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Everything you need to know about Update 40 Endless Archive | Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online Update 40, also known as the Endless Archive! In this expansive guide, we'll embark on a journey through a wealth of thrilling new content and game-changing features. From Grand Master Crafting Stations to class-specific sets, the Endless Archive PvE arena, and significant updates to Jewelry Crafting, Update 40 is set to redefine your Elder Scrolls Online experience. Let's we delve into the intricacies of this update, providing you with all the information you need to make the most of your adventures in Tamriel.  



Everything you need to know about Update 40 Endless Archive | Elder Scrolls Online


Release Schedule

First and foremost, it's essential to know when you can get your hands on this exciting update. Update 40 is a free base game update, which means it's available to all players who own Elder Scrolls Online, regardless of whether you have purchased any chapters or DLCs. The Public Test Server (PTS) for this update will go live on Monday, September 18th, giving players the opportunity to explore the new content and provide valuable feedback. The official release dates for Update 40 are as follows:


  • PC: October 30th
  • Console: November 14th


Now, let's delve into the key changes and features coming with Update 40.


Grand Master Crafting Stations

One of the most significant changes in Update 40 is the introduction of Grand Master Crafting Stations. These stations consolidate various attunable crafting sets into four all-in-one stations for Blacksmithing, Jewelry Crafting, Clothing, and Woodworking. This streamlines the crafting process and ensures that none of the old stations go to waste. As you accumulate more known sets in the game, these stations will automatically upgrade, offering even more convenience. Additionally, they come with unique effects once you've collected all the craftable sets and integrated them into the Grand Master Station.


Jewelry Crafting Update

Jewelry crafting receives a substantial update in this patch. Grains are being replaced with platings. All your existing grains will be automatically converted to platings, and your existing platings will be multiplied by ten. This simplifies the system significantly. Upgrading jewelry will now require eight platings at legendary rank, down from the previous requirement of 40 grains. This reduces the upgrade cost to only 20% of the old cost, making jewelry upgrading much more affordable. Keep in mind that the Golden Vendor will be adjusted to accommodate these changes, and blue-quality jewelry writs will no longer exist.


Group Finder

Update 40 brings a new tool called the Group Finder, which complements the existing Dungeon Finder. This customizable tool allows you to search for groupmates for various activities, specifying criteria such as player CP levels, desired roles, and content type. It's designed to enhance your group-finding experience, providing more control and flexibility when assembling groups for different activities.


Endless Archive

Now, let's get to the heart of Update 40 - the Endless Archive. Hera's MOA sends you on a mission to track down a chaos-causing entity within the archive. This new game mode is designed for solo players, duos with a companion, or duos with another player. There are no separate normal or veteran modes; it's all part of one experience. Leaderboards will track your progress, with separate solo leaderboards categorized by class and a single duo leaderboard. Notably, these leaderboards won't be time-based but will score you based on how far you can progress.


The Endless Archive is an extensive PvE arena with random enemies, locations, and special buffs. The combat consists of three main categories: stages, cycles, and arcs. Stages involve smaller rounds that culminate in a boss fight, with over 60 different bosses drawn from various areas of the game. Completing four stages constitutes one cycle, and after completing five cycles, you enter an arc. Each arc ends with a major boss fight against Thot Replicon. Difficulty increases as you progress through stages, cycles, and arcs, with the most significant difficulty jump occurring when moving from arc to arc.


You start with three lives, referred to as threads of fate. In duo mode, lives are only lost when the entire party wipes. Once you complete the initial arc, you can turn in a daily quest, making this content accessible to players of all skill levels.


Verses and Visions

Throughout your Endless Archive journey, you'll acquire special buffs categorized as verses and visions. Verses are obtained at the end of each stage and last through the following stage before being replaced. Visions, on the other hand, are acquired at the end of each cycle and persist for the entire run. If you complete a set of all three visions within a specific category, you can unlock unique verses, which may enable transformations into powerful creatures like werewolves, behemoths, iron astronauts, or ice creatures.



One of the main rewards from the Endless Archive is the new currency called Archival Fortunes, which you can loot at the end of each cycle after defeating a boss. This currency can be spent on various items, including non-curated and curated boxes, furnishings, account-wide buffs, materials, and ESO gold. There are also intriguing side activities and surprises to discover during your runs, adding depth and excitement to the experience.



Class Sets

For the first time in Elder Scrolls Online, class-specific sets are being introduced with Update 40. Each class will have a unique 5-piece set tied to a specific skill line. These sets will be available in all three armor weights, providing versatility for different builds and roles. While we won't delve deeply into the specifics of these sets in this overview, rest assured that we'll provide an in-depth analysis once the PTS is live.


Let's take a quick look at these sets for each class:

  • Dragonknight: Basalt-Blooded Warrior
  • Necromancer: Nobility and Decay
  • Nightblade: Soul Cleaver
  • Sorcerer: Monolith of Storms
  • Templar: Wrath Sun
  • Warden: Gardener of Seasons
  • Archnist: Reawakened Hierophant


Each set brings unique effects and playstyle options for players to explore.



Update 40 promises to be a game-changing addition to Elder Scrolls Online. With the Endless Archive, Grand Master Crafting Stations, Jewelry Crafting updates, the Group Finder tool, and class-specific sets, there's something for every player to enjoy. The extensive content and rewards ensure that you'll have countless hours of adventure ahead. Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis and guides as we dive deeper into this exciting update!

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