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Madden 24 Ultimate Team: Essential Tips and Strategies For Beginner

Welcome to Madden 24 Ultimate Team, where you can assemble your dream squad and take on the challenges of the gridiron. If you're new to MUT, this guide is tailored just for you! We'll provide essential tips and strategies to help you navigate the game mode, set up your lineup effectively, and master the art of earning MT Coins and Training Points. Whether you aim to dominate the competitive scene or simply want to build an unstoppable team, these insights will set you on the right path.


Madden 24 Ultimate Team: Essential Tips and Strategies For Beginner


Setting Up Your Lineup

The first step to success in MUT 24 is setting up your lineup correctly. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Access the MyTeam section in the Ultimate Team main menu.
  2. Replace an individual player by moving the D-pad along the lineup and selecting the player you wish to swap.
  3. Use the Adjust the Entire Lineup option to generate the best lineup. This feature automatically puts your best overall players in each position, making it easier to manage your team.


Power-ups and Upgrading

Power-Ups have seen significant changes in MUT 24. Compared to previous years, you won't encounter them as frequently. However, the good news is that elite cards now offer the same flexibility as Power-Ups, minus the +1 overall boosts. Upgrading these elite cards costs less training, making it more cost-effective to build your ideal team.


Abilities and Chemistry

Abilities play a crucial role in your team's performance. You have a total of 12 AP (Ability Points) to use on offense and defense. Each ability costs 1 AP, and you can unlock them for free on your players. Tier 2 abilities and beyond require training, and their costs vary depending on the specific ability.


Additionally, you can now change team chemistries on core elite cards. This enables you to tailor your player's chemistries based on their past teams or your preferences, adding versatility to your lineup.


Buying and Selling Cards

Mastering the auction house is essential for building your team effectively. Follow these steps to buy and sell cards:

  • Use filters to search for specific cards (name, type, position, etc.).
  • Choose "Buy Now" to get a card immediately or place a bid if you prefer auctions.
  • To sell cards, select the card you want to sell, set a price, and choose the auction duration.


Earning MT Coins

MT Coins are vital for building a competitive team. Here are some ways to earn coins in MUT 24:

  • Flip Cards: Flip cards on the auction house by buying low and selling high.
  • Play H2H or MUT Champs: To win games and earn 1000-5000 coins per match. Winning the Super Bowl rewards you with valuable cards selling for 20,000+ coins.
  • Complete Field Pass: Objectives to earn up to 290,000 coins and valuable packs every two weeks.
  • Completing Challenges: Take on challenges for coins, tokens, and XP, providing a reliable income source.


Training Points

Training Points are a currency used to level up players in Madden 24. They allow you to improve specific attributes of your players, maximizing their strengths and creating a formidable team. Players can earn Training Points through various in-game activities, including completing single-player challenges, playing games, and opening packs. Additionally, Training Points can be acquired using MUT 24 Coins, which can be earned in-game or purchased with real money.


Earning Traing Points

  • Completing Solo Challenges: Engage in Solo Challenges to learn the basics of MUT and earn MUT 24 Coins and Training Points. Winning these challenges will yield even more rewards.
  • Quick Sell Players: You can obtain Madden 24 Coins and Training Points by Quick Selling Players. The higher the Overall (OVR) rating of the player, the greater the Training Point bonus. By selling high-rated players at favourable prices, you can use the earned Coins to invest in player training, creating a stable source of Training Points income.
  • Buy Packs: For a faster way to acquire Training Points, consider purchasing packs with real money. Each pack has a chance to contain Training Points and other valuable MUT items, making it an efficient method for obtaining Training Points quickly.


Training Points Use

To upgrade players using Training Points, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the "Upgrades" tab in the MUT menu.
  • Select the players you want to level up.
  • Choose which specific stats you want to improve for each player.
  • Keep in mind that only players with the "upgradable" trait can be leveled up. Not all players possess this trait.
  • Spend the required amount of Training Points to level up your players successfully.


Completing Sets

Completing sets is a fantastic way to earn rewards and improve your team. MUT 24 has made the process more accessible than before. You can now complete sets with just a few button presses, and the game suggests the best cards to use. Utilize this feature to your advantage.

  • Navigating Set Menu: To access sets, go to "My Team" > "Sets." The redesigned menu resembles the auction house interface. We'll guide you through it.
  • Filtering and Navigation: Easily find specific sets by filtering. Use the new menu to switch between auction house, sets, and binders seamlessly.
  • Understanding Set Icons: At the bottom left, a legend explains set symbols. Exclamation point for multi-set items, repeatable symbol for multiple completions, clock for time-sensitive sets, and reverse arrow for item return after set completion.
  • Shortcut to View Items: Press triangle (PlayStation) or Y (Xbox) to view required cards and their attributes for a set quickly.
  • Protecting Cards: Mark cards as favourites to keep them in your lineup and prevent accidental set use.
  • Completing Sets: Use "Add All to Set" for quick completion or add cards individually or in batches for more control.
  • Checking Auction House Prices: See set reward card prices by flicking the right analog stick upwards.


Mastering Field Pass

Field Pass is the primary method of receiving rewards in MUT 24. There are different types of Field Passes, each offering unique rewards. Complete missions, objectives, and events to earn XP (experience points) and progress through the Field Pass tiers.


Field Pass Works:

To progress and unlock rewards in the Field Pass, players must earn XP. Ways to do this include:

  • Complete Objectives: Participate in games and achieve specific in-game objectives, like sacks or passing yards.
  • Daily Objectives: Consistently engage in Daily Objectives to earn XP.
  • Themed Field Passes: Progress in themed-based Field Passes tied to promos or events.
  • Stacked Rewards: Earn XP to unlock various rewards in different tiers of the Field Pass, providing incentives to keep playing and progressing.


Types of Field Passes:

  • Season-Based Field Passes: Linked to the current Madden 24 season. Players earn rewards based on their season performance.
  • Headliners Field Passes: Themed around specific events, completing related objectives earns player cards and other rewards.


Finding Active Objectives:

  • Main Menu: Check active objectives for all Field Passes by navigating to the Main Menu in Madden NFL 24.
  • Play Section: Within the Main Menu, go to the Play section.
  • View All Field Passes Tab: Look for the 'View All Field Passes' tab and click on it.
  • Objectives and Rewards: See all active objectives and their rewards for each Field Pass in this section.



Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 24 offers an exciting and rewarding experience for players looking to build their dream teams and compete in various game modes. By following these tips, you'll gain a better understanding of MUT 24, optimize your lineup, earn rewards, and become a formidable force in the Madden Ultimate Team community. Good luck, and have fun dominating the Field!

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