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FFXIV Latest All Endwalker Raid: Tier List & Ranking

In Final Fantasy XIV latest expansion, Endwalker, players were treated to an array of challenging raids that offered a variety of mechanics and encounters. In this guide, we will provide a tier list rating for each of the pandemonium raids in Endwalker. Before we delve into the rankings, we must make an important addition to the tier list: P7s Tier. This unique tier is reserved for a fight that is universally disliked and does not deserve to be ranked alongside other encounters. Without further ado, let's explore each raid's strengths and weaknesses and determine their rightful places in the tier list.


FFXIV Latest All Endwalker Raid: Tier List & Ranking


P7s Tier: Abyssos Rate P7s (Worst Fight)

The fight known as Abyssos Rate P7s is considered one of the worst encounters in Endwalker. Players criticize it for its tedious mechanics and lack of engaging gameplay until eight minutes into the fight. Even the one interesting mechanic was quickly cheesed during the first week of release. Many players express disappointment in the missed potential of this raid, given the exciting arena shape that initially piqued their interest. Overall, this encounter is considered a design failure and remains at the bottom of the tier list.


C Tier

  • Erebus and Thonius (Ericthonius): Erebus and Ericthonius are considered average fights with little to offer in terms of excitement or innovation. They suffer from the common issue of long stretches without significant mechanics. While they do have a couple of fun mechanics, they are not enough to elevate the fight's overall quality. Some players believe Eden Prime (from a previous expansion) to be a better-designed fight compared to Eric Thonius.
  • Eden's Promise (Eden Prime): Eden's Promise is another average fight that relies on a few set-piece mechanics and repetitive patterns. Although it is not terrible, it lacks the captivating elements found in other raids. The fight's highlight is the dissociation mechanic, which provides some enjoyable moments during the encounter.


B Tier

  • Phoenix(Phoenix P4): Phoenix, the fourth phase of the Phoenix fight, is considered a decent encounter. While it offers some visually interesting mechanics, and the fire tornado mechanic is fun to execute, its execution could be better. The fight's visual clarity can be problematic, and certain strategies make it easier, detracting from the overall experience.
  • Phoenix (Painhoax): Pineax is an interesting fight conceptually, but it suffers from some execution issues. The fight becomes repetitive, and one pattern is notably more favourable than the other. Players express frustration over the missed opportunities to explore the unique ideas presented in this encounter fully.


A Tier

  • Geminum (Gemini): Geminum is a fun fight that strikes a good balance between puzzle and execution elements. It requires players to think quickly and make smart decisions during the encounter. The pacing is excellent, and the special cells mechanic provides a lot of entertainment for players, both in executing it and witnessing the hilarious mistakes in Party Finder groups.
  • Caloric (Caloric Consumption): Caloric is a well-designed fight that offers a great mix of puzzle-solving and execution challenges. Players appreciate the various ways to approach mechanics and the overall pacing of the encounter. The high-concept mechanic adds an extra layer of complexity, making it an enjoyable and engaging raid.


S Tier

  • Cascade (Cascade): Cascade takes the top spot as one of the best raids in Endwalker. It provides an exciting experience with a blend of puzzle and execution mechanics. The fight requires players to adapt and make quick decisions, enhancing the challenge. Harrowing Hell is especially punishing, demanding precise execution and cooldown management. The fight's difficulty is well-tuned, providing a rewarding experience for skilled players.
  • Penitent's Paean (Pandemonium): Penitent's Paean is a standout encounter that balances puzzle-solving and execution perfectly. Players enjoy the challenging mechanics and have the flexibility to find creative solutions. The fight keeps players engaged with its well-paced timings and rewarding mechanics.



Endwalker's raid encounters offer a diverse range of experiences, from disappointing to exceptional. The P7s Tier is reserved for the poorly designed Abyss Rate P7s, while the C Tier includes Eric Thonius and Eden Prime, both considered average fights. In the B Tier, Foidix and Pineax offer decent gameplay but come with some issues. The A Tier showcases the fun and engaging Geminum and Caloric. Finally, in the S Tier, Cascade and Penitent's Paean shine as some of the best raids in Endwalker. Each raid has its unique qualities and provides players with thrilling challenges throughout their journey in the Endwalker expansion.

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