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What weapons are easily farmed in FFXIV, 2023?

Final Fantasy XIV offers a vast array of combat jobs, each with its unique weapons. While some weapon grinds can be quite challenging and time-consuming, there are others that require minimal effort. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore over 20 weapons that you can easily farm in FFXIV without excessive effort. These weapons include Market Board weapons, PvP rewards, relic weapons, elegant tombstone weapons, and raid weapons. Read on to discover the best weapons to suit your preferences and playstyle.


What weapons are easily farmed in FFXIV, 2023?


Market Board Weapons

One of the easiest ways to obtain weapons is by purchasing them from the Market Board. Specifically, you can look for Extreme Trial weapons from different expansions. While these weapons can be obtained by farming the respective extreme trials, you can often find them available for sale on the Market Board. Some popular choices include the Hades weapon, Suzaku weapons, and Ruby Weapon weapons. Before making any purchases, be sure to compare prices across servers to find the best deal.


PvP Weapons

PvP (Player vs. Player) content not only offers exciting battles but also provides opportunities to obtain great glamour pieces, including weapons and armour, as well as mounts. To unlock PvP, check out a guide or tutorial. For a glowing red weapon, consider the PvP weapons known as the PvP Packley H Weapons, which can be purchased for 1,000 Wolf Marks. You can acquire these marks by participating in the daily Frontline PvP activity, which also offers valuable experience. Additionally, PvP rewards include seven more weapon options purchasable with Wolf Marks and one available from Trophy Crystal.


ARR and Heavensward Relic Weapons

The ARR (A Realm Reborn) and Heavensward relic weapons offer a bit more challenge but are still relatively easy to obtain.


ARR Relic Weapon

The ARR relic weapon questline is considered one of the most grindy and annoying ones. However, the first two stages are relatively straightforward:

  • Stage 1: Running dungeons, completing trials, defeating specific mobs, and purchasing ffxiv items from the Market Board using Tomestones. This stage should take around five to seven hours.
  • Stage 2: To start the questline, you need to complete the ARR main scenario quest (MSQ) and your job quest. Consult a guide for detailed instructions.


Heavensward Relic Weapon

The Heavensward relic weapon is relatively easier to obtain, especially for players level 80 and above:

  • Step 1: Farming six crystals from FATEs (Full Active Time Events) in different areas, which may take approximately two hours.
  • Step 2: Completing ten dungeons in a specific order while equipping the weapon obtained from the first step. These dungeons can be completed relatively quickly if you're level 80+.


Overall, the Heavensward relic weapon is less time-consuming compared to ARR. As for the Endwalker relic, it may take longer if you still need to complete the entire Manderville questline. Patch 6.4 is the best time to farm this relic, and it will require approximately two weeks to complete the first two stages by doing the newest dungeon once per day and one Expert Daily Roulette.


Elegant Tombstone Weapons

If you prefer to refrain from investing time and resources in relic weapons, you can consider Allagan Tomestones weapons. With the release of Patch 6.4, you can purchase these weapons with the Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. The latest weapons require the Tomestones of Causality and Comedy, with the latter having a weekly limit of 450.


There is also a requirement of a Hermetic Tomestone, which can be obtained from the weekly reward for completing Eden's Verse (Savage). By doing daily roulettes and a main scenario quest per day for two days, you can accumulate enough Allagan Tomestones of Poetics to purchase one weapon. The weapons from Endwalker have additional requirements and can be a long grind.


Raid Weapons

As a bonus, we have the raid weapons from Alexander Gordias Savage and Alexander Creator Savage. These weapons are obtained by completing the respective raid tiers. So how to better raid? The following will provide you with a roadmap for raiding, from starting with easier content to eventually tackling the most difficult challenges. Additionally, it will cover the various ways to participate in raids, how to unlock content, and the importance of gear and consumables.


The Raiding Pipeline

Understanding the different levels of difficulty in endgame content is essential. The raiding pipeline consists of three main stages: Extreme Trials, Savage Raids, and Ultimate Raids.


Extreme Trials Extreme Trials serve as an introduction to higher difficulty content and can be considered "Savage lite." These fights offer a challenge but are not overly punishing. Mechanics are typically personal failures rather than group-wiping mistakes. Clearing an Extreme Trial rewards expansion-themed mounts and pre-raid Best-in-Slot (BiS) weapons or accessories. They are an excellent starting point for developing raiding fundamentals.
Savage Raids Once you have completed Extreme Trials and gained confidence in your abilities, you can progress to Savage Raids. Savage difficulty varies within a tier, ranging from moderate to high difficulty. Savage fights require precise execution, and personal failures can lead to group wipes. However, mechanics are well-spaced and act as checkpoints for progression. Savage Raids provides the best gear in the game and offers dyeable versions of story mode equipment. Completing the final fights of a tier also rewards exclusive mounts.
Ultimate Raids Ultimate Raids are the pinnacle of difficulty in Final Fantasy XIV. These fights consist of multiple boss encounters chained together. Clearing an Ultimate Raid requires a significant time commitment and can take months to achieve. Ultimates provide the opportunity to earn BiS weapons and unique titles. Unlike other content, Ultimates cannot be completed unsynced, requiring a full group of 8 players at the appropriate level and item level.


Unlocking Content

To access raiding content, you generally need to meet specific prerequisites. Ultimates have a prerequisite of clearing the final boss of the corresponding Savage tier. Make sure you fulfil these requirements to unlock the content.


Statics vs. Party Finder (PF)

When it comes to raiding groups, you have two options: joining a static or using the Party Finder (PF). The PF offers more flexibility and allows you to join pick-up groups for various content. Statics, on the other hand, are fixed groups of 8 players who meet regularly. Statics can be casual, mid-core, or hardcore, depending on the group's raiding intensity. Joining a static provides more structure and consistency, but it's essential to find a group that aligns with your goals and playstyle.


Gearing Up

Obtaining gear is crucial for raiding success. Pre-raid BiS gear can be obtained from casual content, including story mode raids and alliance raids. Crafted gear is another option but may require additional investments. BiS gear, including both raid gear and tome gear, offers the best stats and optimization possibilities. Raid gear drops from each boss in a raid tier, while tome gear can be acquired through casual content or upgraded using materials from raids.



There are numerous weapons to acquire, some of which are easier to obtain than others. The weapons mentioned in this guide provide a variety of options that can be obtained without significant grind or difficulty. Choose the weapons that suit your playstyle and goals, and enjoy your journey in Eorzea. Whether you prefer PvP battles, elegant tombstone weapons, or challenging raids, FFXIV offers a diverse array of options to arm your character and enhance your gameplay experience.

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