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NHL 24 Beta Guide: Pressure Gauge System, Offensive/Defensive Adjustments and More

The NHL 24 Beta has brought about several notable changes and improvements to the gameplay experience. One of the standout features is the pressure gauge system, which adds a new layer of strategy and dynamics to both offensive and defensive play. In this guide, we'll break down the various aspects of the pressure gauge system and other key changes in NHL 24 Beta.


NHL 24 Beta Guide: Pressure Gauge System, Offensive/Defensive Adjustments and More


Pressure Gauge System

The pressure gauge system is a significant addition to the gameplay in NHL 24 Beta. It introduces a strategic element that affects the flow of the game and requires players to adapt their playstyle. Here's an overview of how the pressure gauge system works:


Activation The pressure gauge system activates during offensive possessions and encourages teams to sustain pressure in the offensive zone.
Gauge Build-Up The pressure gauge passively fills as you control the puck, take shots, land body checks, and reclaim possession from the opposing team in the offensive zone.
Countdown and Effects Once the gauge is filled, a 25-second countdown begins, during which your team gains enhanced offensive capabilities while the opposing team's defense experiences nerf. Your players become faster and more agile, and their shooting and passing accuracy receive a boost.
End Conditions To end the pressure gauge effect, you either need to clear the puck from your defensive zone past the center ice or wait until the timer runs out.
Defensive Implications When the pressure gauge is active, the defensive team experiences a decline in speed, body-checking effectiveness, and overall defensive capabilities. This creates a more challenging scenario for defenders, encouraging more aggressive offensive play.


Offensive Adjustments

The pressure gauge system directly impacts offensive strategies and tactics. Here are some key adjustments to consider:

  • Offensive Playstyle: The pressure gauge system incentivizes maintaining possession in the offensive zone, taking shots, and utilizing body checks. This promotes a more dynamic and aggressive offensive style.
  • Forechecking: Engaging in forechecking becomes crucial, as applying pressure and attempting to reclaim possession are key components in building the pressure gauge meter.
  • Shot Selection: Taking shots from various angles becomes important not only for scoring but also for building up the pressure gauge. Rebounds and tip-ins contribute to the gauge as well.
  • Passing and One-Timers: Quick and accurate passing is essential to maintain pressure. The introduction of one-touch passes enhances gameplay by enabling smoother plays and quicker transitions.


Defensive Strategies

Defensive strategies need to adapt to the pressure gauge system's effects. Here's how to approach defense in NHL 24 Beta:

  • Anticipate Pressure: As a defender, be aware of the pressure gauge and adjust your positioning and playstyle when it's active. Focus on disrupting passing lanes and preventing shots on goal.
  • Timing of Hits: The charging hit mechanic requires precise timing. Be cautious when attempting body checks to avoid missing and being caught out of position.
  • Strategic Retreat: If your team is under pressure and the gauge is active, consider retreating and regrouping to alleviate the offensive pressure. Smart defensive plays become crucial to negate the enhanced offensive capabilities of the opposing team.


Player Abilities and Adjustments

  • X-Factor Abilities: X-Factor abilities remain an important aspect of the game, with some being more effective than others. Big Tipper and Close Quarter's abilities continue to impact gameplay, while Unstoppable Force remains a valuable asset.
  • Truculence and Charge Hits: Truculence, coupled with the acceleration boost from charge hits, can be a potent strategy. However, the game's mechanics might need some tweaks to balance the effectiveness of this playstyle.


Goalie Mechanics

Goalie Animations have received mixed feedback, with players expressing concerns about AI goalies' performance. Glitch goals and unusual animations have been reported, impacting goalies' ability to make routine saves.


Overall Style and Playstyle

  • Playstyle Impact: The new gameplay mechanics encourage a change in both offensive and defensive playstyles.
  • Adapting to Changes: Players must adjust to the pressure gauge and other gameplay alterations to succeed.
  • Style Comparison: Some players may feel more significant changes from year to year, such as moving from NHL 21 to 22, due to major shifts like the Frostbite engine and X factors.



The NHL 24 Beta introduces significant gameplay changes, with the pressure gauge system at the forefront of the adjustments. This system impacts offensive and defensive strategies, encouraging more dynamic and strategic gameplay. While some mechanics may require fine-tuning to ensure balance and realism, the beta provides a glimpse of the potential for an exciting and engaging NHL gaming experience in the future. It's important to note that feedback from players during the beta period will play a crucial role in shaping the final version of NHL 24. Keep an eye out for updates and adjustments based on player feedback as the game's release approaches.

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