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Madden 24 Season 1 Field Pass Guide: Rewards, Progression, Upgrade Player

Madden 24 Season 1 MUT Field Pass is here, offering exciting rewards and a path for progression in the Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) mode. In this guide, we'll walk you through the rewards available in Season 1, how to make progress, and how to upgrade key players like Jalen Ramsey. Get ready to level up, earn XP, and unlock some of the best prizes Madden 24 has to offer.



Madden 24 Season 1 Field Pass Guide: Rewards, Progression, Upgrade Player


What is the Field Pass in Madden 24?

Madden 24 Field Pass is the equivalent of a battle pass for the Ultimate Team mode. It's your ticket to earning fantastic rewards by simply playing the game and earning Season XP. This pass offers a variety of rewards that you can unlock simply by playing the game, earning XP, and completing stat objectives or sets. Each season brings a new Field Pass with unique rewards to chase after.


Madden 24 Season 1: Field Pass Rewards

Here's a comprehensive list of rewards you can earn as you progress through Season 1 of Madden 24 Field Pass:

Level Reward
2 Gold+ Player Pack
3 10,000 Coins
4 D'Andre Swift (BND)
5 Gold+ Player Pack
6 Max Fantasy Pack
7 10,000 Coins
8 Bryce Young (BND)
9 Pro Max Fantasy Pack
10 Max Fantasy Pack
11 Playmaker Pack
12 10,000 Coins
13 Uniform Fantasy Pack
14 Max Fantasy Pack
15 Jalen Ramsey Token
16 10,000 Coins
17 Playmaker Pack
18 Uniform Fantasy Pack
19 10,000 Coins
20 Headliners Pack
21 Reggie White (BND)
22 10,000 Coins
23 Pro Playmaker Pack
24 Uniform Fantasy Pack
25 10,000 Coins
26 Bryce Young Token
27 Max Fantasy Pack
28 10,000 Coins
29 Star Elite Pack
30 Jalen Ramsey Token
31 Playmaker Pack
32 Uniform Fantasy Pack
33 10,000 Coins
34 DeAndre Hopkins (BND)
35 Max Fantasy Pack
36 Star Elite Pack
37 Wembley Stadium
38 10,000 Coins
39 Max Fantasy Pack
40 Playmaker Pack
41 Jalen Ramsey Token
42 10,000 Coins
43 Pro Max Fantasy Pack
44 Max Fantasy Pack
45 Star Elite Pack
46 10,000 Coins
47 Uniform Fantasy Pack
48 10,000 Coins
49 Star Elite Pack
50 Reggie White Token
51 Pro Playmaker Pack
52 10,000 Coins
53 Max Fantasy Pack
54 10,000 Coins
55 Jalen Ramsey Token
56 10,000 Coins
57 Season 2 XP Collectible
58 10,000 Coins
59 Star Elite Pack
60 10,000 Coins
61 Triumph Elite Pack


Madden 24 Season 1 Field Pass Rewards List Screenshot


The Triumph Elite Pack, the pinnacle of the Field Pass rewards, is granted upon reaching Level 60.


How to Unlock MUT 24 Season 1 Field PassRewards?

MUT 24 Season 1 rewards offer exciting incentives and bonuses as you progress through the game. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to efficiently unlock MUT level rewards in Madden NFL 24:

  • Complete Daily Missions: Daily missions offer consistent XP gains. Complete them daily for steady progress.
  • Participate in Programs: Engage in programs like Competitive and Headliners for XP rewards as you complete objectives.
  • Achieve In-Game Goals: Meet objectives like rushing yards and touchdowns in any mode to accumulate XP.
  • Play Regular Games: Simply playing games contributes to your XP. It's a passive but effective way to level up.
  • Use Bonuses: Utilize XP bonuses and boosts when available to accelerate your progress.
  • Check Special Events: Participate in time-limited events offering extra XP for added advancement.
  • Visit the Store: Consider investing in packs or items that grant XP to speed up leveling.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on game updates for new challenges and rewards to enhance your progress.

Season 1 Field Pass: How to Make Progress?

Advancing through Season 1 of the Field Pass involves completing various objectives. These can be accomplished by playing online matches or engaging in single-player challenges. The Stats-based MUT Objectives are the key to your progress. Here's an overview of some of these objectives and their associated XP rewards:

  • Touchdowns: Score touchdowns in MUT modes to earn XP.
  • Points: Accumulate points in MUT modes for XP rewards.
  • Passing Yards: Achieve passing yard milestones in MUT modes.
  • Rushing Yards: Gain rushing yards in MUT modes to progress.
  • Team Tackles: Record team tackles in MUT modes for XP.


Criteria Requirement XP Earned
Score Touchdowns 50+ 500
100+ 1500
400+ 3000
700+ 5000
Score Points 150+ 500
500+ 1500
3000+ 3000
5000+ 5000
Pass for Yards 1500+ 500
3500+ 1500
10000+ 3000
20000+ 5000
Rush for Yards 250+ 500
750+ 1500
4000+ 3000
7000+ 5000
Record Team Tackles 100+ 500
1500+ 1500
3500+ 3000
6000+ 5000


Madden 24 Season 1 Field Pass Stats Screenshot

Moreover, keep an eye out for Daily objectives, which offer additional XP upon completion. You can also earn XP by making progress in promotional Passes, such as the Headliners promo.


Season 1 Players & Jalen Ramsey: How to Upgrade?

At the start of Season 1, MUT players received an 83 OVR Jalen Ramsey card. Additionally, cards like the 84 OVR BND Bryce Young and the 85 OVR BND Reggie White from the Season 1 rewards can be upgraded through tokens.

Follow these steps to upgrade your players:

  • Unlock Tokens: Progress through the reward path and unlock tokens.
  • Access Card Profile: Locate the player's card profile.
  • Navigate to Upgrades: Look for the 'Upgrades' tab within the card's profile.
  • Apply Tokens: Insert the unlocked token into the 'Total Cost' section, along with the required Training.


Madden 24 Season 1 Field Pass Upgrades Screenshot


By following these steps, you can enhance the abilities and overall ratings of your Season 1 Field Pass players, including Jalen Ramsey.



With these insights, you're ready to embark on a rewarding journey through Madden 24's Season 1 Field Pass. Whether you're striving for higher OVR players, packs, or Madden 24 coins, your dedication to completing objectives and unlocking tokens will undoubtedly lead you to victory on the virtual field.

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