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Madden 24 LineBacker (LB): Reveals Rating, Attribute, Tips and Strategies

In this guide, we delve into the realm of the Madden 24 Linebacker (LB), exploring the elite players who possess the prowess to alter the course of a game. From the commanding presence of the Middle Linebackers to the dominating forces on the edges, the Right and Left Outside Linebackers, we'll uncover the standout stars who can turn the tide of any match. Prepare to be equipped with invaluable insights into the best Linebackers, analyzing their key attributes and understanding why speed holds the key to their success. 



Madden 24 LineBacker (LB): Reveals Rating, Attribute, Tips and Strategies


Madden 24 Best Linebacker (LB)

Madden 24 Ratings has been announced, you can click Player Ratings to view the ranking list of all players, let's take a look at the best players in MLB, ROLB, LOLB:


Commanding the Field: Top Middle Linebackers (MLB)

The ability to dictate the field and disrupt the opposing offense is what sets apart the best middle linebackers. Here are the top MLB players you must consider for your roster in Madden 24.


1. Bobby Wagner - Seattle Seahawks

  • Awareness: 95
  • Speed: 88
  • Tackle: 97
  • Block Shedding: 93

Bobby Wagner's presence on the field is undeniable. His exceptional awareness rating of 95 and tackling ability at 97 means he rarely misses an opportunity to take down an opposing player. Combined with his impressive speed of 88, Wagner is a powerhouse MLB who can swiftly navigate the field and disrupt plays.


2. Fred Warner - San Francisco 49ers

  • Awareness: 93
  • Speed: 89
  • Tackle: 95
  • Block Shedding: 90

Fred Warner offers a balanced mix of speed, awareness, and tackling prowess. With a 93 in awareness, a speed rating of 89, and a tackling skill of 95, Warner is an ideal MLB pick. His formidable block-shedding skill of 90 also enables him to break free from opposing offensive linemen with ease.


Dominating the Edges: Best Right Outside Linebackers (ROLB)

The ROLB role requires versatility and the ability to make crucial plays. Here are the top ROLB players to look out for in Madden 24.


1. T.J. Watt - Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Awareness: 92
  • Speed: 86
  • Tackle: 93
  • Block Shedding: 95

T.J. Watt is a fantastic ROLB choice due to his high block-shedding rating of 95 and tackling ability of 93. Coupled with a commendable speed of 86 and an awareness level of 92, Watt can swiftly assess the situation on the field and make a big play.


2. Shaquil Barrett - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Awareness: 90
  • Speed: 87
  • Tackle: 91
  • Block Shedding: 94

Shaquil Barrett boasts a block-shedding rating of 94, making him a formidable force on the field. Add to this a speed of 87 and a tackling ability of 91, Barrett is a ROLB player who can anchor your team's defensive efforts.


Masters of the Flank: Top Left Outside Linebackers (LOLB)

A skilled LOLB can turn the tide of the game. Here are the best LOLB picks in Madden 24.


1. Khalil Mack - Chicago Bears

  • Awareness: 96
  • Speed: 85
  • Tackle: 96
  • Block Shedding: 94

Khalil Mack is a game-changer. With top-tier ratings in awareness (96) and tackle (96), Mack is a force to be reckoned with. His block-shedding rating of 94, along with his speed of 85, ensures he can quickly shake off blockers and take down the opposition.


2. Von Miller - Denver Broncos

  • Awareness: 94
  • Speed: 86
  • Tackle: 94
  • Block Shedding: 92

Von Miller excels with a high awareness level of 94 and a tackling rating of 94. His block-shedding score of 92 and speed of 86 allow him to move quickly across the field, breaking through blocks and making crucial tackles.


How to Quickly Adjust Linebacker (LB) in Madden 24?

In Madden 24, quick adjustments are essential for optimizing your defense and controlling your linebackers effectively. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to quickly adjust your linebacking corps:


Accessing Quick Adjust Menu: To bring up the adjustments for your linebackers, press the right directional pad (D-pad) during the game.


Shift Linebackers: To reposition your linebackers, use the left stick:

  • Flick the left stick up to spread the linebackers.
  • Flick the left stick left to shift them to the left.
  • Flick the left stick right to shift them to the right.
  • Flick the left stick down to pinch them together.


Linebacker Assignments: To set individual assignments for linebackers, use the right stick:

  • Flick the right stick up for zone coverage.
  • Flick the right stick left for left outside linebacker blitz.
  • Flick the right stick right for right outside linebacker blitz.
  • Flick the right stick down for an all-out blitz.


Example: If you want all your linebackers to blitz, press the right stick down, and all of them will be assigned to blitz.


Adjusting Individual Linebackers:

To select and control specific linebackers for individual adjustments:

  • Double-tap the right directional pad (D-pad) to bring up the icons for individual linebackers.
  • Press the button (usually 'A') corresponding to the linebacker you want to control.

