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Madden 24 Tight Ends: Top 10 Ratings, Upgrade, Dominant Playbook and More

Welcome to the latest installment of Madden NFL, where Tight Ends (TEs) are more than just players; they're game-changers. Madden 24 showcases a lineup of formidable TEs with sky-high ratings, opportunities for upgrades, and playbooks that can turn your gaming fortunes around. So let's take you on a humorous journey into the world of Madden 24 Tight Ends, exploring the top 10 rated players, their quirky skills, and the strategies that'll have you ruling the gridiron.



Madden 24 Tight Ends: Top 10 Ratings, Upgrade, Dominant Playbook and More


Madden 24 Tight Ends Ratings: Top 10 Player

  • Top 1. Travis Kelce - 99 OVR: Travis Kelce, the TE titan, is like the Beyoncé of Madden NFL 24 - flawless with a 99 OVR rating. With eight Pro Bowl nods, two Super Bowl rings, and more tight end records than you can shake a stick at, Kelce is basically the Ronaldo of the gridiron. His skills in catching and blocking make him a gridiron deity. Forget must-have; he's your can't-do-without.
  • Top 2. George Kittle - 96 OVR: George Kittle, the TE sensation, is like a Swiss Army knife on the field - he can cut through defenses and handle blocking duties with finesse. Even when dealing with injuries and occasional blocking chores, Kittle still managed a fourth Pro Bowl nod and more touchdowns than a bakery has pastries. If he were a cereal, he'd be Kittle Charms – magically delicious.
  • Top 3. Mark Andrews - 95 OVR: Mark Andrews, the reliable TE, is like that trusted friend who never lets you down, even when you forget your wallet. He's secured his third Pro Bowl, and his receiving stats are more solid than a concrete sandwich. When the Ravens' offense is firing on all cylinders, Andrews' performance goes to eleven – that's one louder than ten, you know?
  • Top 4. T.J. Hockenson - 90 OVR: T.J. Hockenson, the Viking Voyageur, proved his worth after a trade that would make the Vikings proud. With a second Pro Bowl appearance and stellar outings, he's become a fan favorite among Madden gamers. Hockenson's potential is like an endless bag of chips – you can't get enough, and he's the perfect companion for Kirk Cousins, their quarterback and possibly their designated snack provider.
  • Top 5. Dallas Goedert - 89 OVR: Dallas Goedert, the Eagle-eyed wonder, is as versatile as a Swiss army knife with an extra corkscrew. He's got elite blocking and catching abilities, and even a few missed games due to injuries couldn't keep him from being a crucial cog in the Eagles' offensive machine. Goedert's contributions could take your team to the Super Bowl, and probably order the pizza for the victory party too.
  • Top 6. Kyle Pitts - 87 OVR: As a rookie, Kyle Pitts made an impact by earning a Pro Bowl selection. His talent and ability to win matchups against veteran defenders make him a rising star in the Madden world. With consistent play and good health, Pitts is destined for greatness.
  • Top 7. Darren Waller - 86 OVR: Darren Waller's absence from the Raiders' lineup showcased his true value to the team. With him on the field, the Raiders' offense becomes dominant. Waller's presence can elevate any quarterback's performance and improve the overall team's success.
  • Top 8. Pat Freiermuth - 85 OVR: A surprise entry on this list, Pat Freiermuth has proven himself despite not being a regular starter. With limited playing time, he showcased his talent by gaining over 730 yards in just 8 starts. If given the opportunity, Freiermuth can shine as a top tight end in Madden NFL 24.
  • Top 9. David Njoku - 84 OVR: David Njoku is known for his highlight-reel plays, both as a blocker and a receiver. Though he has faced some injury issues, his talent and potential are undeniable. As part of the loaded Browns' team, Njoku has the chance to excel and achieve Pro Bowl recognition.
  • Top 10. Evan Engram - 84 OVR: Evan Engram's move to Jacksonville resulted in a career-high statistical season. He proved to be a favorite target for the Jaguars' offense, displaying impressive catching and yardage numbers. With the potential for even greater chemistry in the future, Engram is a promising Tight End choice for Madden gamers.


What are the important factors of Tight Ends in Madden 24?

  • Receiving Skills: Tight Ends are the prima donnas of catching passes. Their ability to snag the pigskin is crucial. Catching, Catch in Traffic, and Spectacular Catch are like the holy trinity of receiving skills for TEs.
  • Blocking Abilities: Besides being fancy catchers, TEs are also expected to be burly blockers. Block Shedding and Impact Blocking are like their muscle-building workouts for this purpose.
  • Speed and Agility: To outrun defenders and make nimble moves, TEs need Speed and Agility. They're the Usain Bolts and ballerinas of the gridiron.
  • Strength and Stamina: TEs with Hulk-level Strength can push opponents around, and good Stamina ensures they don't get too tired to keep performing like rockstars.


How to Upgrade Tight End In Madden 24?

