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EA FC 24 Advanced Defender Technique: Is It Worth Your Investment?

One such technique that has gained attention recently is the Advanced Defending or Meta Defending move in FC 24. This defending technique allows players to have more control over their tackles, but is it worth incorporating into your gameplay? In this guide, we will analyze the Advanced Defender technique, its pros, cons, and whether it's a meta-defending strategy.


EA FC 24 Advanced Defender Technique: Is It Worth Your Investment?


Advanced Defender

To begin, let's break down what Advanced Defender actually entails. This technique grants you the freedom to choose between two different tackles when defending. Pressing the "B" button executes a standard tackle, while the "A" button initiates a shoulder challenge or seal-out. However, it's not as straightforward as it seems, as several factors come into play.


The Complexity

Before we delve further into its efficacy, it's essential to understand that Advanced Defender isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. There are certain situations in which it shines, but choosing the wrong option can have adverse effects on your gameplay. So, when should you use it, and when should you steer clear?


Examples and Analysis

We'll look at a combination of playstyles and examples to help you decide. Let's start by exploring some situations where the shoulder seal-out can be effective. This maneuver allows you to win the ball by using your player's shoulder to muscle opponents off the ball.


  • Example 1: In this clip, the player employs a shoulder seal-out to successfully regain possession, demonstrating its effectiveness in specific scenarios.
  • Example 2: Another instance shows the use of a shoulder seal-out while defending down the wing, where timing is crucial. Executing it correctly can disrupt the opponent's attack.
  • Example 3: Here, the player utilizes a shoulder seal-out with great success to recover the ball. This technique can prove handy when used appropriately.


While these examples showcase the potential of the shoulder seal-out, it's crucial to remember that it's not always the best option. Advanced Defender introduces complexities that may not always work in your favor, particularly if your timing or positioning is off.


The Risks and Challenges

  • Timing is Everything: As demonstrated in several examples, mistimed shoulder seal-outs can lead to unfavorable outcomes, putting you at a disadvantage.
  • Controller Remapping Issues: Advanced Defender may not work correctly if you've remapped your controller buttons, limiting its effectiveness.
  • AI Decision-Making: In standard tactical defending, the game's AI determines when to execute a shoulder seal-out or a regular tackle. Advanced Defender requires you to make this decision manually, which can be challenging for many players.
  • Playstyle Dependency: Some players claim success with Advanced Defender, but this often relies on specific playstyles and player attributes, making it less applicable to the average player.
  • Positioning Matters: Even with the right playstyle, you need to position your player correctly for Advanced Defender to work effectively. In many cases, a standard tackle or slide tackle may suffice.


Is Advanced Defender Worth It?

Whether you should use Advanced Defender boils down to your skill level and understanding of the game. Here's a breakdown:


  • For Elite Plus Players: If you're at the highest level of FIFA gameplay, experimenting with Advanced Defender might be worth it. It can offer an additional layer of control over your defensive maneuvers.
  • For Average Players: If you find yourself watching defending tutorials on YouTube, it's likely best to stick with the standard tactical defending. Let the game's AI decide when to use a shoulder seal-out or a regular tackle to simplify your gameplay.
  • The Importance of Positioning: Remember, good positioning often allows you to win the ball without tackling at all. Proper anticipation and player placement can be more effective than relying solely on Advanced Defender.



In the end, Advanced Defender is not a guaranteed panacea for defending woes. It's a tool that, when used correctly, can be effective. However, its complexity and the risk of mistimed tackles make it a questionable choice for many players. Ultimately, the decision to use Advanced Defender should align with your skill level, playstyle, and comfort with the mechanics.

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