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EA FC 24 Ratings Confirmed: Top 50 Players, Hero Cards and Club

Welcome, FIFA fans! We are thrilled to bring you the latest scoop on the confirmed EA FC 24 ratings. As the new season of Ultimate Team dawns upon us, there's nothing more exciting than uncovering the ratings of our favorite players. This year, EA is introducing some subtle changes to the rating system, and we're here to dive into all the juicy details. Not only will we explore the top 50 ratings, but we'll also take a closer look at some of the Hero cards and delve into the ratings of various clubs.



EA FC 24 Ratings Confirmed: Top 50 Players, Hero Cards and Club


Top 50 Players

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me clarify one thing: FIFA ratings are like Team of the Year and Team of the Season voting - you can only please some. However, in the end, we all eagerly await these ratings to build our dream squads. Now, let's discuss some significant changes EA has made from FIFA 23 to FC 24.

Player Rating Comments
Lautaro Martinez 87 Upgrade with a nerf in Pace.
Frankie De Jong 86 Well-rounded midfielder, valuable for chemistry.
Martin Odegaard 84 Rating jump but Pace lowered.
Marquinhos 84 Valuable links at PSG, solid for early-game squads.
Luka Modric 89 Excellent box-to-box midfielder.
Son Heung-min 88 Strong and versatile option.
Manuel Neuer 88 World-class goalkeeper for Bundesliga squads.
Sophia Smith 84 Pacey option, great for Super Sub or women's teams.
Katoto 88 Mbappe-esque striker with solid stats.
Fede Valverde 88 One of the best midfielders, great for Real Madrid chemistry.
Gijaro 89 Well-rounded midfielder with Barcelona links.
Victor Osimhen 88 High Pace and Shooting, similar to Haaland.
Gurirar 89 Solid box-to-box midfielder with Barcelona links.
Jonathan David 88 Good pace and shooting for Canadian or Ligue 1 squads.
Irene Paredes 88 Center-back with decent Pace.
Devinia 89 Strong in Pace, Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling.
Alexandra Popp 88 Blend of pace and shooting, valuable asset.
Bernardo Silva 88 Dribbling and passing compensate for low Pace.
Joshua Kimmich 88 Notable Pace boost, appealing midfield choice.
Bruno Fernandes 88 Strong midfielder despite Pace downgrade.
Oblak 88 Reliable goalkeeper option.
Antoine Griezmann 88 Significant upgrade, top-choice striker or midfielder.
Mohamed Salah 88 Slight downgrade but still a top right-winger.
Vinicius Jr. 88 Blistering pace and improved shooting.
Moussa Diaby 88 Good pace and shooting for an 88-rated player.
Sergio Ramos 88 Solid center-back option with experience.
Rodri 88 Reliable defensive midfielder.
Erling Haaland 88 Substantial boost in shooting, deadly striker.
Karim Benzema 88 Solid rating but falls short of 80 Pace.
Harry Kane 88 Upgrade but still below 70 Pace, strong Premier League option.
Sam Kerr 90 Highest-rated women's card with incredible pace and dribbling.
Alex Morgan 89 Formidable with 89 shooting and 88 dribbling.
Vincent Kompany 89 Impressive defensive stats and Premier League links.
Roberto Baggio 86 Solid choice for early squads with Serie A links.
Jude Bellingham 86 Exciting choice for your midfield.
Axel Witsel 86 Dependable midfield option with strong defensive attributes.
Joshua Kimmich (86) 86 Top-tier choice with versatility and well-rounded stats.
Ferland Mendy 86 Top left-back option with blistering 92 Pace.
Goncalo Guedes 86 Offers pace and dribbling, an intriguing option.
Karim Adeyemi 86 Young striker with high Pace and Dribbling stats.
Eduardo Camavinga 86 Solid midfield choice, especially for hybrid squads.
Frenkie de Jong (86) 86 Strong passing and dribbling in midfield.
Yusuf Demir 86 Rapid winger, a useful addition to your squad.
Raphinha 86 Terrifies defenses on the right wing with dribbling and pace.
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic 86 Well-rounded midfielder with a strong physical presence.
Isak 86 Appealing striker option.
Leroy Sane 86 Blistering pace on the left wing.
Kalvin Phillips 86 Solid choice for midfield due to physicality and passing.
Malen 86 Exciting striker option with pace and shooting stats.
Phil Foden 86 Top-tier midfielder with well-deserved rating.


Hero Cards

EA introduces Hero cards this year, which are limited-edition items based on significant moments in players' careers. These cards offer boosted stats and are highly collectable. Here are some notable Hero cards:

Hero Card Overall Rating Description
Kaka (89) 89 This Hero Kaka card showcases his incredible skill set during his Ballon d'Or-winning year.
Zinedine Zidane (92) 92 Zidane's Hero card is an iconic representation of his legendary career.
David Beckham (88) 88 Beckham's Hero card is a must-have for fans, featuring his incredible passing and crossing abilities.
Petr Cech (87) 87 Cech's Hero card honors his incredible career, making him an excellent choice between the posts.
Paolo Maldini (92) 92 Maldini's Hero card reflects his unmatched defensive prowess.
Diego Maradona (91) 91 The Hero Maradona card is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest players in history.


Club Ratings

Let's take a look at some of the top clubs and their average player ratings:

Club Average Rating Comments
Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) 82.5 PSG boasts an average rating of 82.5, making them one of the top clubs in the game.
Real Madrid 81.8 Real Madrid's average rating is 81.8, with strong players like Vinicius Jr. and Benzema.
FC Barcelona 81.6 Barcelona maintains a solid average rating of 81.6, with talents like Fati and De Jong.
Liverpool 81.2 Liverpool comes in with an average rating of 81.2, featuring stars like Salah and Van Dijk.
Bayern Munich 80.8 Bayern's average rating is 80.8, showcasing their strong squad depth.
Manchester United 80.4 Man United maintains a solid average rating of 80.4, boasting players like Ronaldo and Sancho.
Chelsea 80.2 Chelsea's average rating is 80.2, with a strong defensive core.
Manchester City 80.1 Man City's average rating is 80.1, featuring stars like De Bruyne and Grealish.
Juventus 80 Juventus maintains an average rating of 80, with players like Chiesa and Morata.
Inter Milan 79.8 Inter Milan boasts an average rating of 79.8, featuring talents like Lautaro Martinez.



And there you have it, FIFA fans - a comprehensive guide to the confirmed FIFA 24 ratings, Hero cards, and club ratings. While some ratings might be controversial, the beauty of FIFA is that it's all about personal preferences and creating your dream squad. 

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