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ESO Necrom Chapter: What Are The Best Gear Sets For Solo Players?

In this guide, we'll explore what gear is available in the Necrom chapter of  The Elder Scrolls Online for solo players. These sets are highly effective and will enable you to tackle even the most challenging content on your own. Whether you're looking for healing, damage, or resource sustain, we have you covered with a variety of gear sets from different sources. We will focus on base game sets to ensure accessibility, but we'll also mention some powerful endgame sets for those seeking a greater challenge.



ESO Necrom Chapter: What Are The Best Gear Sets For Solo Players?


Top 10. Briarheart

Briarheart is an overland set that requires the DLC or Synodine. It is available in jewellery, weapons, and medium armour, with the location being Rothrano. This set is particularly useful for stamina builds, as it provides healing and increased weapon and spells damage for 10 seconds when you critically strike.

ESO Briarheart

It is a proc set, so you can equip three pieces on your body and combine them with other two-piece sets for optimal effectiveness. While it may not offer as much damage as endgame sets, its healing capabilities make it a solid choice for solo players.


Top 9. Withered Hand

Withered Hand is another overland set that is available. It comes in jewellery, weapons, and light armour, and its location is Alcaire Castle. This set is excellent for magic builds, as it helps with ESO resource sustain by restoring magicka and health when killing enemies within a 28-meter radius.

ESO Withered Hand

It is particularly beneficial for beginners or those struggling with resource management. While it has a three-second downtime, it is easily accessible and can be obtained by participating in Dolmen groups in the Alcaire Desert.


Top 8. Vengeance Leech

Vengeance Leech is a unique three-piece set that provides resource sustain for all three pools: health, magicka, and stamina. It is a PvP set available and can be obtained from the Cyrodiil Bruma Elite Gear Vendor in Cyrodiil. You can also purchase it from traders.

ESO Vengeance Leech

This set is especially useful for hybrid builds, as it helps maintain both primary and off-stat resource pools. While it lacks a five-piece bonus and the two-piece bonus gives health, it offers incredible survivability for solo players.


Top 7. Deadly Strikes

Deadly Strikes is a PvP set that provides a significant boost to damage. It is available from the same vendor as Vengeance Leech, the Cyrodiil Bruma Elite Gear Vendor. The set comes in jewellery, weapons, and medium armour. Deadly Strikes grants a 15% damage increase to channels and damage over time effects, making it ideal for classes with channelling abilities.

ESO Deadly Strikes

Templars, in particular, benefit greatly from this set due to their abilities, such as Biting Jabs and Radiant Oppression. It can be purchased with alliance points or from traders.


Top 6. Mother's Sorrow

Mother's Sorrow is an overland set available. It comes in jewellery, weapons, and light armour and can be obtained in Deshaan within the Ebonheart Pact. This set offers a substantial increase in critical chance, which is not capped in ESO. It is known for its high damage output, especially for magic users.

ESO Mother's Sorrow

While it lacks resource sustain or weapon/spell damage bonuses, it excels in providing critical chance. Pairing it with The Thief Mundus Stone or The Shadow Mundus Stone can further enhance critical chance or damage, respectively.


Top 5. Telvanni Efficiency

Telvanni Efficiency is a craftable set that comes in jewellery, weapons, and light, medium, and heavy armour. This set provides a unique advantage for solo players by significantly reducing companion cooldowns and enhancing their survivability, damage output, and utility.

ESO Telvanni Efficiency

While it requires the Necrom Chapter and limits your item set choices, it is an excellent option for players who enjoy using companions and want to improve their overall performance.


Top 4. Overwhelming Surge

Obtained from the Tempest Island dungeon, Overwhelming Surge offers resources to sustain and area damage. When using a class ability, this set inflicts shock damage in an 8-meter radius and restores magic in an amount equal to 15% of the damage dealt.

ESO Overwhelming Surge

This set is particularly useful for solo arenas and aggressive melee playstyles. However, it does require players to engage in close combat, which may only suit some's preferred playstyle.


Top 3. Essence Thief

Essence Thief, found in the White Gold Tower dungeon, is a versatile set that provides significant survivability and damage in both PvE and PvP. The set creates a green essence circle upon killing an enemy, granting a unique 10% damage buff along with health and stamina bonuses.

ESO Essence Thief

This non-named buff can stack with minor and major berserk, resulting in a total damage increase of 25%. While acquiring the essence can be a challenge, the set's benefits make it a worthwhile choice for solo players.


