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EAFC 24 Premier League: Best Starter Squad Guide

Welcome, FIFA fans! In this guide, we'll take a closer look at the best starter squad you can assemble in EAFC 24 for the Premier League. We'll explore various positions, player options, and potential upgrades through the Evolution system. Please keep in mind that the provided player ratings are based on information available at the time of this guide, and actual in-game stats may vary. Without further ado, let's dive into building the ultimate EAFC 24 Premier League starter squad!



EAFC 24 Premier League: Best Starter Squad Guide



Your choice of goalkeeper can significantly impact your team's defense. Here are two solid options:


Jordan Pickford (Everton)

  • Rating: 82
  • Weak Foot: 4 stars
  • Key Stats: 83 diving, 87 kicking, 87 reflexes
  • Pros: Good all-around goalkeeper with solid reflexes and kicking abilities.
  • Cons: Standard Premier League pick may be widely used.


Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur)

  • Rating: 83
  • Key Stats: 85 diving, 80 handling, 86 reflexes
  • Pros: Decent reflexes and handling could be an affordable option.
  • Cons: Downgraded from previous versions, no longer a walkout.



A sturdy defense is crucial. Here are options for left-backs, center-backs, and right-backs:


Left Back

Alex Moreno (Real Betis)

  • Rating: 80
  • Key Stats: 87 Pace, 76 defending, 70 physical
  • Pros: Good pace, dribbling, and defending. High stamina for early-game fitness.
  • Cons: Weak shooting and passing.


Rico Henry (Brentford)

  • Pros: Exceptional pace (89), agility, and balance. Good all-rounder.
  • Cons: Might face competition from better left-backs.


Center Backs

Ruben Dias (Manchester City)

  • Rating: 85
  • Key Stats: Solid defending, physical, and passing.
  • Pros: High defensive work rate, well-rounded center-back.
  • Cons: It might be relatively expensive.


Van Der Ven (Tottenham Hotspur)

  • Pros: Impressive pace for a center-back, good defending.
  • Cons: Only 3-star weak foot, might need Evolution upgrades.


Manuel Akanji (Manchester City)

  • Pros: 4-star weak foot, good pace, passing, and defending.
  • Cons: Low-skill moves could be expensive.


Cristian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)

  • Pros: Excellent pace for a defender, strong defending and physical stats.
  • Cons: Low passing and vision.


Right Back

Saucy Pedro (Arsenal)

  • Rating: 82
  • Key Stats: 88 Pace, 82 dribbling, 82 short passing
  • Pros: Well-rounded stats, high work rate, good pace.
  • Cons: Only 3-star weak foot.


Diogo Dalot (Manchester United)

  • Pros: 4-star weak foot, high work rate, overall well-rounded.
  • Cons: Low passing vision, potential position limitations.



Midfielders dictate the game. Here are your options:


Left Midfield / Left Winger

Harvey Barnes (Newcastle United)

  • Rating: 81
  • Key Stats: 88 Pace, 77 dribbling, 70 physical
  • Pros: Great pace, dribbling, and decent finishing.
  • Cons: Weak in physical attributes.


Takehiro Tomiyasu (Arsenal)

  • Pros: Solid all-rounder with 80+ stats in key areas.
  • Cons: Lacks exceptional standout attributes.


Central Midfielders

Bruno Guimaraes (Newcastle United)

  • Rating: 84
  • Key Stats: Exceptional defending, physical, and dribbling.
  • Pros: Could have valuable play styles and high work rate.
  • Cons: Lower pace.


Boubacar Kamara (Arsenal)

  • Pros: 80+ stats in key areas, high work rate, good potential.
  • Cons: It could be relatively expensive.


Georginio Wijnaldum (Newcastle United)

  • Pros: Well-rounded stats, playstyle potential, good passing.
  • Cons: Moderate pace.


Right Midfield / Right Winger

Leon Bailey (Aston Villa)

  • Rating: 79
  • Key Stats: Exceptional pace, dribbling, and shot power.
  • Pros: Potential play styles, high work rate.
  • Cons: Limited by a 3-star weak foot.


Adama Traore (Tottenham Hotspur)

  • Pros: Insane pace and strength, unique dribbling style.
  • Cons: Weak in other areas, low shooting and passing.



Your goal-scorers, the leads of your team:


Alexander Isak (Newcastle United)

  • Rating: 81
  • Key Stats: Great pace, 5-star weak foot, impressive dribbling.
  • Pros: High potential with Evolution, strong finishing.
  • Cons: Only 3-star skill moves.


Darwin Nunez (Newcastle United)

  • Pros: Incredible pace and shooting stats.
  • Cons: Average dribbling and passing.


Cody Gakpo (Arsenal)

  • Pros: Well-rounded stats for a striker, strong finishing.
  • Cons: Limited by a 2-star weak foot.


Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)

  • Rating: 84
  • Key Stats: Excellent pace, dribbling, and shooting.
  • Pros: Potential play styles, versatile attacking options.
  • Cons: Low composure.



Now, assemble your dream Premier League starter squad with these players. Prices may vary, but the majority of these players should be affordable, allowing you to build a competitive team within budget. Keep an eye out for potential play styles and play style pluses, as they can make a significant difference in the early stages of the game.

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