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FC 24 Pro Custom Tactics Guide: Dominating the Pitch Like a Pro

In the world of competitive FC 24, professional players have fine-tuned their tactics and formations to gain a competitive edge. In this guide, we'll delve into the custom tactics used by the pros in FC 24, focusing on the Dominant, Balanced, Defensive, and Ultra-Attack formation. These strategies can help you succeed in various game modes, whether it's FUT Champions, Rivals, or Draft. We'll break down each formation, the instructions for players, and the overall gameplay approach.


FC 24 Pro Custom Tactics Guide: Dominating the Pitch Like a Pro


The Dominant Formation: 4-3-2-1

Key Points:

  • Formation Popularity: The 4-3-2-1 has consistently been a favorite since the New Gen updates started with FIFA 22.
  • Width: Balanced at 50, adjusting lower can make your defense narrower.
  • Depth: 62 for an aggressive AI press.
  • Tip: For a more reserved style, consider a depth of 44 or below.



  • Fullbacks: Right back on Balanced Overlap and left back on Stay Back While Attacking.
  • Center Midfielders: Combination of Stay Back, Balanced Attack, and Cover Wing roles. Use a winger for either left or right center mid for versatility.
  • Forwards: Emphasize Stay Central and Get In Behind for the best positioning.


Playstyle :

Utilize your overlapping fullback to spread the play and look for gaps in the opponent's defense. Defensively, this formation morphs into a 4-4-2.


The Balanced Formation: 4-4-2

Key Points:

  • Role in Gameplay: A balanced formation that's excellent for wing play.
  • Width and Depth: Standard settings to maintain structure.



  • Fullbacks: Both on Stay Back While Attacking.
  • Midfielders: Come Back on Defense, Get in Behind, and Get in the Box for Cross.
  • Center Midfielders: Mix of Cut Passing Lanes, Balanced Attack, and Stay Back While Attacking.
  • Strikers: Primarily Stay Central.



Use wingers and fullbacks to stretch play. In the final third, look for central passes or crosses.


The Defensive Formation: 4-2-3-1

Key Points:

  • Role in Gameplay: A tight formation designed for superior defense and slow buildup.
  • Width: Reduced to 40 for a compact midfield.
  • Depth: 58 for a decently high line, though adjust based on comfort.



  • Fullbacks: Stay Back While Attacking.
  • Defensive Mids: Cut Passing Lanes, Cover Center, and Stay Back While Attacking.
  • CAM: Stay Forward.
  • Wingers: Come Back on Defense and Get in the Box for Cross.
  • Striker: Drift Wide.



Focus on wing play, ensuring your center mids protect the defense. The striker should be agile and fast for counter opportunities.


The Ultra-Attack Formation: 4-2-4

Key Points:

Role in Gameplay: All-out attacking play when chasing a game.



  • Fullbacks: Balanced Overlap.
  • Center Mids: Balanced with Cover Wing.
  • Wingers and Striker: Aggressive Interceptions.



Aggressively pressure opponents to win the ball back. Be wary of stamina drain due to Aggressive Interceptions.


Bonus: The Fun & Attacking Formation

For players who desire an exciting gameplay experience, try this:

  • Press Style: Press on Heavy Touch.
  • Width and Depth: Set to 55 and 71, respectively.
  • Playstyle Tips: This tactic squeezes your opponent and is superbly attacking. If overwhelmed, switch back to a balanced style.



Mastering custom tactics and formations in FIFA 24 can give you a significant advantage in competitive play. These pro strategies, ranging from balanced formations to more adventurous ones, offer versatility to suit your gameplay style. Remember to experiment with these tactics and make adjustments to cater to your strengths and preferences. With practice and adaptation, you can enhance your performance and become a formidable FIFA 24 player. Good luck on the virtual pitch!

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