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How to Solve the Shooting Guard Dilemma in NBA 2K24 Builder System?

NBA 2K24 has introduced a significant challenge for players at the shooting guard position, leading to a shift in playstyle and a reevaluation of traditional builds. In this guide, we delve into the evolving dynamics of the game, exploring the shifts in player roles and attributes that have made finding the perfect shooting guard build a daunting task. From the historical perspective of NBA 2K19 to the challenges posed by NBA 2K24 Builder system, we dissect the options available to players and provide insights into crafting effective strategies. 



How to Solve the Shooting Guard Dilemma in NBA 2K24 Builder System?


The Evolution of the Shooting Guard Position

In recent years, NBA 2K has seen a trend where shooting guards have taken on the role of secondary ball handlers. This shift began in NBA 2K21 Next-Gen and continued through NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K23. The emergence of the demigod Builder style has encouraged players to create shooting guards capable of handling the ball effectively while still maintaining defensive abilities.


Historical Perspective: NBA 2K19

To understand the shooting guard dilemma in NBA 2K24, let's first take a look back at NBA 2K19. In this edition, the shooting guard position was typically filled by players who could provide solid defense and contribute offensively. While the primary ball handler was often the point guard, shooting guards in 2K19 played a crucial role in guarding the opposing team's ball handler.


The Problem in NBA 2K24

In NBA 2K24, the Builder system underwent significant changes, forcing players to rethink their approach to the shooting guard position. The dilemma arises from the need to balance offensive and defensive attributes, which has become increasingly challenging due to the constraints of the new Builder system.


Two Common Approaches

  • Offensive-Heavy Sharpshooter: Many players are opting for a build that prioritizes offensive stats, especially three-point shooting. These builds often sacrifice defensive attributes and rely on high shooting accuracy to compensate.
  • Defensive-Oriented Two-Way Sharp: Another approach is to create a build focused on defense and three-point shooting but with minimal ball-handling abilities. These builds need help to handle the ball effectively and may become liabilities in certain situations.


The Challenges of Balancing Attributes

The difficulty of finding a balanced shooting guard build in NBA 2K24 stems from the game's attribute requirements. To be a reliable secondary ball handler, a player needs a high ball-handling rating. However, achieving this while maintaining solid defensive attributes, especially steal and perimeter defense, takes time.


Offensive Attributes Players need high shooting accuracy, ball-handling, and playmaking skills to be effective on offense. Achieving a high three-point rating (99.3) is especially desirable.
Defensive Attributes Steal, perimeter defense, and lateral quickness are crucial for defending opposing guards effectively. Unfortunately, these attributes require a substantial investment of attribute points.
Dilemma Balancing offensive and defensive attributes becomes a difficult task, leaving players to make compromises that affect their overall effectiveness.


Possible Solutions

Given the challenges presented by the new Builder system in NBA 2K24, players have several options to address the shooting guard problem:

  • Double Guards: Embrace the trend of having two-point guards in the lineup. This approach sacrifices defensive capabilities but maximizes ball-handling and playmaking.
  • Double Locks: Create two lockdown defenders as shooting guards, prioritizing defense over offense. This approach ensures strong perimeter defense but needs offensive firepower.
  • Creative Builds: Experiment with different builds that prioritize specific attributes, such as sharpshooting or playmaking. Be open to unique combinations that suit your playstyle.
  • Team Synergy: Work with your teammates to create a lineup that compensates for each player's weaknesses. Effective communication and teamwork can overcome individual limitations.


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The shooting guard position in NBA 2K24 presents a unique challenge due to the changes in the Builder system. Players must carefully consider their attributes and playstyle to find the best solution for their team. Whether you choose to go with double guards, double locks, or a creative build, adaptability and teamwork will be essential to success in the evolving landscape of NBA 2K24. Embrace the changes, experiment with different approaches, and keep refining your game to stay competitive in this dynamic virtual basketball world.

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