to complete the order cancellation operation?

Enter the customer panel and click the Cancel Order button. We will complete your refund within 1 hour and guarantee that returned to your payment account in one day!

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