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What is Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 offers outstanding value with its vast, immersive world and interactive, fluid combat. The base game is free, with optional paid expansions that add extensive content including three expansions and Living World Seasons. Players enjoy non-linear progression, rewarding exploration, and dynamic events that offer extra experience and rewards. At level 80, a plethora of endgame activities become available, ranging from exploration and group content to various PvP modes, speed runs, and achievement hunting.

What is GW2 Gold?

Guild wars 2 has a variety of currencies which include; gems, coins, tokens, influence, karma, skill points, supply and glory. It is the main GW2 currency that can be used to buy items from vendors, trade with other players, help players teleport to a certain waypoint and exchange for gems in trading posts and some kits.


Earning Guild Wars 2 Gold

There are various ways to earn gold in Guild Wars 2. Shown below are the Top 10 Simplest Methods of Making Gold in 2024

  • Daily Login & Daily Completionist: Mystic coins and laurels are just some of the rewards you can receive when you log in daily. Get gold and achievement points by completing simple daily achievements. Easy tasks that include Gathering or Mystic Forger should be given priority. Over time, this translates to a lot.
  • Daily Gathering: Regularly gather resources around Tyria. You can use your home instance and Guild Hall for additional materials. Bonus points if you have tools with speed boosts.
  • Daily Crafting: Spend few minutes buying refining materials and selling them later on. That’s about 50 silver to 1 gold per day, depending on the market. It requires high-level crafting skills, and once per day.
  • Daily Completionist: While working on the daily for gathering, queue up for a ranked PvP match. Most times, winning the PvP match also completes the daily requirements or simply opt for easy tasks like daily gathering. Save PvP potions for PvP rank-up tasks and watch out for days with Mystic Forger or WvW Big Spender as they can easily be done to yield around 2 gold per day.
  • Selling Crafting Materials & Gear: Salvage or sell gear from drops and events. Check your material storage regularly to sell any surplus in Trading Post.
  • Map Events & World Bosses: Take part in map meta events as well as defeat World Bosses to get loot and gold. If you have access check silverwastes or daily Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire events.
  • Dungeons: Run explorable dungeon paths daily. They offer gold, Tales of Dungeon Delver, and Karma. You should optimize your runs with a consistent group to maximize efficiency.
  • Currency Conversion: Convert various in-game currencies such as Spirit Shards, Laurels, or Guild commendations into gold by using applications like GW2 Efficiency.
  • Meta Events: Participating in events like Tequatl or Octovine may take a bit longer but provide great loot and gold. Choose metas based on your availability.
  • Home and Guild Hall Gathering: It's quick and easy, just gather nodes at your home instance and Guild Hall day by day to sell materials.


Top 10 Gold Farms for 2024

These farms come in different varieties that will suit every type of player while maximizing their potential for making gold.

  • The Silverwastes: The income is steady from defending forts and chest farming about 20 gold per hour.
  • Weekly Raids: A combat-focused activity that offers around 50 gold within 2 hours.
  • Drizzlewood South: This fast-paced meta is similar to The Silverwastes approximately 27 gold per hour.
  • Dragonfall: It is mixed with events and champion runs from Living World Season 4 finale earning about 30 gold per hour.
  • Dragonstorm: Quick daily instance with an easy 7.5 gold in 15 minutes, or 30 gold/hour.
  • Strike Missions: Mini-raids, particularly Icebrood Saga strikes, providing around 9 gold in 15 minutes plus weekly rewards.
  • Rift Farming: New method involving crafting and selling motivations for about 21 gold/hour plus weekly bonuses.
  • End of Dragons Metas: Earns about 25 gold in 30 minutes by crafting and selling precursors, utilizing Imperial Favor.
  • Kourna Day Fishing: Relaxing fishing activity that goes for legendary fish which then turns into Ambergris. Level up by getting at least an average of32 g/hour depending on practice sessions!
  • Tier 4 Fractals: Top gold farm providing diverse experiences with various kinds of fun activities—roughly 55g/hour.

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