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Madden 24 Most Effective Offensive Strategies: Run and Pass Plays

In Madden NFL 24, having a well-rounded offense is essential for success, and this guide will teach you the most effective offensive strategies to dominate your opponents. The latest patch has brought running plays back into the spotlight, and we have a detailed offensive playbook that combines the best running and passing plays in the game. This guide will cover various run plays, passing plays, and tips to ensure you can score against any defense.


Madden 24 Most Effective Offensive Strategies: Run and Pass Plays


Formation Overview

The formation we'll be focusing on is incredibly versatile and provides you with an edge in both the run and pass game. We'll be using the Denver Broncos offensive playbook and New York Jets offensive e-book for the best results. Before we delve into the specific plays, here are some general formation insights:


  • Tight End Alignment: You have the flexibility to switch between Tight End and TE Split End alignments. For the best results, set up your formation with a tight end as the wide receiver, which creates unique offensive advantages.
  • Utilizing Tight Ends: To maximize the run game and neutralize the Read and React defense, you should add a speedy tight end to your lineup. This ensures that your opponent won't have the upper hand against your run plays.


Run Plays

Halfback Stretch

The Halfback Stretch play is a potent running play, especially when your opponent is using a defensive formation with limited linebackers and linemen. To optimize this play, follow these steps:

  • Flip the play
  • Motion your tight end (TE) to the outside.
  • Time the snap to create the best blocking angles for your run.


Zone Week

The Zone Week is another highly effective running play that works well against spread defenses and small defensive formations. Here's how to run it:

  • Flip the play.
  • Motion your tight end to the outside.
  • Smart route your tight end and fullback for better execution.
  • Choose the right direction to maximize your gains.


Zone Toss and Halfback ISO

The Zone Toss and Halfback ISO are additional run plays in this formation. Use these plays strategically, depending on your opponent's defense. These plays can help keep your running game unpredictable and effective.


Pass Plays

PA Deep Read

  • The PA Deep Read is designed to exploit man coverage defenses. To execute it effectively:
  • Identify man coverage from your opponent.
  • Focus on the comeback route.
  • Time your throw to connect with your receiver as they make their cut.


I-Form Close PA Deep Cross Go

  • This play is your go-to for one-play touchdowns against various defenses. It's important to set it up correctly:
  • Motion your tight end to the outside.
  • Add an additional receiver (TE or RB) to increase your options.
  • Customize your routes and use smart routing to fine-tune your plays.
  • Attack your opponent's defensive weaknesses for easy touchdowns.


Double Outs

  • The Double Outs play is highly effective against most defenses, except for Cover 2 Zone. To exploit this play, follow these guidelines:
  • Run it from a hash mark.
  • Motion your tight end to the outside.
  • Customize your route combinations to create favorable matchups.
  • Use the B route to your advantage, especially against man coverage defenses.


PA Tight End Leak

  • PA Tight End Leak is your ultimate weapon for one-play touchdowns against nearly all defensive setups. To execute this play:
  • Recognize the coverage and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Put your tight end on a wheel route.
  • Time your throw to exploit the defense's weaknesses and secure easy touchdowns.


Defense-Specific Strategies

  • Adjust your offensive plays based on the coverage and defense your opponent is running.
  • Keep an eye on the safety and cornerback matchups to exploit their vulnerabilities.
  • Make smart route adjustments and use motion to create advantageous opportunities.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each play to maximize your offensive success.



The Denver Broncos offensive scheme in Madden NFL 24 is a powerful and versatile strategy that combines effective running and passing plays. By mastering the recommended formations and following the tips provided, you can gain a significant edge over your opponents and achieve success on the field. Practice these plays, adjust to your opponent's defense, and fine-tune your strategy to become a formidable force in the game. Good luck, and may your offensive prowess lead you to victory!

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