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FC 24 Ultimate Team: Gameplay, Bugs, Persistent Issues and Positives

The EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team closed beta has come and gone, giving players a glimpse into the upcoming game. With around 20 days of gameplay experience under their belts, gamers have formed initial impressions of what's in store for the new release. This article will delve into the early reviews of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team, discussing gameplay changes, major issues, improvements, and new features.



FC 24 Ultimate Team: Gameplay, Bugs, Persistent Issues and Positives



The gameplay in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team has undergone a significant change, being described as slower-paced compared to previous iterations. This has sparked a mix of reactions from the player base. Some appreciate the realism and tactical depth that a slower pace offers, while others miss the fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay. Ultimately, the perception of the gameplay's pace is a matter of personal preference.

One aspect of gameplay that has received negative feedback is the introduction of icons above players' heads, indicating the current controlled Player and the second Player for switching. Players have expressed confusion due to the icons' green colour, which tends to blend with the field background. Additionally, these icons are buggy, an issue that players hope will be resolved before the final release.


However, it's important to remember that this closed beta is designed to gather feedback for improvements, and many of the current issues might be addressed by the time the game is officially launched.


Bugs and Persistent Issues

While closed betas are expected to have bugs, it's concerning that some major issues from FIFA 23 still persist in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. Examples include the problem of players quitting early in competitive matches, causing inconvenience and wasting time for the opponent. This issue could become even more problematic if players exploit it during full matches. Other bugs include unresponsive buttons and problems with high-pressure tactics, which can impact the overall gaming experience.



Despite the bugs and concerns, there are several positive aspects of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team that players have highlighted:


  • Introduction of Women in Ultimate Team: The inclusion of female players has been well-received. These players are not overpowered but are also strong, offering a balanced experience. High-pace, high-agility female players have been compared to an "old school Messi," making them valuable additions to teams.
  • Relative Player Ratings: Both male and female players are rated relative to their respective gender. This approach allows for better integration of female players without creating unrealistic stat differentials between genders.
  • Strength Mechanics: Strength has been emphasized, allowing players to shield and guard the ball using new animations effectively. This mechanic adds depth to the gameplay and applies to both male and female players.
  • Gameplay Quality: Despite the slower pace, the gameplay remains smooth and allows for tactics like Tiki-taka. Additionally, revamped through balls have resulted in more balanced passing and engaging moments.
  • Improved Menus: The menu system has been refined for quicker navigation. Players can access various sections without excessive clicks, making the user experience smoother.
  • Objectives Claim Button: A long-requested feature, the objectives claim button, has been introduced. This button allows players to claim all objectives at once, although there have been reports of occasional glitches.
  • New Pack Animation: The new pack opening animation has been widely praised for its improved visual appeal, featuring double walkouts and additional animations.
  • Evolutions Game Mode: The new Evolutions game mode has been well-received, offering challenges to rank-up players. Although some challenges are perceived as easy, players hope for more variety and complexity in the full release.
  • Improved Foot Draft: Foot Draft mode has been fixed to prevent issues with player positions and chemistry, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Smoother Item Management: The ability to immediately assign recently packed items without storing them first has been restored, streamlining the item management process.


FC 24 Pros & Cons

FC 24 has brought both exciting improvements and some disappointing setbacks to the gaming community. Next, we delve into the best and worst aspects of the game, covering gameplay, features, and more.


Positive Aspects:

