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NHL 24 Gameplay: Major Issues and Potential Improvements

Welcome, NHL fans! In this detailed guide, we'll delve into the critical aspects that need to be addressed in NHL 24. EA's NHL franchise has been a beloved series for years, but it has its challenges. While the NHL 24 playtesting has given us a glimpse of what's to come, it's essential to remember that the game is still in development. So, let's discuss the major issues and potential improvements for the gameplay in NHL 24.


NHL 24 Gameplay: Major Issues and Potential Improvements


Goaltending and Scoring

One of the most critical aspects of the game that needs attention is goaltending and the methods of scoring. The current scoring mechanics have led to frustrations among players, particularly due to over-reliance on behind-the-net plays and cheesy glitch goals. Here's what needs fixing:


Eliminate Glitch Goals Fast wraps and other similar glitchy goals must be addressed. These goals can be frustrating and disrupt the gameplay experience.
Diversify Scoring Opportunities Implement new ways to score from further out. This would encourage defensive players to focus solely on the crease area and promote more diverse offensive strategies.
One-Timers and Snipes Expand the one-timer and sniping mechanics to encourage more varied and exciting goal-scoring opportunities. NHL 24 playtesting showed promise in this regard.


Eliminate Game-Breaking Issues

In this category, we'll address issues that should not exist, as they significantly impact gameplay. These include:


  • Shooting Through the Body: Players should not be able to shoot through their own bodies. It leads to unrealistic and frustrating situations.
  • Goalies Leaving the Post: Goalies should protect the post consistently, preventing easy wraparound goals.
  • Goalies Freezing on Sauce Passes: Goalies should react appropriately to saucer passes instead of freezing, which can be immersion-breaking.
  • Fast Wrap: As mentioned earlier, this move can be considered a game-breaking glitch and should be removed.


Defensive Gameplay

The defensive aspect of NHL 24 playtesting showed promise, but there's room for improvement:


  • Balanced Defensive Mechanics: Strive for balance between poke checking and body checking. The playtesting hinted at heating being more effective, which could create a more dynamic defensive experience.
  • Defensive Skill Stick: Enhance the defensive skill stick to empower players to control their stick positioning effectively.
  • Pass Interceptions: Improve pass interception mechanics, making it more rewarding for players with good positioning and timing.


Fun Gameplay Enhancements

While gameplay improvements are crucial, let's also consider some fun ideas to make NHL 24 more enjoyable:


  • Random Goalie Behavior: Experiment with goalies behaving slightly differently each time, forcing players to adapt to the goalie's positioning. This would add an exciting layer of unpredictability.
  • Reward Defensive Positioning: Encourage good defensive positioning by making it possible to take the puck away from opponents through skillful positioning.
  • Smooth Gameplay: Bring back the smoothness and fluidity of earlier NHL games, focusing on making gameplay enjoyable rather than overly realistic.
  • Highlight Reel Goals: Embrace the video game aspect and let players enjoy a variety of exciting and flashy goals without overly restricting realism.
  • Saucer Passes: Bring back the fun of Saucer passes seen in previous iterations of the game, allowing for creative and exciting plays.



EA's NHL franchise has the potential to be a fantastic hockey gaming experience, and NHL 24 holds promise. By addressing goaltending and scoring issues, eliminating game-breaking problems, enhancing defensive gameplay, and adding some fun elements, NHL 24 can become the game that fans have been waiting for. Your feedback is essential, so feel free to comment on missed points or express your opinions. Let's hope for an improved and enjoyable NHL 24!

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