Top 2. Pillars of Nirn

Pillars of Nirn, obtainable from the Falkreath Hold dungeon, is renowned for its high damage output and suitability for solo play. It is a popular choice among endgame players and works well for both magic and stamina builds.

ESO Pillars of Nirn

The set triggers when dealing damage, creating a small fissure that deals instant damage and damage over time to enemies. It is advisable to pair this set with other gear pieces, such as monster helms or mythic items, to maximize its potential.


Top 1. Order's Wrath

Craftable with three traits, Order's Wrath is a versatile set that requires the High Isle chapter. It comes in jewellery, weapons, and light, medium, and heavy armour. Known for its balanced stats, this set enhances critical chance, critical damage, and healing. It can be used for magic, stamina, or even healing builds.

ESO Order's Wrath

The major advantage of Order's Wrath is its versatility, making it suitable for all types of solo players. Players without the High Isle chapter can still access this set through crafted items or purchasing from guild traders.


Honorable Mentions (Hardcore Gear Sets)

Before we delve into the main list, let's briefly mention some sweatier gear sets that are highly effective for solo players seeking maximum power. These sets may require mythic items, monster helms, and trial gear, but they offer exceptional survivability, resource sustain, and damage potential:

ESO Honorable Mentions

  • Vicious Affidian: A powerful set obtained from base game trials, Vicious Affidian boosts your survivability and resource sustain. It grants additional resources and speed upon killing enemies, along with significant stamina cost reduction.
  • False God's Devotion (Perfected/Non-Perfected): This set, acquired from the Sunspire trial, is a must-have for magic users. It is akin to Vicious Affidian and Vicious Serpent, providing bonuses for magic-based builds and enhancing resource management.
  • Mechanical Acuity: While a niche set, Mechanical Acuity is a craftable five-piece gear that offers a substantial critical chance boost every 25 seconds. This set allows you to reach 100% critical chance, resulting in an incredible burst window. It synergizes well with the Balorgh's Monster Set.
  • Balorgh's Monster Helm: This monster helm set, obtained from March of Sacrifices, grants significant weapon and spell damage and penetration per ultimate spent. It enables solo players to accumulate ultimate quickly, allowing for devastating attacks in a short amount of time.
  • Harpooner's Wading Kilt: A powerful mythic set obtained through the antiquity system, Harpooner's Wading Kilt provides stacks upon killing enemies, granting an enormous amount of weapon and spell damage. However, it reduces your maximum health, making it ideal for speedrunners and players focused on maximum damage output.
  • Pale Order: Another one-piece mythic set acquired through the antiquity system, Pale Order heals you when dealing damage. This makes you nearly unkillable while playing solo, but obtaining this set can be challenging due to its reliance on the antiquity system.
  • Preserving Soul-Thread: This mythic set locks you into using a single bar, but it provides substantial buffs to your character. Currently, it is considered one of the best overall mythic sets, especially for heavy attack builds using lightning staves. If you have access to the antiquity system, Preserving Soul-Thread is a must-have for its simplicity and effectiveness.


Gear Charts

Now let's take a look at three specific gear loadouts for solo players that are both powerful and effective:

Gear Charts Stats 1

Stamina-Based Loadout:

  • Vicious Affidian
  • Pillars of Nern
  • Pale Order


This loadout combines the survivability and damage potential of Vicious Affidian with the sustain and resource management offered by Pillars of Nern. Pale Order further enhances your survivability by healing you when dealing damage.

Gear Charts Stats 2

Magicka-Based Loadout:

  • False God's Devotion
  • Pillars of Nern
  • Pale Order


For magic-based builds, this loadout substitutes Vicious Affidian with False God's Devotion, which provides similar benefits. Combine it with Pillars of Nern and Pale Order to optimize your damage output and sustain while soloing.

Gear Charts Stats 3

Open Soul Heavy Attack Build:

  • Harpooner's Wading Kilt
  • Pillars of Nern


For players who prefer an open soul-heavy attack playstyle, this loadout offers immense damage potential. Harpooner's Wading Kilt grants substantial weapon and spell damage, while Pillars of Nern provides additional sustain and resource management.



These 10 gear sets, along with the honorable mentions, provide solo players in ESO's Necrom Chapter with exceptional power and versatility. Whether you prefer stamina or Magicka-based builds, or even a heavy attack playstyle, there is a gear set tailored to your playstyle. We appreciate your support and welcome any suggestions for gear sets that we might still need to look into. Happy soloing in ESO's Necrom Chapter!

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