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ESO Necron Chapter: How to Unlock Exciting Rewards and earn Exclusive Treasures?

The Elder Scrolls Online Necron chapter brings exciting new rewards that players can earn through questing and achievements. After surveying players and taking their feedback into account, the development team has introduced a range of rewards that cater to different playstyles and preferences. In this guide, we will explore the various rewards available in the Necron chapter and how you can obtain them.



ESO Necron Chapter: How to Unlock Exciting Rewards and earn Exclusive Treasures?


The Fate Scryer Costume

The Fate Scryer costume is a visually stunning outfit that carries a distinct Hermaeus Mora vibe. To acquire this costume, you need to progress through the entire chapter's story by completing all the main quests. The costume is unlocked during the final quest called Chronicles of Fate, which is tied to the Secret Keeper's achievement. This serves as a fantastic cosmetic reward for your dedication to questing in the new chapter.


Non-Combat Pets

Necron introduces two new non-combat pets for players to collect and enjoy. 

  • 1. The first is the Graht Oak Squirrel, a charming companion that can be obtained through a specific exploration achievement called Great Oaks from Little Acorns. Collect 25 acorns and 25 seedlings, rare drops found in the Goran and Underweave public dungeons, respectively, to unlock this adorable pet.
  • 2. The second non-combat pet is the Obsidian Dwarven Sphere, which stands out as a player's favourite. Acquiring this pet is a more challenging task, requiring the completion of various achievements related to the Bastion Nymics, the new world events in the Necron chapter. To initiate the process, pick up the daily quest in the Telvanni Peninsula Zone and collect five i-cores from Herald Seekers. Then, venture into the Bastion Nimic, a mini-dungeon, and complete multiple achievements to earn the Obsidian Dwarven Spear.


Earnable Mount: Barrel Glow NYX Ox Seed

For players seeking a new mount, the Berylglow Nix-Ox Steed is an exciting addition. To obtain this mount, you must fully complete the Savior of Necrom achievement, which encompasses a series of challenging tasks. These include completing story quests, defeating bosses, exploring delves, acquiring all 3 ESO Mythic items for the Necron chapter, completing daily quests, collecting all skyshards, and achieving fishing-related goals within the zone. The Barrel Glow, NYX Ox Seed, is a reward that showcases your dedication and accomplishments in the Necron chapter.


Additional Rewards

Apart from costumes, non-combat pets, and mounts, the Necron chapter offers a range of other rewards. Players can earn new titles, including those tied to specific achievements, body markings, and an outfit style called Trim Tenders Garb. Tales of Tribute, a new deck, provides additional rewards. Furthermore, players can look forward to exclusive rewards for completing the new trial, Sanity's Edge, such as titles and another new mount.


Note: The information in this guide is accurate as of the publication date and is subject to change based on updates from the game developers.



From captivating costumes to adorable non-combat pets and impressive mounts, there is something for everyone. The chapter's rewards system is a step in the right direction, catering to various playstyles and rewarding player dedication. While there may be ongoing issues with ESO's overall rewards system, the Necron chapter showcases the development team's response to player feedback. Take up the challenge, complete quests, achieve milestones, and unlock these impressive rewards as you delve into the world of Necron in the Elder Scrolls Online.

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