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Top 5 Best Maps For Casual Players in Guild Wars 2, 2024

Are you a casual player looking to farm gold without breaking a sweat in Guild Wars 2, 2024? Today, we'll explore the top 5 best maps for grinding gw2 gold as a casual player. These methods are not only simple and enjoyable but also offer great opportunities to fill up your bank with shiny gold while you relax and have fun. 



Top 5 Best Maps For Casual Players in Guild Wars 2, 2024


 Map 1: Silverwastes

The Silverwastes is a classic map with a reliable and straightforward meta event. Defend four strategic points on the map, complete events, and fill up the progress bar to trigger boss phases. Once the main boss phase is complete, you'll gain magic find buffs, making it easier to open Bandit chests.

  • Features: Protect locations on the map, combat bosses, unlock Bandit chests.
  • Tips:
    • Event Optimization: Run around doing different activities that will earn you bandit crests and other loots during events.
    • Key Management: Buy keys using bandit crests from vendors of sandy bags containing gears.


 Map 2: Auric Basin

Auric Basin offers a loot-rich meta event with various pre-meta events to prepare the map. Pay attention to unlocking waypoints and chat messages to keep up with the fast-paced squad movements. During the meta event, join a squad and follow their lead to take down octavines at different gates.

  • Features: Take part in preliminary events that culminate into an exciting meta where great rewards await players who open several treasure chests.
  • Tips:
    • Stay Informed: Look for ways points in chat or on the map.
    • Key Management: The city has an NPC where you can trade currencies of this land for treasure map keys; ensure that no chest goes unopened.


 Map 3: Dragonfall

In Dragonfall, prepare for a meta event that requires escort requests and various events across different biomes. Collect keys during events to unlock chests after the meta event. The map is designed for mounts, so having a mount or glider will make it easier to navigate through the map.

  • Features: Long escort missions and main event composed of lots of stages with numerous chests.
  • Tips:
    • Mount Mastery: Consider moving using the Sky Scale mount especially when opening the chests after the meta.
    • Key Accumulation: Earn keys through participating in events; these will be necessary for unlocking post-event chests.


 Map 4: Drizzlewood Coast

Drizzlewood Coast consists of two separate metas in the north and south parts of the map. Join squads and follow their lead to complete events and unlock chests using cash keys. Pay attention to defense areas, outlook posts, and waypoints to maximize your loot gains.

  • Features: Capture territories and participate in both South and North meta events which have a lot of rewards coming along with them.
  • Tips:
    • Cash Key Importance: barter in materials or Supply at the key vendor for some cash keys that are helpful while opening treasure chests.
    • Faction Commendation Rewards: Learn the Charr factions' reward tracks from where you can gain extra loots including rare weapons, armor skins, boosters or tonics among other things.


 Map 5: Gyala Delve

Gyala Delve offers an escort-based meta event that can be repeated infinitely. Follow NPCs through the meta event, use Siege turtles, and equip filters to navigate through the map.

  • Features: Engage in an all-map long event which afterwards paves way for looting stage filled with many treasure boxes.
  • Tips:
    • Key Management: Exchange any valuable item that is available in this game via assigned sellers for more keys before you go exploring.
    • Fishing for Gold: There are different spots on this part where players can be rewarded by either fishing gold or more opportunity making it well worth a look.


This list of the top five Guild Wars 2 maps is an excellent guide for those casual players who are looking to farm gold. Whether you're looking for a quick and easy meta event or lots of loot, these areas have it all. Therefore, get your gear ready, join a team and go farm gold in these wonderful places!

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