  • Evolution System Innovation: One of the highlights of FC 24 is the new Evolution system, which allows players to upgrade their farmer league team for online play. This innovative feature offers a solution to the pay-to-win problem by enabling players to enhance their team's strength without resorting to heavy in-game purchases.
  • Revamped Career Mode: FC 24 boasts an exceptional career mode featuring coaches, staff, and even training for specific types of goals. The inclusion of Ballon d'Or and Player of the Year ceremonies adds to the immersion. The career mode represents a significant step forward for the series.
  • Inclusion of Women's Teams: The introduction of women's teams is a positive step towards inclusivity. Although unexpected, this addition brings an element of variety to the game. It may result in amusing moments and creative gameplay.
  • Enhanced Practice Arena: The new practice arena is a standout feature, offering players the chance to experiment with various scenarios and free kicks. This addition contributes to the overall improvement of the gaming experience.
  • Sleek Menu Design: The updated menu interface, with its modern appearance, replaces the previous version that some players found less appealing. This change enhances the overall aesthetic and user experience.
  • Real-Time Statistics: The integration of real-time statistics into the gameplay provides an immersive and engaging experience. However, there is room for improvement to prevent these statistics from obstructing the view during matches.
  • Reimagined Chemistry System: The overhaul of the chemistry system for icons adds depth to player differentiation. This change ensures that players like Erling Haaland and Toni Kroos have distinct playing styles, making the game more realistic.
  • Uniform PC and Console Transfer Market: The alignment of the PC and console transfer markets simplifies trading and price checking for players. This is a boon for those who engage in trading activities.
  • Revamped Pro Clubs Mode: The enhanced customization, cross-play, and league structure make Pro Clubs mode a standout feature. The level of detail and engagement in this mode is unparalleled.
  • Play Styles Differentiation: The inclusion of play styles adds complexity to gameplay, making players like Haaland and Kroos play differently. However, some balance issues need addressing, such as the overpowering nature of certain play styles.
  • Referee Cam Innovation: The introduction of a referee cam during fouls and free kicks offers an interesting perspective. While initially appealing, there is potential for further implementation, such as using this camera for a first-person gameplay mode.
  • Manager Cut Scenes: The new cut scenes showing managers pointing out tactics on a board add a layer of immersion. However, the potential for more interactive manager-player interactions still needs to be explored.
  • Realistic Player Motions: The integration of real-life motions adds authenticity to player movements. While promising, there's room for improvement to ensure these animations are more prevalent.
  • Tactical Preparation Feature: The ability to prepare a team's strategy for an upcoming match is a positive addition. However, a wider range of skill games or practice scenarios could enhance this feature further.
  • Improved Dribbling Moves: The introduction of a new dribbling move offers greater control over players' movements. However, a glitch associated with this move needs addressing for smoother gameplay.
  • Volta Customization and Cross-Play: Volta mode retains its appeal with enhanced customization options and cross-play capabilities.


Negative Aspects:

  • Chargeable Evolutions: The Evolution system, while innovative, requires payment for player upgrades. The relatively high cost-per-player upgrade might deter some players and perpetuate pay-to-win concerns.
  • Missing Online Career Mode: The absence of an online career mode, despite expectations and leaks, leaves a void in the gaming experience. This omission may lead to monotony for players seeking variety.
  • Unexpected Inclusion of Women's Teams: The addition of women's teams is seen as unnecessary by some players, potentially affecting the game's overall realism. Concerns about mixed-gender gameplay balance also arise.
  • Limited Practice Arena Innovation: While the new practice arena is an upgrade, some players need to catch up on the depth and innovation of previous versions. This can hinder players from seeking more engaging practice scenarios.
  • Statistics Display Interruptions: The real-time statistics display can sometimes obstruct the gameplay view, impacting the overall gaming experience.
  • Icon Variants Impact on Gameplay: The introduction of various versions of icons might lead to an oversaturation of these players, potentially impacting the in-game economy and balance.
  • PC Hacking Concerns: While having the same transfer market as consoles benefit traders, the potential for hackers and auto-buyers on PCs remains a significant drawback.
  • Pro Clubs Scene Neglect: While Pro Clubs mode sees improvements, EA's lack of attention to its pro scene leaves room for third-party providers to excel.
  • Play Styles Balance Issues: While the differentiation of play styles is an appealing concept, certain styles, like Haaland's shot, might be overpowered, affecting gameplay balance.
  • Referee Cam Untapped Potential: The referee cam's potential for a first-person gameplay mode needs to be noticed, which could have added a new dimension to the gaming experience.
  • Limited Manager Interaction: Manager cut scenes lack interactivity, rendering them superficial in terms of player engagement.
  • Sparse Realistic Animations: Despite the inclusion of realistic motions, players may need to encounter these animations more frequently to make a substantial impact on gameplay.
  • Tactical Preparation Repetition: The repetition of skill games during tactical preparation might lead to player boredom and reduced engagement.
  • Dribbling Move Glitch: The broken dribbling move glitch hampers gameplay, needing prompt attention from the developers to improve the overall experience.
  • Volta's Unchanged Nature: While Volta maintains its appeal, the lack of significant innovation may result in it feeling like a carryover from previous versions.



The EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team closed beta has elicited a range of reactions from players. While some concerns regarding bugs and persistent issues have been raised, there are numerous positives that players appreciate. From the inclusion of female players to gameplay improvements and menu enhancements, the upcoming release holds promise.


Remember that the closed beta is a testing phase, and many issues might be addressed before the final launch. Player feedback is crucial in shaping the game's direction, and the developers will likely take these early thoughts and reactions into account as they work to improve the overall experience of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team.

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