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Why NBA 2K23 Builds That Will Bow Out in NBA 2K24 Era of Specialization?

Welcome, 2K enthusiasts, to our exclusive breakdown of NBA 2K23 builds that won't stand a chance in the upcoming NBA 2K24. As the game's dynamics shift, it's time to bid farewell to the once-dominant 6'1" and 6'9" point guard juggernauts, as well as the versatile 6'10" centers. In this guide, we'll dissect the reasons behind their decline, understand the new attribute and badge system, and unveil the era of specialization that's taking over the courts. Get ready to adapt, specialize, and step into the future of NBA 2K24 builds!


Why NBA 2K23 Builds That Will Bow Out in NBA 2K24 Era of Specialization?


The Demise of Certain Builds

First up, let's take a closer look at some point guard builds, particularly those standing at 6'1" and 6'9". These builds used to be top contenders with insane badge and attribute distributions. However, NBA 2K24 has shaken things up, and these overpowered builds are no longer the wave. Let's break down the reasons why they won't thrive anymore.


The Era of Attribute Changes:

In 2K24, badge tiers and attributes are different, eliminating the old point totals system. While the new system emphasizes gameplay and skill, there's a reality check we need to discuss. These 6'1" and 6'9" builds had a plethora of badge points to distribute, which made them demigod-level. The combinations were almost too good to be true, but they're a thing of the past.


  • Reimagining Attribute Distributions: Attributes and badge points have been reimagined, which means you won't be able to recreate these godly builds anymore. The 6'1" build, for instance, was a hybrid between a John Moran-style player and a Stephen Curry-like shooter. It could dunk, shoot threes, and defend like a monster. Similarly, the 6'9" build offered a remarkable blend of skills that made it nearly unstoppable.
  • The Rise of Specialization: In NBA 2K24, the game is pushing for specialization. The speed with the ball, acceleration, stamina, and even strength are now linked to certain attributes and badges. This makes it harder to create all-in-one dominant builds like before.
  • The Reality Check: You won't be able to achieve certain badge and attribute combinations anymore. Speed with the ball is linked to other attributes, affecting the overall makeup of your build. Key badges and attributes like Gold Range Extender, Silver Contact Dunks, and others are attainable with a different ease.
  • Niche Domination: The takeaway here is to specialize and own your playstyle. If you want to be a slasher, go all in on that. If shooting is your jam, commit to being a shooter. New badges like Spot Finder and others will change the game dynamics. Off-ball playsets will also be more potent, opening up avenues for sharpshooters and other specialist roles.
  • Embrace the Change: Remember, everyOne will be working with these new rules. Don't mourn the loss of these mega-builds; embrace the challenge of mastering your chosen specialization.


The Shift in Center Builds

Moving on to center builds, the days of 6'10" all-around powerhouses are fading away as well. Now, if you want to dominate the court as a center, you've got to adapt and specialize.


  • The 6'10" Dilemma: In NBA 2K23, the 6'10" center was a jack-of-all-trades, excelling at scoring, rebounding, and defense. However, in NBA 2K24, these once-OP builds need to be fixed. Attributes and badges have changed, and you can no longer create the same do-it-all center.
  • The Need for Specialization: To succeed as a center in 2K24, you'll need to specialize. You can go for a glass cleaner build, focusing on grabbing boards and being a defensive presence. Alternatively, embracing the rim protector role might require lower offensive attributes but higher block and interior defense stats.
  • Athletic Finishers Shine: Athletic finishers will be in the spotlight with a focus on slashing and post-scoring. Take advantage of the heightened importance of these skills and badges.
  • Embrace the Changes: The lesson here is similar – specialize and adapt. Embrace the new badge and attribute system and focus on excelling in your chosen role.


NBA 2K24 Builder Changes

Community Day has just passed, and it's time to unravel the secrets of the NBA 2K24 Builder. In this guide, we'll explore the remarkable changes introduced in the Builder, highlighting attributes, tiers, badges, and the floor setter system.


Tiers One of the most prominent shifts from NBA 2K23 to NBA 2K24 is the expansion of tiers. Previously, there were three tiers, but now there are four: S tier, A tier, B tier, and C tier. The new tier system impacts badge upgrading. While upgrading badges within tiers is no longer dependent on Bash Points, the time and effort required to upgrade badges in higher tiers, such as the S tier, is more substantial than in lower tiers, like the C tier.

To illustrate the changes, let's compare attributes from the NBA 2K23 and NBA 2K24 Builders using the example of a shooting guard build. In NBA 2K24, the attribute distribution differs significantly. For instance:

  • Close Shot: 61 (NBA 2K23) vs. 41 (NBA 2K24)
  • Driving Layup: 41 (NBA 2K23) vs. 58 (NBA 2K24)
  • Mid-Range: 82 (NBA 2K23) vs. 68 (NBA 2K24)
  • Three-Point: 68 (NBA 2K23) vs. 87 (NBA 2K24)
  • Free Throw: 87 (NBA 2K23) vs. 90 (NBA 2K24)
  • Ball Handle: 74 (NBA 2K23) vs. 75 (NBA 2K24)
  • Acceleration: 75 (NBA 2K23) vs. 70 (NBA 2K24)
  • Perimeter Defense: 95 (NBA 2K23) vs. 95 (NBA 2K24)
  • Interior Defense: 31 (NBA 2K23) vs. [Attribute not specified] (NBA 2K24)


Badge System The badge system has undergone transformative changes as well. Hall of Fame badges remain achievable, and each tier has its badge progression requirements. Notably, badges are no longer interconnected with specific attributes, providing players with more freedom to customize their builds. For instance, a 74 Ball Handle will not unexpectedly affect your Driving Layup attribute.
Floor Setter System A game-changing addition is the Floor Setter system, which is earned through XP progression in the Seasons mode. These powerful prizes come in Silver and Gold variants, and they allow players to lock badges at a specific level. Once applied, badges will always stay below that level, enhancing consistency and strategy. Rebirth sets badges to Silver instantly for your subsequent build, granting a significant advantage.


Additional Tips and Insights:

  • Winning games and maintaining a high teammate grade significantly impact badge progression.
  • Meta-busting adjustments have been made to prevent a single dominant archetype.
  • The rebirth system offers players a chance to reset badges to Silver.
  • Transfer your Floor Center from one build to another for badge consistency.
  • Explore and adapt your strategy to the new Takeover system, which is notably different from previous editions.



So, my dear nephews and nieces, it's time to bid farewell to those outdated builds and embrace the new era of specialization in NBA 2K24. The 6'1" and 6'9" point guard dominators and the 6'10" center all-rounders have had their moment in the sun, but it's time to adjust to the changes and find your unique playstyle. Remember, everyone's in the same boat with these new rules, so focus on what you're going to be great at and own it! Whether you're a slasher, a shooter, a lockdown defender, or a glass cleaner, hone your skills and embrace the diversity that these changes bring to the game.

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