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FC 24 4-2-2-2 Formation Tactics Guide: Custom, Instructions and Tips

In EA FC 24, finding the right formation and custom tactics is crucial for success on the pitch. In this guide, we'll break down the custom tactics and player instructions for the popular 4-2-2-2 formation. This formation focuses on the importance of CDMs and aims to provide you with the defensive stability needed to excel in a challenging FC 24 environment.



FC 24 4-2-2-2 Formation Tactics Guide: Custom, Instructions and Tips


Formation Overview: 4-2-2-2

Before diving into custom tactics and instructions, let's briefly discuss the 4-2-2-2 formation. This formation provides a balanced approach, offering both offensive and defensive capabilities. However, it's essential to understand how to make the most of it, as it lacks a central attacking midfielder (CAM). Instead, you'll rely on two strikers, which is crucial due to the defensive nature of opponents in FC 24.


Custom Tactics

  • Play Style - Balanced: This year, it's essential to maintain balance in your play style, especially against opponents of your skill level. Overcommitting can lead to counterattacks, so opt for a balanced approach.
  • Width - 47: The 4-2-2-2 naturally defends quite wide. Reducing the width slightly to 47 keeps your team compact while still allowing effective defense.
  • Depth - 39: Depth is a critical factor this year. If set above 45, your team tends to press aggressively, which might leave you vulnerable. Keeping it at 39 allows your team to defend deeper, making it easier to regain possession.
  • Build Up Play - Balanced: While some players might prefer "Long Ball" for quicker transitions, it's crucial to adapt to your skill level. If you're prone to losing possession in counterattacks, stick with "Balanced" build-up play.
  • Chance Creation - Forward Runs: Utilizing "Forward Runs" encourages players to make dynamic runs, which is effective for cutbacks and L1 triggers. As the meta evolves, this tactic becomes increasingly potent.
  • Players in the Box - 3: Set this low to prevent counterattacks from wide positions. You can manually instruct your wide players to get into the Box when needed.
  • Corners and Free Kicks - 1: This is a matter of personal preference. Adjust it according to your corner and free-kick strategies.


Player Instructions

Strikers (Both)
  • Stay Central: Keep your strikers centrally positioned.
  • Get in Behind: Encourage them to make runs behind the defense.
Central Midfielders (CMs)
  • Come Back on Defense (One of the CMs): This CM sits slightly deeper, providing a link between defense and attack.
Wide Midfielders (LM and RM)
  • Come Back on Defense: Ensures that they contribute defensively.
  • Get into the Box for a Cross: This instruction aids in attacking from wide positions.
Central Defensive Midfielders (CDMs - Both)
  • Stay Back While Attacking: Keep them in a defensive position.
  • Cut Passing Lanes: Make sure they actively intercept passes by cutting passing lanes.
  • Cover Center: Maintain a central position to control the midfield.
Fullbacks (LB and RB)
  • Stay Back While Attacking: Ensure defensive stability.
  • Overlap: Allows them to make overlapping runs when the opportunity arises.
  • Sweeper Keeper: This helps your goalkeeper to come out and engage in sweeping duties, improving overall defensive performance.


Tips and Notes

  1. The 4-2-2-2 formation prioritizes CDMs, which is crucial in FC 24's defensive-heavy meta.
  2. Use the L1 (LB) button to push your central midfielders forward when needed manually.
  3. Avoid setting your center-backs to "Conservative Interceptions", as they tend to be less active defensively.



The 4-2-2-2 formation can be a potent weapon in your FC 24 arsenal, especially when customized with the right tactics and instructions. Remember that the central defensive midfielders play a pivotal role in your defensive strategy, helping you win back the ball and avoid counters. Customize these tactics and instructions based on your skill level and playstyle, and remember to adapt as the FC meta evolves. Stay ahead of the curve, practice, and watch your win count rise. 

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