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NHL 24 Guide: New Features and Gameplay Breakdown

Welcome to the detailed breakdown of the official NHL 24 reveal trailer. In this trailer, you'll get an in-depth look at the new features and gameplay improvements coming to NHL 24. The trailer is over five minutes long, so there's a lot to unpack. Additionally, the presenter had the opportunity to play NHL 24 in Vancouver last week, providing firsthand insights into the game's features. 



NHL 24 Guide: New Features and Gameplay Breakdown


Cross-Play and Matchmaking

One of the most exciting features revealed is full crossplay. This means that players on different consoles can finally compete against each other, vastly improving matchmaking quality and reducing wait times. This includes both head-to-head and the EA Sports Hockey League (ESHL), allowing you to mix and match players of different consoles on one ESHL team. This feature enhances the competitive scene and esports.


Exhaust Engine

The exhaust engine is a groundbreaking feature in NHL 24 that changes gameplay dynamics significantly. It introduces sustained pressure, which rewards extended offensive events like shooting, passing, and checking in the attacking zone. As you control the puck in the offensive zone, a pressure meter appears on the ice. The goal is to simulate real hockey's momentum swings, where a team might be pinned in its zone. Different actions, such as taking shots, making hits, or completing passes, fill the pressure gauge. Once the offensive pressure bar is full, your team gets a boost in stats while your opponent's stats decrease. This system creates more dynamic gameplay and emphasizes strategic puck control.

Goalie Fatigue and Animations

The new goalie animations in NHL 24 add realism to the game. Goalies now tire as they face more shots and prolonged attack zone time. As fatigue sets in, goalies might move slower from post to post, opening up more goal-scoring opportunities. The goalie's positioning and movements also play a crucial role in determining whether they make saves or give up rebounds. Goalies falling back and making desperation saves adds an exciting element to the game.


Enhanced Hitting Mechanics

Hitting has been reworked for NHL 24. Players now have more control over the intensity of hits. A quick flick of the stick results in a lighter bump, while pulling back and then exploding forward delivers a bigger hit. Timing and positioning play a significant role in successful hits, and player energy levels also factor into the effectiveness of hits. Successful hits slow down opponents, creating more turnover and counter-attack opportunities. The risk-reward aspect of hitting adds excitement to the gameplay.


Total Control Skill Moves

Total control skill moves offer new ways to perform highlight reel moves. These moves are accessible via specific controller button combinations, making them easier to execute. However, some players find this system less rewarding and less skill-based compared to the traditional skill stick controls. The addition of one-touch passing enhances puck movement and offensive creativity.


Vision Passing

Vision passing is a significant addition to NHL 24. It allows you to map the controller's face buttons to your teammates, enabling more precise passes to set up plays. This system improves breakout strategies and power plays, allowing for creative and efficient passing to find lanes that were previously challenging to hit. One-touch passing also enables quicker puck movement during transitions.


Human Goalie Controls

Human goalie controls have been revamped in NHL 24. The new tethered control system keeps goalies centered in the net by default, making it easier for casual players to control the goalie's movement. Additionally, a new system lets you guess the location of the shot for a bonus on your save attempt, adding a strategic element to goaltending.


Authentic Hockey Feel

NHL 24 aims to deliver an authentic hockey experience, emphasizing the intensity, pressure, and chaos of real games. The combination of new gameplay mechanics, enhanced animations, and improved controls contributes to creating a more realistic and immersive environment.


New Matchmaking Setting

A new matchmaking setting allows you to choose whether the remaining spots on your roster can be filled by free-agent human players. This eliminates the need for AI players, improving the overall gameplay experience. It's a great way to find new teammates, enhance teamwork, and avoid frustrating encounters with AI-controlled players.


Quick Play 3v3 Mode

Quick Play 3v3 mode is a new addition that provides a fast and easy way to play a single period of hockey with your friends. This mode offers a more relaxed experience without impacting your ESHL standing. The gameplay in this mode is set on an indoor rink, and you have the flexibility to wear a variety of outfits.


Improved Creation Zone

The creation process has been significantly improved in NHL 24. You can now quickly create and customize your avatar with various designs, visibility options, and personalizations. This streamlined process makes it easier to create the persona you want to showcase on the ice. The new creation zone offers a more accessible and user-friendly experience compared to previous titles.


Battle Pass System

Similar to popular games like Fortnite, NHL 24 introduces a battle pass system with 75 tiers of rewards. Each season comes with a free and premium tier, and players will have access to the premium tier for the first season. Battle pass rewards include player vanity items, player classes, celebrations, banners, and clothing gear. Importantly, gameplay-affecting elements like player classes are available in the free tier, ensuring that the experience remains balanced and fair for all players.


World of CHEL Store

The World of CHEL Store replaces traditional hockey bags and provides direct access to the vanity items you desire. You can use World of CHEL coins to purchase items, and the store allows you to get the items you want when you want them. The store offers a variety of items, from player jackets to gear for your player's appearance. Many of these items will carry over to NHL 25, enhancing the continuity of your in-game persona and rewards.



The NHL 24 official reveal trailer showcases a variety of new features and gameplay improvements. The introduction of full crossplay, the exhaust engine, enhanced hitting mechanics, and other changes promise a fresh and exciting gameplay experience. Some features have been met with enthusiasm, while others may be met with mixed reactions from players. Overall, NHL 24 is striving to provide a more authentic and engaging hockey game. Keep an eye out for further updates and news as NHL 24 approaches its release.

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