Upgrading your TE in Madden 24 is like leveling up a character in a role-playing game. It requires strategy and foresight to make them the gridiron gods they can be. Here's the hilarious breakdown of the steps to beef up your TE:

  • Identify Your Tight End's Strengths and Weaknesses: Your TE might be more versatile than a Swiss army knife, but they have strengths and weaknesses too. Figure out where they shine and where they need some help. It's like knowing your friend's karaoke strengths (they rock at Bon Jovi) and weaknesses (anything by Mariah Carey).
  • Upgrade the Opposite Package of Their Strength: If your TE is a beast in one area (e.g., Possession), focus on upgrading the opposite package (e.g., Vertical Threat). It's like adding chocolate sauce to your broccoli – it might not sound great, but it makes everything better.
  • Prioritize Vertical Threat for Possession Tight Ends: If your TE is all about Possession, give that Vertical Threat package some love. It's like saying, "Hey, let's add a little adventure to this cozy tea party."
  • Upgrade Possession for Heavy Vertical Threat Tight Ends: If your TE is a Vertical Threat guru, then beef up that Possession package. It's like balancing out your spicy buffalo wings with a cool ranch dip.
  • Maintain Balance for Equal Vertical Threat and Possession: If your TE is a tightrope walker, with equal attributes in both Vertical Threat and Possession, aim to upgrade Vertical Threat slightly more. It's like making sure both sides of your sandwich are equally delicious, but you give a little extra love to the side with bacon.
  • Avoid Frequent Switching Between Packages: Stick to your upgrade strategy like glue. Don't flip-flop between packages like a politician trying to win votes. Consistency is key, and it's how you create a balanced TE that's unstoppable.
  • Continuous Improvement: Your TE's overall rating will keep rising as you upgrade their weaknesses. Be patient and committed to the process, and soon you'll have a TE who's not just tight but insanely talented.


Dominant Tight Ends Best Playbooks in Madden 24

There are top 5 playbooks that cater to tight ends in both Franchise Mode and Madden Ultimate Team. These playbooks will maximize their potential and help you dominate the field.


Baltimore Ravens (AFC North):

  • Star Player: Lamar Jackson
  • Top Plays: PA Raven Boot (Strong I, Wing), PA Scissors (I Form, Twin TE), TE Attack (Singleback, Wing Pair)
  • Description: The Ravens' playbook is like a gourmet meal for TEs. With Lamar Jackson's magic, defenses focus on him, creating opportunities for your TE to shine. PA Raven Boot and PA Scissors deceive defenses with cunning routes, while TE Attack exploits your TE's height advantage. It's like a three-course meal of touchdowns.


San Francisco 49ers (NFC West):

  • Star Player: Jimmy Garoppolo/Trey Lance
  • Top Plays: Cross Drag (Singleback, Bunch TE), Mesh (Singleback, Wing Tight), PA TE Screen (I Form, Pro)
  • Description: The 49ers' playbook is like a treasure map for your TE. It sets up your TE for quick receptions with PA TE Screen. Cross Drag and Mesh feature crossing drag routes that pit your TE against linebackers and safeties. It's like a buffet of catches and yardage.


Las Vegas Raiders (AFC West):

  • Star Player: Derek Carr
  • Top Plays: Dragon Spacing (Singleback, Wing Tight U), PA Power O (I Form, Twin TE), PA TE Corner (I Form, Close Flex)
  • Description: The Raiders' playbook is like a magician's hat for your TE. Dragon Spacing features quick curl routes that showcase your TE's skills. PA Power O and PA TE Corner use play-action to create openings for big plays downfield. It's like a circus act of touchdowns.


Detroit Lions (NFC North):

  • Star Player: Jared Goff, T.J. Hockenson
  • Top Plays: TE Drive (Singleback, Wing Pair), Post Shot (I Form, Twin TE), PA TE Corner (I Form, Tight)
  • Description: The Lions' playbook is like a symphony for your TE. It revolves around T.J. Hockenson, featuring plays like TE Drive to exploit his exceptional route-running. PA TE Corner is a potent red zone option, and Post Shot provides multiple TE options for short and medium gains. It's like composing a touchdown concerto.


Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West):

  • Star Player: Patrick Mahomes
  • Top Plays: Mesh (Shotgun, Bunch TE), PA Boot Y Sail (Pistol, Wing Flex Close), TE Drive (Singleback, Wing Pair)
  • Description: The Chiefs' playbook is like a fireworks show for your TE. Mesh confuses defenses with three TEs on the field, creating multiple passing options. PA Boot Y Sail takes advantage of your TE's speed and route-running, while TE Drive is a reliable play for converting 3rd and medium situations. It's like a touchdown extravaganza.


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Madden 24 unleashes a world of Tight Ends that are more than just football players; they're characters in a comedy-drama that unfolds on the gridiron. With players like Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Mark Andrews leading the charge, the TE position is a land of talent and potential. As you battle it out in Franchise Mode or MUT, having a dominant TE can be the difference between victory and defeat.


So, gather your dream team, master the playbooks, and let your TE's skills shine brighter than a stadium floodlight. Outsmart your opponents, lead your team to championship glory, and remember, it's all fun and games until someone loses a touchdown.

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