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ESO Crown Crates: Why You Should Consider Avoiding Them?

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate world of Crown Crates in Elder Scrolls Online and why you should contemplate steering clear of them. Crown Crates have long been a subject of controversy due to their gambling mechanics and the lack of transparency surrounding drop rates. In this article, we'll revisit past concerns, explore the latest Unfeathered Crates, dissect changes in the drop tables, and touch upon the elusive Crown Crate conspiracy. 



ESO Crown Crates: Why You Should Consider Avoiding Them?



To kick things off, let's briefly revisit some previous events. You might recall that the narrator is known for tackling controversial topics, including a video they created a few months ago discussing the Ragebound Crown Crates and the Polymorph Bundle. This video unexpectedly gained popularity, with the thumbnail even becoming a sticker on Netflix's ESO Discord server. In this video, the narrator expressed their dissatisfaction with the Crown Crates system and pointed out the questionable practices associated with it.


Unfeathered Crates

The latest season of crates in ESO is known as Unfeathered Crates. These crates boast an alien theme inspired by Umarel, the Unfeathered, an alien sorcerer king from the Knights of the Nine DLC in Oblivion. The narrator candidly shares their personal experience with previous alien-themed crates and how they found themselves hooked despite feeling uneasy about the gambling aspect. The primary focus of this discussion centers on the one-time purchase 25-crate bundle, which includes a highly coveted polymorph called the Armor of the Unfeathered.


Concerns with the Polymorph Bundle

Addressing the concerns voiced by players, the narrator points out the dissatisfaction stemming from the one-time purchase nature of the polymorph bundle. A key issue is that players are unable to buy the polymorph separately or obtain it through in-game endeavors, leading to disappointment for some. However, it's acknowledged that this bundle might be perceived as a good deal for those keen on acquiring crates, as it guarantees an item they desire.


Editor's Note

The narrator includes an editor's note that not only outlines their stance on spending money on crates but also criticizes those who defend Zenimax Online Studios. The argument is made that the company prioritizes profit over player satisfaction, with mention of instances of alleged mistreatment of staff members.


The note emphasizes the need for Zenimax to be more responsive to player feedback, including requests for changes or additions, and highlights perceived neglect of PvP updates. It's essential to clarify that the narrator still enjoys ESO and has even formed friendships through the game, but they feel compelled to voice their concerns about its direction and what they see as predatory practices.


Change in Drops

Shifting our focus, the narrator discusses recent alterations made by Zenimax to the drop table for specific rewards in the Unfeathered Crates. Notably, certain rewards previously classified as legendary or gold card-tiered rewards have been downgraded to apex-tier rewards. Two such items affected include a custom recall animation and a furnishing item. This change has understandably frustrated players, making these items even more challenging to obtain. Furthermore, diluting the reward pool for apex rewards decreases the likelihood of receiving coveted mounts.


Crown Crate Drop Rates

To shed light on the odds, the official ZeniMax website provides the following drop rates for Crown Crates:


Reward Type Chance
Common/White Rewards 98%
Fine/Green Rewards 72%
Superior/Blue Rewards 86%
Epic/Purple Rewards 21%
Legendary/ESO Gold 14%
Apex Rewards 2%


Weighted Drops

It's crucial to note that certain items in Crown Crates are weighted to drop more frequently than others. While it's a safe assumption that less desirable or less valuable items have a higher weight, ZeniMax does not provide specific information on which items are weighted more heavily within each reward tier. This lack of transparency complicates efforts to determine precise drop rates for specific items.


Radiant Apex Rewards

Radiant Apex rewards are the cream of the crop, and they are highly sought after by players. Regrettably, ZeniMax has not released the drop rates for Radiant Apex rewards. Through player research, it's estimated that Radiant Apex mounts have a drop rate ranging from 0.3% to 0.6%. Please bear in mind that these figures are speculative and have not been officially confirmed.


Changes and Concerns

Recent changes to Apex rewards in the Unfeathered Crates have raised concerns among players. Specifically, the drop chance for custom animation furnishings has been drastically reduced from 14% to a mere 2%, much to the disappointment of many. Additionally, the impact of weighted drops on the chances of obtaining Apex mounts and other rewards remains uncertain. Regrettably, ZeniMax's policy of not disclosing these details leaves players in the dark about the actual odds of securing specific items.


Cost and Endeavors

Another concern that players have to grapple with is the increase in the cost of Crown Crates. In the past, the price stood at 100 Gems or 3,600 Endeavors, but it has since skyrocketed to 400 Gems or a daunting 8,000 Endeavors. This price hike has fueled suspicions that it was intentionally implemented to entice players to purchase more crates and accumulate more Gems. However, accumulating 8,000 Endeavors demands a significant investment of time.


Crown Crate Conspiracy

Finally, there have been whispers and conspiracy theories circulating around Crown Crates, suggesting that ZeniMax intentionally manipulates the drop rates to maximize profits. While some players have raised valid concerns, it's important to note that ZeniMax has addressed issues and bugs related to Crown Crates, including those in the gifting system. Allegedly, there were exploits in the system that ZeniMax was actively working to fix.



The landscape of Crown Crates in Elder Scrolls Online remains contentious, with players vocalizing their dissatisfaction. The latest Unfeathered Crates continue the trend of one-time purchase bundles that cannot be obtained separately or through in-game endeavors. Changes in drop tables and the presence of weighted drops intensify concerns regarding the acquisition of desirable items like mounts. Furthermore, the need for greater transparency regarding drop rates for radiant apex mounts adds to player frustration. It's essential to weigh these issues carefully before making any purchases and to explore alternative means of obtaining coveted items or voicing your concerns to Zenimax. In the ever-evolving world of ESO, staying informed is your most powerful tool.

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