Individual Linebacker Assignments:

Once you've selected the linebacker you want to control, you can set their assignments using the left and right sticks:

  • Flick the left stick up for the seam flat.
  • Flick the left stick left for hard flat.
  • Flick the left stick right to curl flat.
  • Flick the left stick down for vert hook.
  • Flick the right stick up for man coverage.
  • Flick the right stick left for QB spy (to keep an eye on the quarterback).
  • Flick the right stick right for bluff blitz (a deceptive move).
  • Flick the right stick down for a regular blitz.


Example: If you want to assign the controlled linebacker to perform a QB spy, flick the right stick left.


Key Attributes of Elite Linebackers

To outrank the competition in Madden 24, it is crucial to understand the attributes that set elite linebackers apart from the rest. These attributes include:

Attribute Description
Speed and Acceleration A top-rated linebacker needs exceptional speed and acceleration to react swiftly to plays and chase down ball carriers. In the virtual world of Madden 24, speed is a game-changer, allowing linebackers to cover more ground and be where they are needed most.
Strength and Tackling In the heat of the game, power and tackling skills play a pivotal role in bringing down elusive running backs and stopping them in their tracks. A strong linebacker can break through blockers and make crucial tackles, disrupting the opposing team's offensive momentum.
Awareness and Play Recognition An elite linebacker must possess a high football IQ, enabling them to read plays quickly and anticipate the opponent's moves. Their awareness and play recognition skills allow them to be at the right place at the right time, intercepting passes and preventing big gains.
Coverage and Ball Skills Linebackers with exceptional coverage skills can defend against tight ends, wide receivers, and even running backs in pass situations. Interceptions and pass deflections add an extra dimension to the defense, shifting the game's momentum in favour of the player controlling the linebacker.


Why speed is the most important attribute of Linebacker (LB)?

In Madden 24, a linebacker's performance on defense heavily relies on their speed. The ability to move quickly is of utmost importance for defensive players, as it directly impacts their capacity to shut down running backs and quarterbacks and ultimately make game-changing plays. When gamers strategize to outwit their opponents and prevent them from scoring heavily, identifying linebackers with exceptional speed ratings becomes crucial.


A linebacker's swiftness becomes a powerful asset as it enables them to excel in pass rushing and disrupt offensive players effectively. Furthermore, in the open field, maintaining high speed allows LBs to stick to their assigned targets tightly, especially when engaging in pass coverage duties. The ability to match the pace of agile offensive players becomes a decisive factor in the linebacker's success on the virtual gridiron in Madden 24.


Build Dominating Linebacker Corps: Tips & Strategies

In Madden 24, success lies not just in individual player ratings but also in crafting a well-rounded team and developing a winning strategy. Here are some valuable tips to build a dominating linebacker corps:

  • Diversify Your Linebacker Pool: Invest in a mix of linebackers with different skill sets to create a versatile and balanced defense. Combining a speedy LOLB with a powerful MLB and a ball-hawking ROLB can give your defense a dynamic edge, capable of handling various offensive tactics.
  • Customize Your Defensive Playbook: Personalize your defensive playbook to suit your linebackers' strengths. Utilize formations and plays that optimize their abilities, allowing them to excel in their respective roles.
  • Training and Development: In Madden 24, player development plays a pivotal role in enhancing performance. Regularly train and upgrade your linebackers to unlock their full potential. This involves focusing on their key attributes and ensuring they progress into formidable playmakers.
  • Team Synergy: Remember that football is a team sport, and each player's performance affects the overall team's success. Cultivate strong synergy between your linebackers and other defensive players to create a cohesive and impenetrable unit.


Madden 24 Linebacker: 5 Tips Must-Know

If you're a fan of Madden 24 Yard and enjoy playing as a linebacker, we will provide you with five essential tips that will elevate your gameplay and help you dominate on the field. 

  • Master the Hit Stick: Deliver bone-crushing tackles and force fumbles as a linebacker by flicking the right stick upwards when close to the ball carrier. Practice in "Face of the Franchise" mode to perfect your technique and ensure your linebacker has high hit power for maximum impact.
  • Downhill Stick (Cut Stick): Use the cut stick technique by flicking the right stick downwards when tackling powerful running backs like Derrick Henry. Going low neutralizes their strength and increases their chances of successful tackles.
  • The Art of the Strip: Utilize the "Peanut Punch" strip mechanic by pressing RB (R1) on PlayStation or R1 on Xbox while making a tackle. This move could cause fumbles, especially in pile-up situations.
  • Dive Tackling: Press the X button to perform a diving tackle, ideal for desperate efforts to bring down speedy or elusive ball carriers.
  • Avoid Running into Hit Sticks: Be cautious not to run straight into hit stick attempts, as it can lead to fumbles. Use evasive manoeuvres like spinning or juking to preserve possession and reduce turnovers.


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As we reach the end of our journey through the Madden 24 Linebackers Guide, we hope you now possess the knowledge and strategies to conquer the gridiron like never before. From uncovering the elite Middle Linebackers who serve as the quarterbacks of the defense, to dominating the edges with the Right and Left Outside Linebackers, you now have the tools to construct an impenetrable defensive unit. Embrace the tips and techniques shared in this guide, perfect your hit sticks, execute the Peanut Punch, and perform dive tackles with finesse.

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