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NBA 2K24 Builds Q&A Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before

Welcome to the ultimate guide on NBA 2K24, where we'll dive deep into everything you need to know before creating your game-changing player build. If you're a fan of the NBA 2K series, you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll answer your burning questions, explore gameplay dynamics, discuss player attributes, and provide valuable insights to help you dominate the court in NBA 2K24. So, let's lace up those virtual sneakers and embark on this journey to become a basketball legend in the world of NBA 2K24!


NBA 2K24 Builds Q&A Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before


Small Guards with PNR - The Way Forward?

Q: Are small guards with pick and roll (PNR) the new meta in NBA 2K24?

A: That's a great question! Small guards with PNR might be the way to go this year. You see, it's all about balance. You can't just ISO your way to success because you need a high dunk to dunk over defenders, but that might compromise your shooting or speed. So, PNR seems to be the strategy, as screens are effective this year, especially if you have a center with strength. It could create a whole new ballgame!


Dribbling in NBA 2K23 vs. NBA 2K24

Q: How does dribbling in NBA 2K24 compare to NBA 2K23, especially in terms of stick direction and spamming moves?

A: Great question, JT! In NBA 2K24, you'll find yourself doing a flick-up motion, similar to 2K19, for certain dribble moves. You can cancel this move with a momentum dribble. The key move for snatching back is to flick your right stick diagonally up to the opposite ball hand and push your left stick directly down, resulting in various animations depending on your signature moves.


Pure Stretchers and Sharpshooters

Q: Will pure stretchers and pure sharpshooters still be effective in NBA 2K24?

A: Shooting over opponents is possible this year, especially if they have low perimeter defense. Even players with decent perimeter defense can be shot over if they jump while you shoot. So, there's a chance pure stretchers and sharpshooters make a comeback, but it's not a sure thing.


Important Thresholds for Point Guards (PGs)

Q: What are the most important attribute thresholds for point guards (PGs) in NBA 2K24?

A: Let's take a look at the crucial thresholds:

  • Dunk and layup effectiveness is crucial.
  • For three-point shooting, you'll need around a 96 three-point rating to unlock the Gold Limitless Range.
  • Ball handling is vital, but stamina needs to be maxed for Hall of Fame Handles for Days.


Small Guards with No Defense in Pro-Am

Q: Do you think small guards with low defense will be meta in Pro-Am in NBA 2K24?

A: It's uncertain because smaller guards can still be shot over this year. Your defense may matter more than you think, so we'll have to wait and see how it plays out.


Contest System in NBA 2K24

Q: How does the contest system work in NBA 2K24, and how does it affect shot timing?

A: Contesting this year considers both body and hand positioning. If both are contested, you're more likely to miss. Late contests can still be greened if the body isn't contested. The contest system adds depth to the game.


Multiple Shot Timings and Stamina's Impact on Shooting

Q: Are there multiple shot timings this year, and does stamina significantly affect shooting like it did in NBA 2K23?

A: Yes, there are multiple shot timings. Stamina does affect shooting, but as long as you have adrenaline, you should be fine. Losing all your adrenaline makes it harder to green speedy shots.


Quick Stopping

Q: Can you quickly stop in NBA 2K24, and is it different from previous years?

A: You can't instantly stop like in 2K20 or 2K22, but you can stop and shoot faster than in 2K23.


Small Guards and Shot Type Builds

Q: How will small guards play in shot-type builds in NBA 2K24?

A: It could go either way. Small guards might need to consider slightly larger builds to adapt to the new gameplay dynamics, but it's still uncertain.


Optimal Height for Guards

Q: What height do you think will be best for guards in NBA 2K24?

A: It depends on how speed factors into the gameplay. Smaller guards around 6 feet might work if speed is crucial, but 6'3" guards could also perform well, providing more size and defense.


Dunking and Slashing

Q: Is slashing overpowered in NBA 2K24, and how does the new dunking meter affect gameplay?

A: Slashing feels strong, but the dunking meter adds a skill gap. It would help if you timed your dunks correctly for success.


Specialist vs. Balanced Attributes

Q: Is it more beneficial to be a specialist or spread attributes around in NBA 2K24?

A: It's best to experiment. Start with a balanced approach and adapt as you get a feel for the game. Specializing might work well for specific playstyles.


This should cover most of your burning questions about NBA 2K24. Keep in mind that the game is ever-evolving, and strategies may change as the community adapts. Stay tuned for more updates, and I'll see you on the virtual court, ballers!

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